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Patriots Day – 17 Years Later

And it is upon us again, the anniversary of 911, the 17th. The images are still as stark as they were that faithful day.

Patriots Day - 17 Years Later - The Prepper Journal

Not to be confused with Patriots Day celebrating the Battles of Lexington and Concord at the start of the American Revolutionary War, this new Patriots Day is a 21st Century day of remembrance that every Prepper should embrace and learn from. We were a naive nation at best without a full understanding of our enemies. Perhaps absorbed by the obtuse and cretinous rhetoric that was the norm from Washington D.C. and our Forth Estate.

Looking at the “news” today only demonstrates that the Forth Estate has not changed but we have. On January 20, 2017, in spite of the media, we elected our first non-politician to the highest elected office in the country. This post is not about the impact of that, or about that person, but rather about the act of a repulsed and scorned electorate who finally rose up against the donor-elitist-globalist class of One World Government who considered us as no better than chattels to be exploited at their whim. They still have not grasped this, still think us their subjects to be talked down to.

We will be called upon to do this yet again as patriots in 9 weeks, on November 6th.

We Helped

We actually trained our own assassins, in flight schools from Florida to Arizona to California. Have we changed? Well TSA got involved in 2004 and implemented some bureaucratic controls. But the limits are only restrictive to heavy aircraft; lighter aircraft classified as having a take-off weight of 12,500 pounds or less have no such restrictions. They would include most civilian owned fixed-wing aircraft and most general-duty commercial helicopters, as well as all non-military drones. All fine and good as a remedy for things past but what about things unforeseen?  While these may work again, what else might be employed? Drones now are coming into their heyday as tools for surveillance, planning and dry-runs, what else? What are THEY thinking of that we are not? The attack on Pearl Harbor was the result of a few people patiently observing the comings and goings of Navy ships in and out of the harbor for months. Complacency was our gift to the Japanese Navy.

Are improvised Explosive Devices (IED) next? During the Iraqi war and the never-ending war in Afghanistan these have become more and more sophisticated devices. Only limits on the availability of explosive materials have kept these from becoming a bigger threat to our world. Making a small one and attaching it to a drone you can buy at Best Buy seems like too easy a step to ignore.

Rent A Weapon

Stockholm, Berlin and New York have seen attacks by trucks as has Paris and countless other places in the Western World. Are we to fear walking the streets? That would be their goal.

We can only suppose as to the next threat, based on our experience and understanding of past threats that became actions. Can autonomous vehicles be hacked? After all, why would they be different from everything else.

Be Situation Aware

Yes, we can be consumed by our fears, worries and processing endless “what if’s?” over and over. But as preppers we do need to process the information we have, that we trust, to make informed decisions for our futures.

The key is to not let them win, live your lives, honor those lost on this day 17 years ago by doing what you do everyday. Live a normal life but always be prepared for the inevitable. Prep reasonably for natural disasters and as best as you can for those perpetrated by people with an agenda of fear. Always question peoples motives especially when viewing or reading the news.

On this day we remember the 3,000 who lost everything, while we lost our innocence. God bless them every one and grant their families continues strength, hope and faith.

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