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It’s Here! Round Fourteen of the Preppers Writing Contest

It's Here! Round Fourteen of the Preppers Writing Contest - The Prepper Journal

AGAIN Preppers you get to cast your votes for the “best articles” published in The Prepper Journal over the last three months!  Money, money, money! But more importantly GREAT information!

I have chosen five (5) worthy candidates for Round Fourteen of the Preppers Writing Contest. Again, it was a hard thing to do, so many honorable mentions, so much coverage of wide-ranging subjects. Impressive. Paring the list down to five (5) remains the challenge. As always, I want to thank everyone who entered and, as always, previous winners can still win again!

The contestants, in no particular order, are:

I will leave the voting open through the weekend so please let me know which article you think is the best.

Please Cast Your Vote for Just One:

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