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How to Choose Best Holographic Sights

Editors Note: An article from Shien who writer for to The Prepper Journal. The physics of light are one of the most complex parts of Physics. Shien provides a buyers guide for those looking to adapt to the latest in sights. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and be entered into the Prepper Writing Contest with a chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards  with the top prize being a $300 card to purchase your own prepping supplies, then enter today!

Holographic sights have become immensely popular among tactical shooters, sportsmen, and hunters nowadays. The reason behind the increasing popularity of holographic sights is that they provide a much easier and clearer aiming platform by maximizing the shooter’s vision. Besides, it offers a very accurate control over shooting while keeping both eyes open. Holographic sights come in all shapes so one can choose the right one according to their need. But this variety in shapes and brands also makes it very difficult to choose the best holographic sights, right?

How to Choose Best Holographic Sights - The Prepper Journal

That’s why today I am giving you a proper guide on how to choose a holographic sight.

What Are Holographic Sights?

Before we go to the guide on how to choose the best sight, let me explain what holographic sights are. Holographic sights are basically the primary parts of a gun’s sights. They are the most advanced type of gun’s sights introduced to replace normal iron sights. Compared to standard iron sights, they have more target control with close shooting application and faster and better performance. Holographic sights work by using the hologram technology for better shooting experience.

How the Holographic Technology Works:

A hologram is a photographic recording or a physical structure of the light scattered from a particular object that can be turned into a three-dimensional image by illumination.

(Interference of Light Waves: One of the best examples of interference is demonstrated by the light reflected from a film of oil floating on water. Another example is the thin film of a soap bubble, which reflects a spectrum of beautiful colors when illuminated by natural or artificial light sources.) 

Holographic technology is the technology of creating holograms from the interference of lights. The device used here first records the structure that the light forms through interference from an object. Then it records the data as different refractive variations on a transparent window. Then laser light is thrown on the data and the data is reconstructed as a three-dimensional image. This 3-D image is visible to human eyes. Complex stuff.

So we can say, the holographic technology works by encoding a view into an interference pattern and then decoding it as a 3D image. In holographic sights, holograms are created and the turned into an image visible to only the shooter’s eyes.

Why Holographic sights are popular:

Holographic sights were first introduced by EOTech in 1998 as replacements for the traditional iron sights. Since then EOTech has been the largest manufacturer of pure holographic sights. And day by day holographic sights are gaining in popularity among shooters. The reasons for this popularity are:

  • The holographic sight uses advanced scientific technology allowing for the generation of a three-dimensional image which appears very clear to the shooter
  • It allows the shooter to target while keeping both of his/her eyes open which prevents blind spot, maximizing visionary power
  • They are very compatible in low light. They allow the shooter to have a more perfect target image, even in complete darkness
  • They let the user adjust the brightness intensity of the reticles according to his/her  need
  • They are very durable as the optical cavities are sealed with aerospace materials. These make the sights resistant to fog and water
  • The sights are also resistant to corrosion and shockwave
  • They are clearly more accurate and faster compared to iron sights.

How to Choose the Sights:

Now we know what holographic sights are, how they function and why they are so popular. But there are so many varieties of holographic sights that when it comes to choosing the best holographic sights, it becomes difficult. These sights are comparatively expensive when compared to other traditional sights so if you want to spend money on a holographic sight you need to keep some things in mind in order to not let your money go to waste. What to look for:

  • Body Construction: What you need to look at first is the body construction of the sights. The holographic sights must be recoil resistant. Because sometimes, these sights are used repeatedly and constantly with several rounds at a time. So if the body is not recoil resistant to a good level, it will create an opposite force and the user may lose his balance
  • Durability: Holographic sights are comparatively rare and again more expensive than the traditional sights. So, if you are willing to spend much money on a sight you must make sure that the sight will last a long time. Make sure that the holographic sights are:

→Shock resistant

→Fog and waterproof

→Corrosion resistant

  • Reticle: The reticle type used in the sight is a very important feature. There are different reticle designs for different purposes. Such as:

→For close range: Reticles with large MOA circles

→For medium to long-range shots: Red dot reticles

→For fast moving objects: Again, reticles with large MOA circles

So before buying your holographic sight, check if it has the reticle type that you need. However, some holographic sights come with functional reticles with a series of reticles that can be changed according to your need. Though they cost a bit more, it’s worth the money.

  • The aperture of window: Aperture of the window is what lets you see the field with the reticle in a holographic sight. One of the best features of holographic sights is that they let you shoot while keeping both eyes open. It helps to prevent any blind spot. So choose a sight with good window aperture. 20 to 35 yards of view can be considered a good one
  • Edges: Make sure the edge of the glass of the sight is low so that it doesn’t hinder your vision
  • Brightness options: The brightness of the holographic sight is an important feature. Because if the brightness is too high, it will wash out your target. And if the brightness is too low you won’t be able to have a clear view. So choose a holographic sight that has a wide brightness setting and allow you to adjust the brightness according to your need
  • Battery level: Battery level is definitely a concerning factor. Holographic sight with a very good battery life will help you go a long way while hunting. You can also look out for holographic sights that have programmable auto-sleep or power saving option that will conserve the battery life
  • Night vision compatibility: Some holographic sights come with night vision settings. They are compatible with all brightness intensifiers and let you have the clearest vision even in full darkness. So if you do night time shooting, check out for this option.

That’s my guide on how to choose the best holographic sights. Holographic sights are pretty new. These use very advanced technology and let you have the best shooting experience if you choose the right one. So this guide is to help you choose the best sight. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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