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Last Updated on May 23, 2018

As you know we are all fans of a good knife, one of the most versatile tools anyone can carry and for true knife aficionados, Damascus Steel is a Force to Reckon With!

Who would not love a piece of history, in the form of a humble knife? Humble as it may seem, Damascus steel is far from that! From being a champagne saber to the perfect partner for your wilderness adventures, Damascus steel is the perfect metal for all to invest in.

When you have a real Damascus steel knife, you will have nothing short of a razor-sharp deal. Damascus steel has numerous applications in various kinds of knives. You just need to find one that fits all your needs and you are set for success!


Whether you have a job in the kitchen or out in the wilderness, Damascus steel has application in all areas. You just need to find the right knife! Look for the knife of your dreams in the collection that hundreds of knife makers have to offer you. I have found mine, but have you found yours? Let’s have a look at the different knives, to find you your knife:

1. The Champagne Sabre: This is more a sword than a knife and gives you the feel of a dramatic period in history. This kind of sword is packed in the wooden case that has a stylish presentation stand! The sabres even have a protective guard on the handle to save you from any mishaps. So, go on and try your hand at one of these mesmerizing sabres, without the risk of cutting your hand.

2. Hand-forged Damascus Steel Knife: When you have a Damascus steel knife, you have the perfect wilderness partner. Depending on the blade length and thickness, you will have a knife, which is sharp and quite durable. Damascus steel is created by folding numerous alloys in to innumerable layers. This method has given the knives an immense strength. It is a time-consuming process, but the end result is fascinating. From a Bowie to a hunting knife, you will be able to definitely find the perfect knife for your uses.

3. Chef’s Knife: Slicing and dicing veggies and meat is just the tip of the iceberg. The jobs in a kitchen can range from the usual cutting and dicing to opening cans and tins. When you have a Damascus steel knife as your kitchen partner, you will be able to cut and slice through nearly everything! Reputed knife makers forge their knives at low temperatures and hence lend the knife great sharpness and durability. The unique texture and patterns lend your knife skills a beautiful showmanship as well.

4. The Sword: The original use for Damascus steel has been for manufacturing swords. The process remains the same, but it has advanced from a technological point of view. Forging each layer by hand and adding on one layer at a time. When you purchased your Damascus steel sword from a reputed knife maker, you will have a handle that is moulded to lend your sword great grip. This is in fact the secret to a top-notch sword knife.

Never Leave Home Without at Least One - The Prepper Journal


Once you have zeroed in on the type of knife, you need, you will need to find a good knife maker! The benefits of a reputed knife maker, making your knife is as follows:

1. Skill Set: Forging a Damascus steel knife of any kind is no joke or walk in the park. You need to understand that the process is complex and intricate! This means that a novice can never get you the strong and beautiful Damascus steel knife, you have been looking for. They might mess up the process and ignore intricate details of manufacturing procedure. These steps might be the important steps and missing them will cause issues with the knife’s sharpness and strength.

2. Guarantee on the Knife’s Quality: When you have a Damascus steel knife from a reliable knife maker, you have the guarantee that the knife is bound to be of top notch quality. Why? Well, they have their reputation to uphold. This ensures that they will not dupe you out of your money! You will get the perfect knife for your use.

Whoa, enough information! It is time to start your journey to find a Damascus steel knife worthy of all your resources.

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Jim Hovater

Being a high school teacher can make keeping a good knife on my person…problematic. The days of showing off and trading pocket knives at school are long gone.

Puckett R. Les

Very true, Jim. I’ve carried a folder for decades and feel naked without one. Now, some venues in my region will deny you entry to an event if you are carrying a blade longer than 2.5″. How do they know you have a blade? They are beginning to use hand-held metal detectors and wand those entering.


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