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Mom Will Be Busy Tomorrow

Mom Will Be Busy Tomorrow - The Prepper Journal

While the Holiday is Monday, January 1, 2018, tomorrow, December 31, 2017, the day we don’t post because it is a Sunday, is the day mom wants us to remind you about.

She wants you to remember her good advice of doing all things in moderation. She wants to remind you that Uber and Lyft and even Taxi’s – the vehicles, not the 70’s sitcom – are ALWAYS available if you are still living on the grid. She wants us to drop the snide remark that the average cost of a first DUI can run up to $16,700 when you factor in all costs – insurance increases, lawyers fees, loss of license and vehicle use and on and on, and that is only if you do no harm to yourself or others.

She would beat us if we didn’t say that if you plan to party eat first. If your are short on time a Jamba Juice smoothie will hydrate you and slow the absorption rate of things to come.

She also wants you to know that becoming a 15 minute hero on TheChive, or YouTube will haunt you for life. Employers, colleges, organizations that screen members and a future candidate for a spouse can all find this information, forever. And a current spouse who wants to terminate the relationship can forward these to his or her lawyer, to present when setting alimony schedules, deciding children’s custody arrangements, and dividing up YOUR stuff. Mom’s think of everything.

She also thought about you crossing the path of people who have not heeded their mom’s advice, so she wants you to be defensive, not take risks, leave road-rage for Mario Kart.

She has a whole bunch of other stuff like getting sick THERE and NOT after you come home, but avoiding that in the first place is what will make her smile.

2017 has been a hell of a year for some in Houston and in Florida and at concerts in Las Vegas (I still only hear crickets) and under ruble in Mexico City, but everyone reading this has gotten through that and so much more. Tomorrow is NOT the time to let your guard down.

Always the Prepper she says “enjoy, have fun, see old friends, meet new ones, but your singular mission is to come home safe and to do no harm to others. Many, many good things have happened in 2017 as well and 2018 looks to be a great year to stick around for, so just do it.

We love mom.






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