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Winter RV Camping: Tips for Preparing for Your Winter Camping

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Are you contemplating winter RV camping in the cold weather? Does it seem like a huge amount of work to you? Well, the cold weather should not prevent you from enjoying your camping activities. Winter RV camping is an excellent option for you if you want to still enjoy your camping activities during winter.

Winter RV Camping: Tips for Preparing for Your Winter Camping - The Prepper Journal 

Although camping in very cold temperatures can be an experience that is very exhilarating, it can also be a challenging experience if you don’t have the right gear. This is because you don’t want to wake up with frozen feet as this will dampen your spirit of adventure.

To ensure that your winter camping is very safe and relaxing, you will need to prepare your RV to ensure that it is set for the cold weather. Here are tips that will help you to achieve that goal.

Tips for Preparing Your RV for Winter

Before you head out for camping during winter, it is very important that you ensure that your RV is in good condition to handle the cold weather. Here is how you can make your trailer to be very cozy.

  1. Exterior

If you want to be cozy in your motorhome while camping in sub-zero temperatures, you will need to ensure that your RV’s exterior is in good condition. The first thing that you will need to do will be to check the window seals to confirm whether they are intact and in good shape. You will also need to examine the weather stripping on all the exterior doors of your trailer.


Particular areas that you will need to pay close attention to are the basement areas and access panels. You can also use insulating boards to fit around the base of your rig and between the frame of your RV and the ground. This will help to block out cold air from getting inside your RV.

  1. Windows

In order for you to be warm and cozy in your RV during the cold weather, you will need to fit your windows with insulated RV windows. You can also add insulated curtains. During the night, you will have to keep your windows closed so that you can trap in warm air.

You can also install a window insulating film on your RV’s window to stop heat loss by reducing condensation.

  1. Seal Off Ceiling Vents


Most RVs are usually made with roof vents. These ceiling vents are the ideal places through which heat will leak out from your RV. However, you can seal off these places by installing RV vent cushions. You can get these vent cushions at home improvement stores.

  1. Check Your Furnace

Before you hit the road, it is important that you check out your furnace to see if it is working properly. You will need to clean your furnace to remove dust, insects and debris. You have the choice of using compressed air or even a soft brush to clean the surface area of your furnace.

You will also need an electric dehumidifier in order to remove dampness that can develop in your RV due to the condensation of moisture.

  1. Top Off Heating Fuel

Most RVs usually use propane as fuel to provide heat. Therefore, before you set off on your camping trip, it is important that you check whether your tank is full or not so that the propane can last you the entire camping period, with a reserve, just in case. This is because your camping can become so uncomfortable and unbearable should you run out of fuel. You would be amazed how quickly your RV can turn into a sub-zero meat locker.

  1. Winter Maintenance

It is also necessary to have your RV checked out by a professional before you set out for your winter RV camping. This is to make sure that your RV is roadworthy and that all the systems in it are in good shape and can handle the cold winter temperatures.

  1. Insulate Your Water System

If you are going out on a winter RV camping trip, then you need to ensure that your water system can also withstand the cold winter temperatures. In order to prevent your water from freezing inside the pipes and lines, you will need to install insulating foam tubes over your plumbing pipes.


You will also need an electric heat strip that is covered with foam tubes to insulate your water hose. The most important part of your water hose that you should insulate is the part from the city water outlet to your RV.

Essential Items to Bring Along for Your Winter RV Camping

In order to have a fun, satisfying RV camping, there are essential items that you should never leave out of your packing list. They include:

  • RV Generator

If you want to have the best time during your camping trip without having to worry about losing power along the way, you will need to bring a source of electrical power unless you are planning to dry camp. This is because RV generators are specifically designed to generate the power you need to run all your appliances.

  • Sleeping bags

You can still sleep like a baby in your mother’s arms even during the coldest of winters. With a sleeping bag, you will not need to worry about the piercing cold. You should, therefore, include a sleeping bag in your packing list.

With a sleeping bag, you can be assured of comfortable sleep inside your trailer. You can even be more comfortable in your sleeping bag if you have a means of keeping the sleeping bag warm enough.

Enjoy Your Winter Camping in Your RV

Taking time and ensuring that your RV is in great shape will increase your chances of having an enjoyable camping trip during winter. You will, therefore, need to have your RV checked to confirm whether everything is working and in good condition.

Apart from checking your RV, you also need to ensure that you bring appropriate supplies and items like RV generators, winter hammocks and winter sleeping bags. After all, with the right items and a good RV, camping during winter can be an exhilarating experience that you will always remember!


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