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So Many Images

On yet another anniversary of 911, the 16th, the images from that day are still haunting and still heart breaking.

So Many Images - The Prepper Journal    

Those lost, lives forever changed, bravery on a scale that can’t be measured…


and yet uplifting as well….


Civil servants, airline employees, “average” citizens if there is such a thing, the people you pass everyday without giving a second thought stepped up. We saw then what we saw in Texas a couple of weeks ago, what we are seeing now throughout the northern Caribbean, and the Florida Peninsula.


People doing their jobs, people surviving, people reaching out and helping others. People picking themselves and others up and moving on. A favorite quote attributed to Winston Churchill “When You are Going Through Hell, Keep Going!

As Preppers this is what we prepare for, why we plan and why we know that we will keep going and hope we will be able to assist others when the need arises. Please take a moment and reflect on the true human spirit, not the one painted with a broad brush of hate driven by a selfish agenda.

NYC set the bar high, Texas stepped up and now we are watching Florida pick up the torch.

The Prepper Journal would like to hear from preppers in Texas and Florida as to how their plans worked, and more importantly what may not have worked as planned.

Please continue to be safe out there.


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