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Elections AGAIN?

UGH! – but wait, these are good elections (now there is a statement I NEVER thought I would make!)

This is the “atonement” for not running a “Vote for Your Favorite” article in the Prepper Writing Contest on time. Looks like we are actually two in arrears! “Round Nine” was delayed as a result of the changes on the site and should have been run around May 15th of this year, and “Round Ten” is due NOW! Our bad, we apologize, we see this flaw in our planning and we will correct it like all preppers do.

A review of the site shows that in 2016 there were five (5) contests, and, to date, there have only been two (2) in 2017:

  • Round Seven launched on January 9th
  • Round Eight launched on March 8th

So Look for the delayed “Round Nine” contest to be launched on Thursday of this week – ya gotta give me some time to review all the excellent contributions and come up with my five best.

Then we will follow-up with “Round Ten” as soon as Round Nine votes are in.

Elections AGAIN? - The Prepper Journal

Thanks for your patience.



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