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The very idea of adventure travel brings about an adrenaline rush in a lot of people. That feeling of skipping the daily routine, and entering a world of freedom and a little risk gives you wings. Getting out and exploring nature’s unseen mysticism is a dream for tens of thousands of travelers each year.

The feeling of accomplishment the experience brings is a joy for any adventure-seeker.  But hold on! Do you think adventure is always rainbows and butterflies? You’d be mistaken if you think so. v

Constant state of Fighting for Survival

Nature has its ways of making a traveler’s heart thump, arduous physical tasks like hiking steep mountain trails can make the journey a difficult one. Breathlessness and anxiety, however, are not the only factors that might slow you down. Your body constantly needs a source of water, food and shelter from the harsh elements before at various states, your performance begins to degrade. Lack of these items can be a big turn off for some people leaving them with the feeling they would rather stay where it’s safe and comfy. But with some planning, almost anything is possible.

Precaution is never a bad idea. A few tips and tricks up your sleeve can help you survive nature’s ‘wrath’; letting you get the most of the amazing adventures you have signed up for. Here is a list of things you must carry in your backpack:

Natural Selection

A reliable pocket knife

Let’s face it; there are only a few things in this world that might make you feel like a real ninja – a survival knife is one of them. A small blade knife has so many uses on an adventure trip that it has become an absolute must-have for a journey into the wilderness. Even if you never leave your street, as part of your EDC, It’s a handy piece of survival gear for opening packages, cutting rope and building shelters. You might also want to use it to ward off little critters trying to snack on your survival rations.

A decent first aid kit

A first aid kit has the power to turn a potentially grave medical emergency – from bleeding wounds to hidden infections – into a minor setback. If you’re thinking of not carrying one on your journey, then you’re probably underestimating the dominance of nature around you. A first aid kit at your disposal can save lives!

Adventure Medical Kits Professional Trauma Pak Kit with QuikClot

Some cordage (rope)

A rope might not be the most important thing you need on an adventure, but it can be extremely useful in the case of building a shelter – paracord could be a survival accessory that ends up saving your life. A chord, on the other hand, can help you repair, for example, a tent. It can also be used for climbing or when things get really bad, and you need to hunt your dinner. Yes, you can finally be Leonardo Di Caprio from the Revenant!

Temporary shelter from the elements

Need shelter from the pelting rain for the adventurous night out? A rope, cord and tarp or lightweight rain fly will get you through any terrain you’re traveling on. All you need is a few branches from the trees to prop up on at least one of your tarps, and you’re good to go. This is one essential item you will need to survive a storm.

Insulating blanket for warmth

You must have seen bags or blankets wrapped around people in music festivals after they get hammered down and roll in mud for hours, becoming overnight internet video sensations and family disgrace simultaneously. Yes, those blankets. They can save your life.

The survival blanket is a part of the backpack that will give you shelter from the potentially injurious situations; helping you maintains the body heat and energy when it matters the most.

Emergency Sleeping Bag with Drawstring

Good reading material

Even though Kindle is something you should carry on your travels, a paperback book, however, would be more companionable for an adventurous trip. They will be with you as journals on the plane, trains and even when you’re scurrying your way across tropical jungles. Bring good ones and make room for them. They will help you make the most of your travels.

ATM replacement

Carrying cash before leaving for a trip is highly recommended. In case of emergencies, you might want to fill up the gas tank for extra mileage. You never know if your debit/credit card will work or not. So better be safe than sorry.

Stay Hydrated: carry a water bottle

A water bottle might be one of the most underrated, yet extremely important item for an adventure.  Maintaining your bodily fluids is essential especially when you’re going on a  journey and may not know the geography.  What’s more, also make some room for herbal teas and juices which will help you keep going when things get tough.

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A Compass is your friend!

A compass is an extremely important part of your adventure gear if you know how to use it. If you’re worried that you might not be able to get your hands on a reliable one, don’t be. Compasses can be bought cheap.

Just remember: Heading out into wilderness without a compass or a map of the area can put you at a serious disadvantage almost as soon as you enter the terrain.

So make sure you are equipped. The last thing you want is to be that guy getting lost.

The all-purpose watch

The not-so-cheap, travel timepiece is always better than the automatic, wristwatch  you usually use. Some models are solar-powered and have features like a compass, altimeter and barometer. Pick up something all-purpose to help you keep track of time no matter where you are.

Write it all down: the notebook

An adventure is nothing without its stories. Don’t you agree? There are so many lessons one can learn from writing down her thoughts and reviewing the struggles faced during the journey; both physical and mental.

You don’t want to forget your notebook on your next trip.  It can help you make sense of the things you first-handily experienced in an unknown, potentially dangerous place, far from home, while helping you learn from your mistakes.

Adventure travel is not everyone’s cup of tea, and hence, appropriate safety measures are required along with careful planning. The tips mentioned in this article are only guidelines to make your experiences fulfilling.  But if you want to make your adventures truly extraordinary, be at one with nature and feel the calm. We would love to hear where you’re going next!

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