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Don’t Get Stranded Without a Get Home Bag

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Be it natural or man-made disaster you need a 72 hour get home bag. This is an essential prepper tool to ensure your survival and your family’s. This should be considered in two ways: one you need to get home to your family because they rely on you and you need to make sure if your family is with you can survive for a short time period while getting to your home or to a survivable situation. I found this from a CNN website from 2010. Epic traffic jam in China leaves drivers stuck for 9 days.

You can go online and find many different accounts of this happening worldwide.

So the steps to put together a get home bag you will need a number of items for your survival. First is a small ruck sack/backpack. Preferably not military since that might draw unnecessary attention to yourself, a plain unassuming bag will do fine. Another trick you might want to consider is to have a trash bag handy to disguise your bag from prying eyes. When in a survival situation consider all things. If you got something, human nature is to try to take it from you in a bad situation to ensure their survival.

Don't Get Stranded Without a Get Home Bag - The Prepper Journal
Water is vital for life, but having a means to filter water will extend your capacity for survival.

Water/water procurement:

Let’s start with since this is one of the most important to your survival.  I recommend three different methods be available. Emergency drinking water packets around 4 ounces, I would suggest around 6 packets for your bag. These are good for a few years and can withstand temperatures of -40 to 230 degrees depending on the manufacturer’s level of quality. Pack at least one Water straw preferably two. There are many different makers and versions of this product, you need to make sure of one thing that its filters waterborne bacteria, E-Coli, waterborne protozoan parasites, Giardia & Cryptosporidium. I would recommend LifeStraw.

Water purification tablets are a way to make unsafe water into safe drinking water. Not a lot to say about these except the taste is not exactly pleasant. But in a life or death situation it can be a game changer.

Food source:

I have looked into survival bars and I prefer a bar like the Millennium bar it is a more complete and can sustain your body. Millennium Food Bars have a 5-year shelf life and each bar contains 400 calories ,Total Fat 18g,Saturated Fat 6g ,Trans. Fat 3.5g,Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 15mg ,Total Carbohydrates 52 g ,Dietary Fiber less than 1g ,Sugars 33g,Protein 8g,Vitamin A 4%,Vitamin C 15%, Thiamin 10%,Riboflavin 20%Calcium 4%,Iron 6% and Niacin 15%. I would suggest 5-6 bars in your get home bag.

Let me warn you about the SOS, Mayday, Datrex survival bars. They have very little nutritional benefit and will not sustain you for any period of time and are not pleasant to eat. These are the nutritional benefits of this bar. Total fat 9 g, saturated fat 2, sodium 0.75mg, carb 26 g, sugar5g and protein 7g that’s it no vitamins just fat content.


Again I believe in the rule of three in survival, three different methods of making fire. Butane lighters at least two, magnesium fire stick with striker, potassium permanganate and petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls, kept separately of course. Potassium permanganate can be used also for water purification, antiseptic, anti-fungal for feet or hands, also a disinfectant agent.

Emergency Shelters in Japan.


An emergency Mylar blanket one or two, Mylar sleeping bag and a Mylar emergency tent. When in a short survival scenario this is all you have time for.

First aid:

A small first aid kit with the essentials in all you truly should need. Also pack hand sanitizer and a pack of wipes. Hygiene is something that should be considered while trying to survive.

Here is a list of some miscellaneous items you would want to pack also.

  • A survival knife wrapped in para-cord
  • Small amount of duct tape wrap it on a pen or pencil
  • Notepad
  • Survival axe (small version)
  • Metal cup
  • Mini fishing kit in case you need to sustain yourself for a little longer period to get home
  • Toilet paper which can be purchased in a small crush proof container at most stores in the sporting goods.

Also you might consider a 22 pistol or Henry survival rifle and some ammunition. When dealing with firearms make sure you check your state and city regulations for storage and transport.

I would like for you to remember that this is a get home bag and try not to add unneeded items and do not overstock your bag.

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