The 3 Essential Self-Defense Moves, You Must be Aware of

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Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Self-defense is your right and it will be beneficial in an SHTF scenario if you know how to tackle the consequences on your own with a sharp presence of mind instead of relying on others. This will give you confidence and will raise your morale and will make you independent.

Why is self-defense important?

Just because some idiots out there think that they are stronger than the rest and to fulfill their illusion, they try to mess with others in the form of fighting. Or some of them are under the influence of serious drugs, due to which they are helpless to perform acts over which they have no control.

Regardless of the excuses, the thing which does matter is that there are some ways you need to learn to defend yourself from any kind of attack done by these goons.

What will I get out of it?

The first thing you will achieve would be “A single piece of your body”. You love yourself right? And you also love your body and at any cost, you would not like to get it dismantled.  So when the attackers attack they are never concerned about your body parts. Their focus revolves around either snatching something from you or beating you up to satisfy themselves.

For many, fighting fills some mental void which they can’t get from doing any other activity. This has been proven by the studies done by the experts and people who act in these ways have been awarded by the term “Psycho”. You can’t change their mind but you can protect yourself by learning some tactics of self-defense.

With enough practice, you will be able to achieve a high level of confidence and if this kind of situation comes up again then without any support you would be able to handle yourself.

What are the significant components of self-defense moves?

The attack on knee-caps:

The 3 Essential Self-Defense Moves, You Must be Aware of - The Prepper Journal

For any form of a building, the base is an essential part that stabilizes the complete structure. So whenever you find yourself in a situation where the potential of getting attacked is high, the first thing you need to do is stay calm and try to have verbal communication with the opponent.

The reason behind communication is to understand why the opponent is willing to attack you. If the reason is just a small amount of cash then it is better to give away cash to avoid conflict. This would not be an expensive trade to perform.

But, if the opponent doesn’t want to engage you with communication then apply the second strategy which involves making firm eye contact with him/her. This will send a strong signal to them that you also have the potential to fight. This will either break them and compel them to run from the situation or will offend them to attack and when they will approach to attack you then right away with your right leg attack on their knee-cap.

This attack done by you will make them helpless and will consume more time for them to get back stable again. In this duration of time either run away from them or if the surroundings have limited access to run then get the help of someone either by shouting loud or by using your mobile phone.

(Note: A forceful attack on their knee will provide you the time frame around 5 to 10 mins)

The attack on Groin:

The 3 Essential Self-Defense Moves, You Must be Aware of - The Prepper Journal

Most attackers are male and they love to show their irrelevant impact on others by performing meaningless acts. Behind every strong power, there is a small amount of weakness which makes them helpless.

So if you have been attacked and you can see there is no place to run, then try to be aggressive because if the opponent is pretending to be strong, then by seeing your aggressive behavior he will run instead.

On the other hand, if they start smiling at this behavior of yours then you should stop doing it immediately because they are the real fighters and could prove harmful for you. You do not need to become tense as what you can do is put your both hand on their shoulders and within a matter of seconds lift your right knee up and bang into their groin.

The groin is the most sensitive part of the male body by attacking that it would be almost next to impossible for him to get up for at least 15 to 20 mins. From this, you can see how advantageous this defensive move is?

Hang on there is one more tip on your way. If you think the above-mentioned method is too hard for you to perform then what you can do is with your right hand grab their groin or either pull it hard or twist it like twisting a rope. This will definitely make him harmless and he will be grounded in an instant.

(Note: Just for the quick response, if you have a licensed pistol then you can always carry them for self-defense in a concealed carry handbags for better protection from such irrelevant acts).

The attack on Ribs/Solar Plexus:

The 3 Essential Self-Defense Moves, You Must be Aware of - The Prepper Journal

The moment some stranger attacks you can bring feelings of frustration and helplessness if you are not familiar with the concepts of self-defense. Relying on others has never been a healthy option at any cost. It is always better to protect yourself by developing your fighting skills.

So if you find yourself surrounded by a goon then the best way to avoid conflict is to run away from the situation. And by any means, if you are not able to do so then forcefully attack their ribs or solar plexus. This will break their force and will allow you 20 mins minimum of time to run away from the situation.

Attacking the ribs is the most favorable technique which has been used by many in terms to carry the fight for a long time period.  What else you can do is attack the softest tissue of their body which is under their nose. This will make them unconscious and a hefty amount of time you will carry to get some help.

Some other tips you can protect yourself in a healthy way:


It is always better to learn or develop some fighting skills in order to protect yourself and to build some confidence in yourself. This will help you to live proudly and you would be able to tackle any kind of situation mentally or physically with ease.

About the Author: Lisa Megan is a senior sales manager by profession and a writer by hobby. Currently, she is associated with Freedom & Company, which offers a number of self-defense products such as concealed carry handbags, security cameras, etc. She loves to share her knowledge and thoughts regarding self-defense and safety.

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I’m no expert on hand to hand, at least not anymore. However, I did extensive training when I was young through the military & law enforcement. If you wish to be fully informed and capable to defend yourself, I strongly suggest “Krav Maga”. There is a book available, “Krav Maga For Girls”. There are also training sites in numerous locations in the U.S. & on u-tube. Also, I have taught my daughters to take out the attacker’s eyes. Nobody keeps fighting with two thumbs digging into their eye sockets. Number one rule in a fight is there is no fair… Read more »

Bill the eighth

You can keep that Israeli crap for yourself. There are so many better self defense strategies out there, Krav Maga is at the bottom of the list. There is a reason you never see it and almost nobody has ever heard of it, because it is garbage!


If that is the case why do they use it?


I only agree with one of the three targets mentioned in the article. Unless the woman is highly skilled, the average woman can hit me as hard as they want in my ribs or solar plexus and it will not give her 20 minutes to flee. Sorry, as someone who has studied martial arts 20+ years and was a bouncer for a decade, it’s not the targets I’d recommend. The knee is one of my favorite targets, as I have taken out larger opponents with a single kick to the knee. But here again, the object is to make their… Read more »


Best self defense move…
avoid and run

John Enns

One of the single worst things you an do when facing a serious threat is to the your back on it. Not only are they still a threat but it puts you in po ssibly the worst possible position to do anything about it. Besides, not everyone is going to be able to outrun their attacker.

Donald Miller

Every confrontation situation is different. The best one can do is be aware of surroundings. If in city use building window reflections for monitoring you six. Looking over shoulder may appear your intimidated/scared predictors animal instincts kick causing an escalation. Keep a quick pace to you walk indicating you’ve important business while not giving impression your intent on escaping an uncomfortable area. Cross streets inconsistently if feeling a shadow. Yes mOngReL is correct, RUN but as J. Enns is pointing out your now exposing your blindside so head for nearest public spot. If late evening finds nothing open for haven,… Read more »


There are several areas I would like to add comments regarding this issue. First unless you are mentally prepared to do absolutely everything in your power to live including taking someone’s life being submissive may be a better response for you. You cannot wait until you are attacked to decide if you have the will to fight, decide now that your going to live, your life is more important than anyone elses, that your going home to your wife, husband, children, mother, dad or whoever means the most to you. The will to live is the strongest defensive tool you… Read more »

L Garou

#5) Feets don’t fail me now!


Just shoot your attacker dead. Empty the magazine into his body.


Looking them in the eye when ultimately confronted is good – let them know they picked the wrong person, their luck just ran out. Put your war face on, they are about to get their ass kicked. That might be all it takes. That’s the proper defensive attitude IMO. Look at that guy in the video above, even with the sound off he clearly indicates he is a person not to be messed with. Project your pent-up rage and obvious desire to dominate the situation. Turn the tables. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to second the eyes/throat crowd on… Read more »


The moves recommended in this article could get you killed – there are monsters out there so big and strong that they’ll laugh off a groin attack. There is one and only one point where everyone is vulnerable and that’s the eyes. Poke em, jab em, gouge em – get them eyes and you’ll win.

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