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An unusual phenomenon is occurring on College Campuses these days. It seems that students are offended by just about everything. Microaggressions, is the term used to identify a ludicrous branch of political correctness that defines certain everyday words or behaviors as offensive, bigoted or racist. Commonly used words and phrases are causing so much stress and anxiety, that students now need “safe spaces”, to escape. In addition to hurtful words and phrases, certain Halloween Costumes have been banned, and posters are only permitted in so-called “free speech” areas. Tampons are being placed in men’s restrooms, which would be considered odd, if not for the fact that some students don’t seem to know which bathroom to use. Counseling has been made available for those who can’t deal with the election of Donald Trump.

If you see a college-age student wearing a safety-pin (on his shirt, not holding his diaper up), you should know that he or she is doing that to show support for people who may be frightened. Be advised that the safety-pin wearing person won’t do anything to help you, other than to run with you to a safe space. They’re very good at running away from threats, real or perceived.

Safe spaces are designed to give students who might find comments “troubling” or “triggering,” a place to recuperate. Rooms are sometimes equipped with coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and videos of frolicking puppies. Yes, I’m talking about college, not kindergarten. This avoidance of anything unpleasant by college students suggests a level of unpreparedness when dealing with difficult conditions. If harsh words and unpleasant situations are too much to deal with today, those precious snowflakes certainly won’t be prepared for the realities of life after the SHTF.

The problem exists because many liberal professors on campus view conservatives as inferior, and not worthy of respect. For the most part, college students are impressionable, and easily duped. College students are sheltered from reality. They are without children, and carefree. They don’t pay taxes, and don’t know what if feels like to earn $100k per year, only to have $50k of that taken away from them. College students are away from their parents for the first time, living on their own and making their own decisions. They see their conservative parents working productively in order to cover college expenses, but at the same time are exposed to liberal professors who promote themselves as intellectually superior. They don’t seem to see the irony; while liberal professors tend to have no skills, other than teaching, they view productive and multi-talented conservatives as inferior to them.

It’s understandable, I guess, that college students tend to be more open-minded than their old-fashioned, conservative parents. It’s actually a good sign. It suggests that young liberals can turn on a dime, and adjust to life after an apocalyptic event.

Because you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of those delicate butterflies. You may ask, “what does this pussification of young adults have to do with me?” It’s simple; in a post-apocalyptic world you’ll have to live among them. They’ll be the ones who’ll come to you begging, when they realize they have no survival skills. So what do you do, give them pictures of frolicking puppies and send them on their way? You’re not going to have time to coddle, or retrain them. You’ll be too busy focusing on your own survival.

Having been thoroughly indoctrinated in liberal ideology, some of the precious snowflakes will not respond well to retraining, especially training from someone they regard as inferior to themselves. They’ll be confused at first. Why is it, they’ll wonder, that this clearly inferior person is living comfortably, while I’m suffering? They need to learn early on that they can’t survive if they cling to their current mindset. They are in desperate need of a paradigm shift. When things are crumbling around them, your voice of reason will do more good than you can imagine. It may take a little time to sink in, but eventually they’ll learn that they can’t survive, expecting others to be responsible for their well-being. Perhaps the best you can do is give them survival literature, and hope they’ll transform by themselves. You might have an opportunity to teach them about bartering. If they come to you expecting a handout, ask them to provide a service, such as working in your garden, in exchange.

For those who remain hostile to views not aligned with the political left, make it clear that you won’t tolerate liberal behavior, and that you have no tolerance for Prima donnas. You’re a survivor, and you don’t have time for that. And, you certainly won’t tolerate efforts to redistribute what little wealth you may have. This will be a time for tough-love. Excessive generosity not only diminishes your survival potential, it is counterproductive as far as the precious snowflakes are concerned. The only exception, that is to say the only reason to give generously, is to help the disabled, the sick, the very young, and the very old. Our Christian values demand that we do that.

To survive, all able-bodied people need to pull their own weight. Liberal cupcakes can be a valuable asset, due to their knowledge, if they can adjust. Among them will be medics, engineers, scientists, agriculturalists, etc. However, it’s not enough just to provide services. They can’t just run off to a safe space, every time someone speaks harshly to them. It’s not enough just to grow, process, and store food. It has to be protected. Those providing services after a catastrophic event must be reliable. The only “safe space” should be the womb. Ironically, even that is not a safe space today. Thanks again, liberals.

The problem exists because many liberal professors on campus view conservatives as inferior, and not worthy of respect.

There will be plenty of time to reintroduce liberal principles once society has stabilized. In a post-apocalyptic world, there will be those who’ll do exceptionally well. Perhaps some will amass a great deal of wealth off of the backs of the poor. In time, due to a sense of guilt, liberals will once again emerge. To deal with the guilt, they’ll promote government handouts. They’ve never had a problem giving away someone else’s money. That’s what liberals do. Liberalism will be less absurd in a post-apocalyptic world. It must be. It will be a time to show more compassion to the victims, and less to the criminals. In a pre-apocalyptic world, a theft might be covered by insurance, or used as a tax write-off. In a post-apocalyptic world, a theft may impact your survival.


Our police, military, and firefighters risk their lives for us every day. Expecting snowflakes to pull their own weight is not asking too much. Survivors in a post-apocalyptic world will be those who can work with others, invent, build, grow, and fix things. Many of those who cannot do those things will die off, but all should be given the opportunity to adjust. Don’t despise those who don’t seem to have any skills, encourage them. They just need to be reprogrammed, that’s all. Don’t be upset because some don’t know which bathroom to use. Retrain them. Let them know that gender is based on reality, not on how they feel on any given day. In other words, it’s time to reintroduce common sense into their lives. Watch out for those who don’t adjust, and those who believe they’re entitled to what you’ve worked for. Those begging for food or supplies need to learn that they must give, in order to receive. Expect that. Lead by example. If you offer something in exchange for labor, keep your word. Be humble. If you’re fortunate enough to live a long productive life, eventually you’ll need someone to take care of you. Be kind, be fair, and be ethical. Today’s precious snowflake may be tomorrow’s post-apocalyptic doctor, who’ll save your life.

I know that not every college student, or professor, is a liberal. I know that some liberals are not as extreme, or as incompetent, as I’ve portrayed them in this article. Still, for many, it’s time to grow up.