5 Security Measures That Will Keep You Alive During Doomsday

You want to make sure that you are secure enough to live to see tomorrow. Let’s take a look at five security measures that you can implement to help you stay alive during doomsday.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, were the wise words once uttered by one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, and they are the words that have helped prepare me for a countless number of scenarios. Preparing for D-day, or Doomsday, might sound funny to some, but there is nothing funny about good planning and tact. There are so many people who go about living their day-to-day lives without any concern as to what may happen tomorrow. They are casually living in the moment and basking in all of its glory. The act of preparing for the worst possible scenario does not make you a naysayer, instead, it makes you a visionary. You choose to look past the present and plan for the future. This is the principle that many, if not all, preppers operate on.

Doomsday could arise due to a different number of factors, however, the commonality between these numerous outcomes is the fact that you will have to keep yourself, your family, and those you love, safe and secure.

Adequately preparing for doomsday before it happens is the key to surviving whatever calamity the world throws at you. This could be in the form of a natural disaster, nuclear fallout, or even a zombie apocalypse. In any case, when the day comes, you want to make sure that you are secure enough to live to see tomorrow. Let’s take a look at five security measures that you can implement to help you stay alive during doomsday.

Strengthen Your Doors

The importance of your doors can never be overstated. Aside from the fact that they have symbolic value as the entryway into people’s homes, your doors are also meant to keep intruders out. There will never be a point in time where this will be more necessary than when Doomsday hits. The door to your home (home is relative in this situation) is an integral part of your defense, and it should be the most secure part of your “fortress of solitude”. This will deter any unwanted guests, and make sure your security stands strong against any attempts at forced entry.

In order to strengthen your door you should first evaluate the material that your door is made of. Most residential doors are made of wood, steel, or fiberglass. In most cases homeowners will not have to replace the doors they already have, unless the door is made from an extremely low-grade material or if it is not a solid core wood door. This is an important step that should not be overlooked, because the rest of the tips that will follow will mean very little if your door can easily be kicked in. Have you ever read “The Three Little Pigs”? That story will probably sum up the aforementioned point much better.  After evaluating your doors you need to focus on the locking mechanism and additional features that you can employ to make sure it makes it harder for intruders (and zombies) to gain access to your home.

Doors in most commercial homes lack basic strength to withstand brute forced entry.

It is advisable to make use of ANSI grade 1 deadbolt locks for your doors. Grade 1 deadbolts are made to withstand 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force, and they are effective at keeping doors secure. In preparation for a doomsday event, it will be best to make use of multiple deadbolts within your door to increase the security that they give you. In addition to using these deadbolts, you can also improve your door by using reinforced steel or wooden bars and rods (Zombie Bars). In order for this to work properly, you will have to install additional pieces onto the wall on either sides of the door so that your security bar can be held in place across the door. Implementing security bars and multiple grade 1 deadbolts will make your door extremely hard to get into, and that is what you want. In addition to these methods, you can also increase the security of your locking mechanism, to cater to any zombies that prefer to pick the lock rather than kick the door down. This can be done by using additional security pins, changing the materials of the spring in the lock, by using anti-pick locks, etc. In addition to this being a good opportunity to prepare for the worst-case scenario, it also gives you the chance to re-evaluate your home security.

Strong Chains And Padlocks

Another security measure that will help keep you alive involves making use of strong chains and padlocks. Chains and padlocks can be used in conjunction with the measures outlined above to make your door even more secure, but they can also be used on the go or to bar access to storage units. Not many things are certain about Doomsday, but you can be sure that people will be on edge, and that everyone will be looking to grab whatever they can, however they can. As such, it is of extreme importance that people utilize chains and padlocks to keep their valuables secure when they are on the go. It is also important to take into account the fact that people will need to stay mobile, depending on the state of things in their neighborhood. As a prepper, it is best not to wait until it’s too late, so invest in some good chains and padlocks today.

Chains and padlocks can be used in conjunction with the measures outlined above to make your door even more secure, but they can also be used on the go or to bar access to storage units.

When you set out to buy chains and padlocks, you want to make sure that these are strong and resistant to cutting attacks. It is best to employ the use of hardened steel chains with hexagonal links. These kinds of chains are highly resistant to bolt cutters and they help keep your items more secure. When you are choosing a padlock, you want to make sure that you pick a padlock that is made of boron carbide alloy (extremely strong and long lasting). Make sure that the padlock uses ball bearings to hold the shackle in place rather than a levered mechanism. And finally, make sure that the padlock has a hard and thick shackle.

Padlocks and chains can prove to be quite handy in varying situations. They give you the opportunity to secure your belongings when you are on the go and they can also give you added security when you settle down in a bunker somewhere.

Secure The Perimeter

Securing the perimeter of your property, or wherever you are camped out, is crucial to your survival. It helps warn you of impending danger as well as ward off the danger. There are several ways to secure the perimeter, but it is important that you keep some key factors in mind. It is imperative that your perimeter is kept well lit so that you can see any threat from a mile away and so that you can adequately prepare for it. In addition to this, you should make sure that your perimeter is either walled or fenced off. When walling off your property/space, make sure that you account for length. There will be no point to putting up a wall to protect yourself if that wall is easily scalable. However, sometimes it is not about the length of the wall, but about the material of the wall. Some walls can be retrofitted with spikes, cables etc. that make it a more arduous task to attempt to scale it. This will undoubtedly deter anyone (zombie or human) that thinks it would be a good idea to try and get over your wall.

The act of securing your perimeter also applies when you are on the go. It is important to have a security structure in place that warns you when danger is approaching and one that also helps you keep danger at bay. This can be accomplished by rigging booby traps or setting up makeshift fences with varying materials to keep your immediate vicinity secure while you are mobile.

Sustainable Defense

Now, this security measure is among the most important. This is because all the steps that are listed above will mean very little if you cannot sustain them. It is crucial that you have a sustainable defense plan. This is to ensure that you can continue to take care of yourself and those around you. A good chunk of the preparation process is learning. Yes, as mundane as it sounds, learning as much as you can is one of the best security measures to help keep you alive. It is important to learn as much as you can about the things around you and the components that go into making bullets, medicine, how to manage electricity, etc. It is essential that you learn how to properly obtain and store these items for long periods of time, since they are bound to come in handy. These are crucial security measures that will help keep you alive. One half of this equation is aimed at making sure that you are not caught with your pants down. The other half of the equation makes sure that if you are caught with your pants down, you can still get out of it alive.


It is important to realize that when Doomsday hits, in all its gruesome glory, there will be any unknown variables that the majority of people will be struggling with. There will be lingering questions about power, water, food, and shelter. It will be imperative that you have measures in place so that you are taken care of for the long haul.

Get A Dog

Yes, you read that right. One of the best ways to keep yourself secure in a doomsday scenario is to have a dog. If you dispute this fact, make sure you watch “I Am Legend” and you will see why dogs come in handy in all manners of situations. Dogs are reliable and they are good traveling and hunting companions, as well as being an additional method of securing your belongings since they will alert you to the presence of anything. Also, should the need ever arise, dogs are capable of holding their own in a fight and they make for amazing combat partners. Dogs have a heightened sense of awareness and having one around in a dystopian doomsday world will most likely increase your chances of survival and keep you around much longer.


One of the best ways to keep yourself secure in a doomsday scenario is to have a dog.


There is no prepper out there eagerly waiting for the world to crumble just so that they can yell out “I told you so”. That is not the reason why this is done. Prepping is done to make sure that everyone is prepared for the worst-case scenario, should it ever happen. Adhering to these 5 security measures will undoubtedly prolong your life during doomsday. However, do not be fooled into thinking that these are the only things that will help you stay alive. If this time ever comes, survival, safety, and security should be at the top of your list of priorities. This mindset will see you through a great many ordeals.

About the author:  Ralph Goodman is a local locksmith and an expert writer on all things locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.

  1. We seem to all overlook something so simple: Go get a screwdriver, go to your front door, open it to expose the hinge, and take out any screw. You’ll probably find it to be only 3/4 of an inch long, most likely only going into the trim. Same on the other edge of the door, where the lock is found, and also the striker plate. You need ALL the screws to be at least three inches long, and four inches if possible. “ALL” being those that go into the door side, and then into the frame, itself. You’ll be appalled at the lack of security you’ve been living with.

  2. Being a widow now –so my sons and I are working on all area’s –some I all ready have done. Knew this was coming back in 95.

    1. They are weaknesses Boondocker as well as a lot of other elements but the article only described 5. For windows, you can use 3M security film to buy you some time from the rocks. They aren’t bulletproof but will slow access.

  3. The grade 1 deadbolts I’ve installed all came with a thick steel “backing plate” that provides a significant increase in resistance to entry. I’m replacing two door frames this summer, and plan on buying two extra backing plates to put one on the inside of the frame, and one on the outside of the frame (between the wall and the door frame) to add resistance. Also looking for ways to reinforce the door frame.

  4. Pat,
    With respect to dogs, I would suggest a dog that can tolerate the out of doors versus some hypo-allergenic miniature/runt breed that sleeps between you and your pillow. My favorite breed has always been the Norwegian Elkhound, because they set up a security perimeter that extends well beyond your property line. They are great hunters and are enormously loyal to the Alpha person in your family. Of course there are numerous hound breeds that have a keen sense of sound and smell, but an outside dog will always be more alert to distant activity. Do you want to be alerted to intruders while they are still 200 yards away? Go with an outside dog!
    In my opinion, indoor yappers are useless. They bark when the doorbell rings, and then won’t shut up until you put them in the bathroom. That’s not what I would classify as the type security that you need when the world goes sideways.

    1. Bolo,

      I couldn’t agree more about the breed. We have a Malinois that is extremely smart and loyal. If we act like someone should be in the house she won’t make a peep, but she will alert us when anything goes on outside. Now, she doesn’t stay outside, but she has a massive work drive and will go until you make her stop.

      I believe all dogs offer some advantages but some are much better than others. You have to go with what works for you because not everyone has the time needed to put into a high maintenance breed that needs exercise and stimulation daily.

  5. Submitted by concern

    Reference the above
    article, 5 Security Measures That Will Keep You Alive During Doomsday.

    There will be no place to
    run and hide, because once the other powers will have taken over by the time
    this notification begins to make sense, because by then they will have automatically
    taken control the entire planet Earth’s surface. They already do have the high
    ground, and there’s no technical point in trying to hide away in underground bunker,
    because with vastly greater electronic systems, they will automatically find
    you by locating our body heat.

    Don’t forget any underground
    bunkers must have an inbuilt-systems airflow, easily detected by heat sensor’s,
    so there’s no way to have saved yourself?

    In-truth the only way to escape
    was getting off this planet in the first place, and beginning again on another

    Let’s face it; Humanity has
    put all its eggs in one basket, and had Humanity had bother to make space travel
    more freely available to everyone, earth’s population would now be settling down
    on other planets with our own solar system, and built up a Defence against any
    possible attack.

    By venturing and working
    together to build something new on another world’s, Humanity should have left
    behind all the bitter difference that you now see around in 21st Century.

    But it’s now all to late;
    the attack has already begun to take shape and Humanity has now lost its biggest
    chance to escape and begin again, by now the plain truth should be staring you
    in the face, and the only out come with is how Humanity will deal with death when
    it comes after you.

    Your death will not be painful
    one, it will be long and drawn-out excruciating to the bitter end, so do not be
    scare and run away, why not make a fight to bitter end, better to die on your
    feet, then begging for mercy, which none will beforth coming

    1. I hate to say it but…….fu** your right .AI runs our world already. Love each other and work on loving this planet and the cosmos. Work on you spirituality. Keep fighting!

      1. Exactly. And the Jade part of Jade Helm deals with AI. In the Bible concerning the end times it keeps saying to be ready…not like the people in Noah’s time. Be ready how? There is no advice there about storing up supplies, its all about how you treat your fellow human..love your neightbor and treat them as you would want them to do to you. The other thing is to be bonded to God, not just by having faith in him but by accepting the sacrifice Christ made for us, and then, this being the time it is, beware of deceptions, for there will be many.

  6. We don’t live in log cabins anymore, trying to secure a modern house is nearly impossible except the owner do a complete makeover. The best defense is a neighborhood army. Be ready when the Government goes away to protect each other.

  7. Regarding windows the 3M material was brought up. I used to deal with a guy who installed the material around the world for some government agencies. I believe the domestic material is 6 mil thick. It is pricey and if you are going to install it do it inside and outside the window for the best results. This is not stuff you just put on the window pane, it has to be installed properly.

    Some people like Lexan because it can be used in some cases to defeat a club or bat etc. however remember Lexan should be used with other materials too because it is plastic can be defeated with heat.

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