Get Prepping Now: You Can And You Should…

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Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Jeckyll. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today.

It was just eating me alive inside.

Everything I’ve ever been taught about history, economics, governments, war, commerce and just plain civility was being tested. Every time I turn on the news or listen to talk radio (which I do a lot when I’m not listening to a book) talk to friends next door at an event or even (and especially) at church, I felt more and more unprepared.

But unprepared for what? Actually I already knew what. I was absolutely unprepared for any type of catastrophic event. You know, an event that happens when you see your own country being led down the path of self-destruction. Not by just a lack of leadership. But intentional bad policy starting from the very top. It’s almost like he was put here to destroy American by slow death.

Whether economically, philosophically, morally, ethically, etc. this man was good at tearing down this country. So much so that everyone with a sense of duty and country along with the responsibility of a family knew that when the SHTF there was going to be a lot of people unprepared. So what do you do as a 61-year-old man whose kids have been gone from the nest for 20 years? Then it hit me. You do what a 30-year-old man does for his family. You get preparedOh my God! What’s it gonna take and where in the world would I start? How would I fund such a project? Do I fund such a project, or do I just sit idly by and hope that something bad never happens? Well crap, I started to research.

Get Started Prepping Now

The research part was the easiest part of the entire project. The problem with research is whose guidelines do you follow? Every website has an opinion. Every Prepper had an opinion. I quickly start learning the terminology. Bug out or hunker down. Ruck sack. Freeze dried foods, MRE’s, foods that last and can be stored for need later. To get a generator or not get a generator? If so, what size, what brand, what energy source should it run? Where will I store everything? I could go on and on. Let me just say that after 14 months I’m now in a place I really never thought I could be. And it all started with that first You Tube video, or that first Prepper website I found on Google.

You just had to make a plan that you could #1 Afford, #2 Is especially for me and my wife, and #3 wouldn’t break the bank. I will tell you I’m still working and have concluded a true Prepper is never done. I mean that with all the being in my soul. There’s not a day goes by that I now do not spend a considerable amount of time wondering if I have enough, the right kind, the right brands, etc. Yep, while I feel much better, I never stop preparing. I will warn you however, do make a list. Do read and do research. I’ve collected a lot of things I now know I probably will never have a use for. But, at some point when I totally agree with that assessment, I’ll make some family of campers very happy with some donations. Until then I’ll keep on reading and upgrading my supplies.

I’ve got a spreadsheet now with my total inventory and the date that particular product (if perishable) expires. I don’t plan on wasting a single bit of food or water. I’ll just rotate out the old with new and fresh product by rotating that older MRE, or perishable item (peanut butter, etc.) across my breakfast, lunch or dinner plate.

Of course while there are an innumerable amount of items one needs to be prepared enough to be satisfied (if that’s even possible), but make sure and do your homework on the protection side of the equation as well. I always had a carry permit, but never really would be prepared to protect my family and my supplies if the time arose, until I did a total assessment of what I would probably need in that particular area of importance. Do not pass that one by.

If you do, there’s a good chance that everything else you have in place just might not do you any good at all. You know what I mean. So start. That’s all. Make the commitment and get started now. Yes, you’re probably a little late to the party, but if you never start, you’ll always have that bad feeling in the back of your mind that you let yourself and potentially your family and neighbors down.

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Prepper News

Absolutely agree…good write up. One bit of advice I’d give any prepper is not to let prepping consume your life…because it certainly can! Don’t get caught up in doom and gloom 24-7. It’s always good to learn new skills, make preparations, and to stay informed…but don’t spend your life worrying about what may or may not happen. Get out and enjoy life treating each day like it could be your last. What’s the quote…”If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”.

All the best,



Agree with the prepping stuff. The right wing fear mongering doesn’t really belong here. You’ve been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. Disappointed theprepperjournal would allow such biased nonsense in the body of an article.


Hate to break it to you DoJo, but the “right wing fear mongering” as you call it, was spot on!


It is for those who believe it. Less so for those with an education. What I said was it doesn’t belong here. If theprepperjournal wants to get rid of half or more of its readers by taking an extremist political stance, it is free to do so.


I do not subscribe to a right wing ideology. However these articles are personal and I welcome opposing views. The author did not shove his anti Government stance down my throat and the rest of the article was great. I do know Pat Henry is very light handed with editing these submissions and rightly so. All views are correct depending on the viewers position 🙂 The starting point for the author’s prepping seems to be distrust of the USA Government so correctly it is mentioned. Each to their own mate! Mine is the fact that climate change seems very real… Read more »


Are you kidding me. You must be feeling guilty about something. This is just trying to let us know real life circumstances and real life solutions. Leave it alone.


“But intentional bad policy starting from the very top. It’s almost like he was put here to destroy American by slow death.” This was unnecessary. And just silly.

Erwin P. Fletcher

Actually it was fact that anyone with half a brain can see. I am a little jealous of everyone like you. Sometimes I wish I was one of the many blind sheep and could just go about my day oblivious to reality.


No need to be jealous. Just get an education.

Thomas Paine in the butt

It’s called an opinion and everyone is allowed to have one even if you don’t like it or agree with it.

If you found the rest of the article helpful then just ignore the opinion parts you don’t agree with. You’re allowed to do that too.


Yes you are right, and I should have. I care very much for this country, to the point where I spend way too much time paying attention to politics, and actually digging into the details behind the rhetoric. Prepping provides a respite for me so I was overly annoyed by seeing this sort of political statement mixed into an article here. I should have just shrugged and moved on.

Thomas Paine in the butt

A lot of people said the same things about Bush and the potential of Trump getting elected. We can have a civil debate without all the name calling. It might be a bromide but we can disagree without being disagreeable.

For some there’s a political-economic reason they started prepping, these are his…

I’m starting to ramble so cut to the chase. Before any of us hit the POST button reread comment as if it was directed towards you.

Erwin P. Fletcher

I am neither “right wing” or liberal- but through our “leaders” bills, policies, etc. that you mention- I believe they are intentionally making our country weaker and making the world a more dangerous place. There are plenty of
Right wingers who have stood by and let it happen that are just as guilty


What silly is your being so upset over reality. Go put your time and energy towards taking care of yourself and family.


Ah, so they’re racist as well. Charming.

Jane Handlin

Why don”t all you people that have a problem with this blog, post, and any political statement just move on to another web site so you can make your statements there. If this bothers you, why are you on this kind of site in the first place? I believe you are one of those that look for sites like this so you can be the “one” that protests, and tries to stirs things up.


In today’s highly polarized (intentionally political) society, far too many people assume that those with very strong political view points are either uneducated and incapable of cogent dialogue, make the assumption that the other side has no concept of how will to conduct personal research to make their own decisions about the alleged political truth (from either party) being presented. To me, such arrogance smacks of the elitism that has infected the mediocre electorate, to such a point where I truly fear that their own rhetoric has become more of a zealous pursuit of faux intellectualism, rather than trying to… Read more »


Look up Diaspora’s comment history and can people stop feeding him?


Atrocity tourism.


No, it’s atrocity tourism. I like to laugh at the foil-hatters.


Settle down everyone. This is an open-dialog forum. Sometimes political slants come into things, sometimes they don’t. The reality is that the right and left political ‘arms’ are a part of the same cancerous body.

If the author moves the apostrophe from “r’s” to “rs'”, then no political party should be offended. Honestly, who cares what the author’s opinion is on political parties (no offense intended to the author)? The following text wasn’t bad.

Jane Handlin

I believe I made my point! No discussion on the actual post, which was great. Just tacky comments from someone that has a chip on their shoulder. Cant we just discuss the merits of the post?


His comment history is all nasty one liners. Best ignored.

I liked the post which starts 180 degrees away from my politics. The idea of prepping using excel sheets is something I think I should do but haven’t done.


I wrote the article and I wrote it from the heart. I didn’t make up anything whatsoever. I was just plain and simply trying to get people up and active. Do something that you will be forever proud of. That’s taking care of your family and friends. I didn’t mean for politics to enter into the premise of the article, I just wrote what I see. If the person had a R by his name, I’d have said the exact same thing and I would be just as concerned. Wake up and get busy.

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