How to Deal With Migrants and Refugees

Editor’s Note: This article was generously contributed by Dan Sullivan who comes to us from his own blog, Dan talks about a situation that is impacting the world right now to varying degrees based upon your location. The consequences of the continuous waves of migrants is yet to be fully seen, but only a fool would argue that peace and love and happiness will be the result. If you live in an area where migrants are or will be flooding in, you could be forced to take precautions. To stay safe, you might need some of the tips on how to deal with migrants Dan shares below.


Despite the fact that winter is coming, Middle Eastern refugees are still coming into Europe in very large numbers as I’m writing this. There’s no doubt that the Old Continent will see permanent changes as far as demographics are concerned and, given that Muslim families are more fertile than Christians and atheists, we will see a veritable clash of civilizations in the coming 20 years.

If you’re in Europe, this article is probably one of the most important ones you’ve read this year. If you’re in the United States, you still have to worry since many of these refugees might be redirected to a camp near you and who knows how the immigration policies will change in the near future. We all need to learn to protect ourselves from this and we can’t do it unless we understand what’s going on and then prepare accordingly.

Personal Security

Let’s get right into the meat of the problem and talk about the most important aspect of dealing with migrants and refugees: safety and security. While I’m sure many of them are nice guys, the numerous incidents happening in Greece, Serbia, Hungary and Germany speak for themselves: rape, prostitution, fights and public humiliation show us that these people will have a hard time accepting our western values.

Before talking to a refugee (or anyone looking suspicious, for that matter), instead of assuming they’re nice, focus on protecting yourself in case they start using more than just words. Consider carrying some of these with you at all times:

In addition, consider taking self-defense lessons because you may not have time to go for your gun or it may not be in your vicinity. There are plenty of martial arts out there that you can learn such as Krav Maga, for instance.

If you don’t like receiving refugees in your town, you can leave!


“If you don’t like receiving refugees in your town, you can leave!” That’s what a German mayor told his citizens. We’re looking at an absurd situation where small towns are forced to almost double in size simply by receiving these migrants. (source)

I’m sorry to say but you might have to leave your town if you want to continue living in peace. If the mayor has the last word and he or she is backed by law enforcement and the Government… you might not have a choice.

Being willing and ready to move at a moment’s notice assumes that:

Of course, if the immigration process will happen in your town the way it’s happening in these German towns right now, you’ll have plenty of time to make a decision, but you just never know how bad things will get once these people start rioting.


Survival Bags

Have a bug out bag, have an EDC, have a get home bag, have a car bug out bag. In essence, these are all survival bags and you don’t need all of them, just the ones that make sense for your unique situation.

Prepare For a Job Loss

The more people arrive in your town, the more likely it is you’ll lose your job. They’ll be willing to work for a lot less than you are or they might be helped by the Government to integrate themselves faster.

Do Your Due Diligence

A home security system could give your family precious seconds to defend your home.

Since people with little or no income are more likely to loot and attack wealthier citizens, it’s pretty much a given that the crime rate in your city will increase.

I’m not going to post videos of immigrants fighting with each-other. I’m also not going to talk too much about the woman who was raped while trying to help these people (source). Instead, I’m going to show you what to do to protect yourself, your spouse and your kids. I’m sure you know these things but they’re definitely worth remembering:

  • always keep your doors and windows locked (including garage doors and basement windows),
  • never walk alone at night on dark alleys and avoid bad neighborhoods at all costs,
  • while driving, keep all your doors and windows locked, especially when you stop at a red light,
  • install an alarm system
  • and build or designate a safe room.

Be Flexible

No, I’m not saying you need to embrace Allah or that you should accept the refugees for what they are. What I’m saying is you have to be smart, even to outsmart them. For example, growing a beard might get some Muslims to assume you’re one of them and this might get you out of trouble.

Many of them will do anything to make money and a good portion of them will do it legally. It wouldn’t hurt to at least learn about business. You might find an opportunity to make more money than you are right now at your current job. You don’t have to be 100% negative about things, sometimes there’s opportunity right were you least expect it and all you have to do is find it.

Final Word

Good luck, because, no matter how well you prepare, you’re gonna need it.

About the author: After working for two top survival info companies, Dan decided to teach on his own and set the ambitious objective of becoming an international survival guru. Teaching and doing are the two words that best describe him in his never-ending quest for top-notch survival content. You can read more of Dan’s articles at his site,

  1. I’ll be blunt, pretty worthless article. Other than emphasizing that immigrants are inherently bad, I’m not sure the author told us anything new. Have EDC, BOB and the other Prepper 101 stuff. Be careful at night, lock your doors, take karate classes, the usual hateful spew. I’m sorry, but none of the threats mentioned here are any different than what you’ll encounter if you’re rural neighbor decides to put is a slum trailer-court next door to you. If you don’t like different ethnic groups then please just say so, rather than this thinly concealed racist/Islamophobic stuff. I love PJ’s how-to articles, but this article is not helping anyone. There are enough media sites dedicated to political opinions, let’s keep TPJ on practical stuff, please.

    1. It’s not Islamaphobia, if they really are trying to kill you. And how are we to know the difference? Why do you virtually never hear of a “moderate” Muslim backlash to extremism? I’ll tell you why, because they’re either afraid or they secretly believe the same way. Either way, they’re complicit. And yet it’s our fault for be “Islamaphobic”.

    2. I agree this doesn’t say anything new to the seasoned prepper but let’s not forget there are plenty of newbies out there.

      This isn’t mainly an “opinion article”, if that were that case, I can assure you I would have used stronger verbiage. I’m revealing a threat which no one can ignore.

      Just because they are people that doesn’t mean I have to like some of them so there, I said it. On the other hand I’ve seen and met plenty of Muslims that were nice so I really don’t see your point.

      If I had written an article on how to prepare and protect for dog attacks, would you have considered that to be racist? 🙂

      1. Perhaps if you gave specific info as to how to thwart off a dog attack, no. But if you simply said that dogs were breeding faster than humans, that dogs from other countries were migrating and raping/murdering other (local) dogs with no exceptions, while refusing to adapt to the expected cultural customs of our dogs, then I would probably accuse you of disliking a lot of dogs from other places without really providing any useful advice. The author is a transparent racist or Islamophobe. I have my opinions on these matters like everyone else, but TPJ is not an opinion site; it is (or at least should be) an information site, and I mean practical and factual information.

        1. “But if you simply said that” – I believe my article is focused first and foremost on survival tips and less on bashing other people. You’re free to compute the percentages.

          Second, if you think disliking rapists is worse than being one, please go ahead and call me a racist but not before proving that “no exceptions” thing you mentioned.

          if I were one, then I would have shown I’m racist BEFORE the migrant crisis. I do, in fact, I like Arab music, I was thinking of visiting Arab countries and have met Muslims that were nice. You’ve made an assumption about me whereas I don’t need to make assumptions about the behavior of these economic migrants, there’re all over the news (some news).

          Another fallacy in your reasoning is that all are Muslims when, in fact, some of them were Albanian (a.k.a. Europeans). Therefore they were multiple races.

          Can you do me a favor? If I give you a few dozen videos I found on the web of Europeans humiliated, raped by Arab Muslims or whose houses or cars have been vandalized by these gentlemen, would you track the victims down, go to each of them and call them racist if they had anything bad to say about migrants? Thank you.

          1. Since I don’t know you, I suppose that it was wrong of me to accuse you of racism based on just one article. I am 4th generation American and so I am fairly supportive of a fair immigration policy, otherwise I would be a hypocrite. My great-grandfather, who died only 12 years ago, was born in a foreign country. But my original point was, this was not much of a how-to article. As far as violent crime goes, if you pull up an average rural American newspaper you will find a front page article about some young white thug who has brutalized someone for one sordid reason reason or another. The victims of THESE crimes would probably wish they were living elsewhere. If I want to debate national politics, I go to FB. Thankfully, TPJ is a lot better site than FB. I hate to see it dragged down.

            1. Hi William,

              Thanks for clearing that out. Nah, I’m not really into politics, it’s just that this mass immigration process is anything but fair. Not only that but affecting our lives and our values.

              Have you seen the video of those Muslims praying in Paris in the middle of the day, blocking the streets? There’s more to all of this than just raping and looting.

              I agree that this isn’t much of a how to article for someone who already knows about these things but this might very well help some of those German folks, for instance, who are forced to cope with a problem. Just like me, millions of other people are scared by what’s happening, most of them in Europe. The title of the article speaks to them though, I 100% agree that it applies to thugs of any race.

              I think we can wrap this up, let’s keep TJ oriented on the how, not the why.

            2. Generally people in rural America don’t gang rape females, or cut people’s heads off and post it on YouTube. If the author of an article, wishes to voice their beliefs all the power to them. That is what we call the First Amendment, and I did not see
              anything calling for Jihad against Haji’s in the article. The fact that most of these refugees are fighting age males, has not been lost on most people who pay attention.

              Reading an article and calling somebody a bigot, is pretty lame. It is about the same as me calling you an Uber PC, Blue Falcon.

              1. Again, if you don’t believe that white American thugs rape, murder and rob, pick up a rural newspaper from about anywhere in this country and read the front page. I might concede to you about the head cutting on You tube bit, but if you think whites don’t commit atrocities (ever heard of Adam Lanza?), you are suffering from selective perception.

              2. I live in flyover country, violent crime occurs here but not very often. Society will not condone or tolerate it. Your trying to defend a religion, where the majority of the followers have a 7th century mindset and ethics to match. I am not selective at all, but I am willing to call a Spade a Spade. How many more examples do you need?

              3. I am an atheist, I defend no religion. No recent murders committed within 100 miles of your town by whites? Hard to believe, give me the name of the town and I’ll find some quick on google.I don’t defend islam and actually find it pretty scary, just like Christianity. I live in a small town in SW Missouri and we have whites shooting/robbing others on a weekly basis. Most of the mass shooters in the last 15 years were white guys. I dare you to argue that one with me.

              4. 100 miles would put Denver in your list of places to search, for violent crime. The last two murders we had, were when two folks were killed in a botched robbery of a coin shop. That was during Frontier days. I live in the state that has more firearms per capita then any other, so we are pretty laid back. It sounds like you live in a shit hole.

              5. LWJ, a very cursory examination of the Colorado Dept of Corrections website revealed that there are currently 676 Colorado citizens (men) serving a Life without parole sentence, and another 212 serving 40 years with parole eligibility. Unfortunately it’s not broke down by county, but I feel safe in betting that these lads are not incarcerated this long for missing child support payments. Approximately 57% of your state’s prison population happens to be white. These numbers are pretty consistent with my state and other mid-west states I am familiar with. Don’t believe me? It’s a public website. Maybe you should learn a bit more about this land of innocence you seem to think you are living in. All of these men raped, robbed and/or killed, and many were whites.

              6. Still lost in the sauce flat lander!! I live in one of two states that accepts no refugees at all.

                Denver as I mentioned is within the 100 mile crime radius, you were trying to use. Which would skew your stats big time… Please try harder decipher the bread crumbs….

              7. Again, tell me the town and county., I will find some white killers/rapists/robbers. Or are you afraid??

              8. Google Larimer County CO murders, the page is full. Actually one article says in July 2015, more murders than all of 2015. I won’t even bother with worrying about race. Your claims to live in a crime free, mid-west utopia are crap. Later.

              9. You sure it wasn’t Larimer County? Couldn’t find a Laramie. Larimer shows a population of 299,000, you sure I won’t find any white killers in that mess?

              10. It looks like something is going down in Paris, and I can only guess what religious background the culprits have. Somehow I don’t think they are Catholics though…

              11. Why these people have to travel all the way to rape and rob us? I fear less White men tähän muslim men. And i would say you wish y our daughter would not run into them in dark. of you rae a woman and naked and you would have to chose between two Group to seek help. White or middle Eastern muslim then which would you really c hoose?

    3. I agree, thank you for speaking your mind!
      The only other thing I would like to add to the writer of this article is that I have grown tired of grammatical and spelling errors. Please use spell check and proof read your articles. Thanks.

  2. Before talking to a refugee (or anyone looking suspicious, for that matter), instead of assuming they’re nice, focus on protecting yourself in case they start using more than just words. Consider carrying some of these with you at all times:
    a pocket folding knife
    a stun gun
    pepper spray
    or even a handgun.
    ALL mainly illegal in much of Europe.

    1. Pepper spray should be legal and look into alternative survival items. I know for a fact because I live in Europe. 🙂 By the way, I saw a clip where this self-defense instructor showed that even a simple lollipop can be used to cause damage to an attacker. Great stuff.

  3. Why isn’t there any talk about sending this hoard back from whence they came?
    They have no intention of assimilating. Just look at what used to be Yugoslavia.

    1. One word Michael SOCIALISTS. they think we should welcome ALL of them, house them, school them, treat them, fund them and it should be done by taxing everyone more, indeed they are rioting in London tonight about this issue in part at least

  4. Most of the 1 million so far arriving in Europe are Muslim, most are NOT Syrian refugees, the assorted governments are dumping them in poorer areas of their countries often that already have high immigrant or minority communities. Imagine moving much of inner city Detroit to Inner City Chicago in one go. The VAST majority are young men of military age, many are committing violent sexual offences within days of arrival, one just got arrested in London for 11 attacks in 2 weeks. They do like to groom young white girls as young as nine years old to be passed around the Muslim men as sex toys.( Google Child sex Abuse Scandal in Rotherham UK when 1400 young white girls were groomed and abused by organised Muslim gangs over 15 years and the cops and authorities DELIBERATELY ignored it) The Israelis, Lebanese and UN believe at least a very MINIMUM of 2% are ISIL terrorists, many others are sympathisers. Most REFUSE to integrate 700 recently transport to a RURAL luxury housing development in Sweden REFUSED the luxury homes round a lake and DEMANDED houses in cities close to other immigrants.

    THERE ARE ALMOST NO GENUINE refugees among the 1 million, nearly all are simply economic migrants like America gets crossing the Rio Grande each day. The images of Men holding infants is STAGED as most of the men abandoned they families back in Asia. The infants are used as defacto weapons held in front of crowds of illegals forcing their way across border crossings, they are used to prevent border cops from using rubber bullets, riot gas or water cannon to stop them. As soon as they break through they dump the kids back in the hands of the few women.
    Most destroy their documents and claim to be Syrian since the German Leader invited 1 million Syrian refugees to come and live in Germany.

    The EU estimates another 3 million will be coming soon and if they are all legalised the 4 million in total will be able to send for their families estimated to be another 8 million.

    Please note Jews are leaving Paris France in large numbers and some are leaving France. In Germany Pegida is growing in numbers as the Germans react badly to Frau Merkels betrayal. Hungary and Slovakia have closed their borders and the UK has over 10,000 migrants trying to force their way into the UK from Calais every night.

    You must employ worst case scenario URBAN PREPPING tactics, skills and kits in areas heavily populated with the migrants. If you are an Urban or sub Urban prepper and by some chance you find large numbers of Obamas Muslim migrants in your community you WILL have to change your lifestyle and no longer will it be wise to let your daughters go out and about on their own.

    NOTE all the GENUINE refugees do not venture far from their homelands and their families, most genuine Syrian refugees are in camps in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan.

  5. The article is beneath the intended audience of this blog and somewhat insults our intelligence. It appears to have been written for people who have no clue on the macro world wide situation facing us.

      1. Not to worry, I almost never write about politics. The migrant crisis just got to me a little. Besides, even if it hadn’t, I still would have written about it because it’s yet another danger we need to be aware and prepare for.

    1. Thank you for the comments Heff. This one has gotten more negative responses than I have seen in a while but I’ll keep trying to bring articles to the conversation. Not all articles are written with the same perspective or style so I don’t imagine everyone will like every article, but I hear what you are saying and thank you for reading.

    2. Hi Heff,

      As I just replied to another reader, I wrote this with newbies in mind. If you go over to my site you’ll see that most of our articles are pretty advanced and I even had someone telling me they’re too complicated for them. If you have specific advice you’d like to add that you consider to be more advanced, feel free to do so.

  6. I’ve been reading American Exodus recently. Good book with some interesting ideas. Given it is likely millions of USA citizens might have to migrate soon I’d suggest you all start being a bit nicer. Karma. On balance I’d rather a horde of people didn’t show up in Canada but if they do, then they do. Labelling them all as rapists and thugs is a gross distortion. Demanding they go back is just not realistic. How comes your survival plans don’t include housing and feeding some strangers? Mine do. Agricultural workers will be very welcome

    1. On the other hand Huples, Americans are not as a society bent towards violent acts of rape, murser, pillaging, looting, arson, mutilation, etc. And yet, those that are being forced upon us do have those tendencies as a culture.
      If you knew that the population of your town (or in some cases more than double that population) was going to be suddenly added to that same location, and that there were tendencies toward the aforementioned violent acts, can you honestly claim to not be vocally opposed?…No I didn’t think you could either.

      1. Hi John,
        We will never agree. I do not think your sweeping generalization about Arabic folks is in anyway true. With the Golden Horde, we move, die, or adapt. Those going to drive them back with bullets are delusional.

        1. Sorry Huples, but I have seen it first hand. From an imam performing female circumcision with a broken piece of flass, to people left dead in the streets for following the wrong form of islam, the delusional people are the ones saying that there isn’t something wrong with that mindset. And the only thing they truely do respect is force. The ones saying that we have to be flexible and accepting of acts aforementioned are in danger of being the first to be killed. By the ones that are “misunderstood.”

          1. Like I said we won’t agree here. I agree some of them are sick but I’d say that’s true for any culture. I’m much more concerned with Canadians and Americans showing up than blood thirsty towel heads screaming Allah. As I said any decent plan needs to account for these hoards and bullets alone won’t cut it. For example can you scale up farming and put some of them to work for food? Can you provide basic shelter for those workers? Being an armed island in the middle of a starving hoard just won’t work. The alternative is to run away from the hoard. Not sure there will be anywhere to go

            1. So, for continuing this conversation in a way that ensures I don’t miss points of conversation, I will follow with a numbered point system.
              1. The difference between their Muslim culture and our Western culture is that we don’t find raping a woman who is alone to be acceptable. They do, and have said so many times, and done so many more. This is just an example, but there are many variations of stories like this. Murder, rape, looting, etc that as a culture is acceptable to them. Ask a veteran, and they will tell you of these things, since clearly you don’t believe this veteran.
              2. I don’t believe any slurs are appropriate in this discussion. Restrain yourself. That being said, I would agree that there are more Americans (or Canadians if you are in Canada) to worry about than any refugee numbers. But, Muslim refugees are far more likely to act aggressively without warrant than any other group of people on earth.
              3. Your right bullets alone won’t account for them, but no one has said that was the only plan did they? I do plan on giving a bullet to anyone who attempts to take things from me and mine however, and a controlled, trained group of individuals who are willing to defend themselves immediately upon need are going to survive better than anyone else however.
              4. I do have the willingness to find work for communal betterment of my survival group for those who are seeking it. They WILL have to pass a test to assertain their suitability to join my survival group. Flol owing the Islamic faith is an automatic failure of that suitability. I will not have individuals following so violent a belief system among my immediate support system.
              5. Being an armed “island” is the only chance people have of surviving the mass migration of people attempting to get supplies any way they can. Yes, I believe in sharing on a small, secure, secret basis, but I cannot feed everyone. I won’t try and in so doing force my family to starve when we run out trying to help everyone else.
              6. Running would just make my group and I part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  7. So, as most are saying I really didn’t think much of the article. First, it was rather short, and it didn’t cover very many points. This may be just a small difference between The Journal, and the way that Mr Sullivan writes. As such I will pass this by, and chalk it up to inevitable differences.
    However, I am not accepting of several view points that the author, directly or indirectly espouses.
    First, I do firmly believe that the immigration policy should directly (via vote by the populous) be administered by the citiens of a place. In this case, the citizens of the United States of America (or so it seemed to me.) If the mayor of my town told me accept it or leave, then I would immediately call for a vote of no confidence on his leadership. “Accept it” has no part of the American political system.
    Second, in my opinion self defense should not be something a prepper “considers” but should be always in their mind. Whether this is because of the Muslim migrants or because we never know when the start of the fan becoming fouled kicks off, and the need to get out of dodge with our skin intact requires us to plan and prepare for our personal defense.
    Third, while I could almost applaud the author for being willing to go into bug out bags, and the fact that different situations of mobility require different types of set ups; unfortunately nothing was mentioned about what kinds of differences would be important to note, what kinds of different emphasis different modes of transportation might highlight.
    Fourth. The “added security” section honestly felt very very limp. Now, sure for some people just getting into prepping this may have been useful. However, in my not so humble opinion, most prepper are prepper because they think ahead and plan. I believe that we can all make some safe assertions that prepper already lock doors and windows, have an alarm system where necessary, etc. This point seemed more to cover his “here is something to consider” urges than to impart any useful of tactically sound information about possible defensive stratagies.
    Fifth, the “be flexible” part seemed more of an attempt to ensure that no one got their panties in a twist about possible issues with a large number of immigrants descending on the population en masse. It does nothing to add to the possible preparation of the readers. Instead it almost feels as if the author intends for those who have issues with their possible behavior to be set up. “Remember, I sold you to be flexible” is something I can already hear. It is despicable, and as someone who has fought to ensure our way of life does not gutter out, I find it offensive that some one could suggest that

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. I am well-aware that the migrants are a pretty big problem right now. As you can see, a lot of people attacked me even though I tried to maintain a moderate tone. I lost quite a few facebook friends with all the migrant movies I posted, not that I care about them but rest assured that I’m very concerned with what’s happening.

      Reports of migrants looting, raping and so on are too many to ignore. We’ll see how things evolve over time but it’s not likely to get better since some 2nd generation Muslims in countries like France, UK and The Netherlands have proven they’re unable to adapt or respect western values. They might be in a minority today and I realize there are decent Muslims out there but things could change.

      1. Dear Mr Sullivan,
        I believe you have hot the nail on the head twice of why a lot of people are having problems with your piece.
        You tried to be moderate. I understand that no matter what you post, you are probably going to catch a lot of flack. So, why not just tell it like it is? Moderate just means you catch flack from both sides. he truth is, a lot of them not only don’t want to integrate, they want us to assimilate into them, and will use force to attempt this conversion.
        The second is the wording of the second paragraph. It isn’t that there are not Muslims that are non violent in trh, it is that you say they may be the minority. I assure you sir, the very great number of Muslime who favor Sharia are not non violent, ad Sharia Law itself advocates violence. The radicals are not the terrorists, the radicals are the ones that believe that there should be peace. And they ARE the minority.
        Now, I am not trying to attack you, but neither will I stand idly by when untruths that could cost people’s lives be said. Whether it is your intent or not, I cannot say at this point. However, I can paint a truer picture of the circumstance, and so what I can do I will do.

        1. Hi John,

          The reason I wanted to be moderate is because this is a prepping site first and foremost. It’s the nature of the article to focus on the how to and not the why (whether you agree or disagree with my advice, that’s another story).

          As to your second point, I agree that many of them are violent but saying that the vast majority of them is, is just speculation. Out of the 1.6 billion Muslims, you have 168 million in Bangladesh (90% are Muslim), 255 million in Indonesia (out of which 87% are Muslim), around 5 million in Kenya and so on and those countries are, from what I’ve heard, at least, relatively peaceful.

          At the same time, Saudi Arabia, probably the craziest Muslim country has only 30 million people, so I would say the majority of the world Muslim population is not radical.

          I’m not trying to convince anyone that these economic migrants are mostly nice, we’ve all seen that they aren’t and that the thing they know how to do best is to fight with anyone, including with each-other.

          1. I get that it is a prepper site, not a political one. Unfortunately for the “moderate” stand point it’s also part of prepping to know what to look out for. Dangers, pitfalls, short commings, etc. Things to be aware of that can directly impact our lives in detrimental, or beneficial, ways.
            As to my second point, unfortunately, it is not speculation. When many countries have populations that have 75% or greater support for Sharia Law, that is most. Not many. MOST.
            As for the countries you named, let me point out that Indonesia is having a HUGE problem with their Muslim population, see the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. Similarly, the Philippines are having an issue with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (yes the Acronym is MILF) is causing widespread issues using terrorist tactics.
            But let me do some country name drops of my own. Libya, Mogadishu, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Liberia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria. Surely you aren’t implying that these countries have no issues. All of these are either directly under Islamic governance or have been overrun by Islamic militants. So I have 13 examples of problems caused by violent Muslims…to your 2 possibly nonviolent. I think the record would indicate that I am closer to the truth than yourself. I would agree that most of the Muslims aren’t radical, because peace loving is the radical concept not the violent concept.
            I would point out that in your final point you are being a bit two faced. First you say they aren’t mostly violwnt, and then say that most of the migrants aren’t nice and are doing violent things. Which is it, for it cannot be both.
            I am trying to convince people. Not so I can say I won an Internet argument (an absurd claim we all know) but so that someone is being forthright and honest about a threat that is real, is nearly present, and is very much a danger. I hope to help people see the reality, rather than a media spin.

            1. Hi John,
              Thanks for those stats. I’m not by any means trying to convince people to relax because most Muslims may or may not be peaceful, that’s why I wrote this article (especially after what happened last night in Paris).

              Regarding my contradiction, when I said most are peaceful I was referring to all MUSLIMS across the globe as a whole while when I said most are violent I was referring to a very specific subset, the MIGRANTS that recently came into Europe.

              1. The problem with that context is that the migrants come from somewhere. Those somewhere’s are across the world. So if the migrants are violent (as we can clearly see from events in France, Germany, Sweden, etc) then the evidence of that violence points towards the homelands they are from being violent and accepting that as customary traditional reactions to blasphemy, infidels, etc. Read the Quran and see what I mean.
                So, you still contradict yourself. And you still ALSO are asking us to blind ourselves to the danger, when not being honest about that danger in your article.

              2. There are 3 flaws in your logic.

                #1. The migrants are not representative from all countries. They come from war-torn regions such as Syrian, Iraq etc. I’ve never heard about migrants from Indonesia joining this particular flock.

                #2. Based on your logic, most Americans are violent because of all the police brutality cases.

                #3. If my goal was to blind everyone to the danger, I wouldn’t have written an article on how to protect from it.

              3. 1. We do have migrants from all across the world. The most recent cases are well advertised as being from Syria and Iraq because there was a threat of an invasion before the migrant crisis. If you think we don’t have migrants from many places please look at the census records.
                2. No. Most of the police brutality cases went to Grand Jury and the Grand Jury refused to indict, which means there was no reason to move forward with charges. Innocent until proven guilty. Ergo, the police brutality cases more point toward there not being violence as opposed to violence.
                Further, the fact that there was an effort to stop such possibilities indicates that we do NOT accept such actions. I don’t hear, say Iran, saying that the actions these Muslims are taking is offensive to Islam. Instead we hear “death to America” and praise for the migrant violence. As such, you have proven my point, logically.
                3. We already have seen the points of how your article was poor. Remember the 6 P’s. Your say you wrote an article to educate on possible danger. I have outlined how it was inadequate in every way. Others have pointed out this lack as well, Mr Sullivan. Perhaps now is the time to listen instead of make excuses. Further, you are trying to say that this isn’t a wide spread issue of danger from Muslims. I have pointed out time and again how and why you are wrong. Sometimes you agree. Others you do not. Make up your mind. In the meantime, by being moderate instead of accurate means you are blinding people, as some will listen no matter the logical rebuttals. Their increase in danger is a problem.

              4. #1. I made it clear I was referring to the current flock of refugees. I knew you’d say something like this. Please re-read what I said. This shows you’re the one not being “accurate”.

                #2. I was being sarcastic. That’s why I started the sentence with “by your logic”.

                #3. No, I am not trying to say the Muslim issue isn’t widespread. The initial debate was whether or not the majority of Muslims world wide are peaceful or not and I’ll stick to that no matter what words you’re trying to put into my mouth.

                Make excuses for what? Please point any excuse I’ve made and try not to confuse it with arguments because if you do, I can point out a lot of excuses you’ve made as well.

                I’m sticking to what I said in the beginning, only you have problems understanding that a complex issue. I think I’ll pass to your suggestion of becoming an extremist about this. By definition, being an extremist is also being inaccurate.

                Being moderate = blinding people? Are you listening to yourself? Being moderate is a personal opinion of mine, I have the right to share it. Everyone should have an opinion to the migrant crisis and Muslims.

                The only way to blind people is to be an extremist because it causes people to stop thinking, it creates (religious) fanatics and I think we’ve seen enough of that lately.

              5. 1. You said “the migrants are not representative of all countries…” I disagree. I stated so, and how. Don’t accuse me of being inaccurate when you inferred things not stated by my statement. They are representative. You are being inaccurate sir, not I.
                2. Sarcasm is irrelevant. It is also unprofessional on a logical discussion on the validity and usefulness of an article. It’s called a critque.
                3. I didn’t put word in your mouth. I pointed out your inconsistency. There is a difference. You divided not I. Further Muslims world wide are not peaceful whoch has been a consistent statement I have made.
                4. You said, and I quote, “I have never heard of migrants from Indonesia joining this particular flock.” As such you are, logically, attempting to say that the issues of this group are not endemic of the Muslim Community at Large, regardless of which group of migrants they are a part of; I am pointing out that whether or not that are apart of a particular move to infiltrate a country at a particular time, all Muslims are following a violent culture when not preaching against that violence. As such they are not peaceful and further that because they are not peaceful they are a danger worldwide. As I have consistently stated.
                5. You will restrain yourself from personal attacks about my character. You are out of line sir, and I will not tolerate such behavior directed towards myself.
                6. No, being an extremist is not inherently inaccurate. It is merely being on an extreme point of view.
                7. I didn’t say being moderate in your person views was blinding people. Don’t be hypocritical about that when you called me out about that, especially when I have not put words on your mouth, but I have pointed out where ypu have done that to me twice.
                What I did say was that doing so in an official capacity is blinding people because it is an inaccurate statement of the threats, and that people would be lead astray because of listening to falsehoods from someone in an, unfortunate, official capacity.
                8. Considering that I have only spoken about Muslims, I think we can leave any other religion aside. I haven’t brought my beliefs whatever those belief’s may or may not, be into this conversation. Your point here is irrelevant.
                9. Fanatics they are, I would agree with that. That doesn’t make them radicals however. The peaceful ones are and remain the radicals. NOT the other way around.

                On a personal note, should you contincontinue t make personal attacks on me or other users, I will request that TPJ remove you from this group. I have made no comments about you air, only the article. You will act professionally.

  8. I see a lot of traitors in the comments section. These invaders are going to take your land, rape your women and children, and in the end they are going to kill you if you don’t live under them (sharia law). This all stems from lack of backbone and now you have traitors literally replacing you in your own ancestors’ homeland.

    1. On behalf of the Europeans I am sorry to you and the other native Americans for stealing your land.
      While the politics is emotional we are all missing the key thing here. How will we deal with mass, unwanted immigration into our areas during a stfh? That’s more to the point. Have you considered it?
      Most Arabs like most Americans are decent folks. Honestly that’s not Liberal nonsense but an actual truth. Have had awesome Christmas parties with Muslims, have good work friends who are Arabs, and know good people who wear the habib
      If you have to bug out, run out of supplies, get separated from help do you want me to tell you to die? Maybe we can help each other adapt. Maybe not ( I’m no fool) but mass immigration is likely and I live somewhere more likely to be moved into than out of.
      Having a life boat mentality is normal but very unhelpful to you when the boat actually sinks

      1. There are plenty of Americanized Muslims, and I used to be around them in school, but now that I’m older I do not trust them. I do not trust them in the way I do not trust one person I associate with in a group of evil-doers to stick up for me when I’m ganged up on by them (so it is foolish to associate with one in the first place).

        Yet the Muslims did not have the pull to let themselves in- it was the other ‘Semitic’ people’s religion whom did that. And these people come off as very Americanized…

        Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion

  9. In Finland se are too seeing lowering of Wages, cuts to welfare (even disabled and elderly care) and rapes and letting people with selfies with severed heads go with a wristslap. Politicians are fools if they think this is not going to end in blooshed but in kumbayah-song..

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