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50 Two-Minute Prep Ideas

50 Two-Minute Prep Ideas - The Prepper Journal

Editor’s Note: This post has been generously contributed by Mike Turner. Mike highlights 50 simple prepping ideas that don’t have to take a lot of time. These ideas cover the gamut from getting you healthier, better prepared mentally or just becoming better organized.

Prepping doesn’t have to take all day.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing preps, keep up with regular prepping or are just getting started these fifty quick and easy two minute preps are worth a look. Many of these preps hold true to the basics of prepping and can be done at any time in any place.

    1. Do two minutes of sit-ups, chin-ups or press ups, with or without your BOB. Keeping fit if SHTF can be the difference between surviving and not.
    2. Store a small denomination bill away for a rainy day. Build up the stash until you feel it adequate or it becomes as large as is safe to store in that one location.
    3. Clean out your wallet and take and old card and wrap it with duct tape. Clearing the wallet will eliminate excess junk and the tape can come in handy in dozens of situations.
    4. Don’t buy drinks from the vending machine if you can help it, brew/bottle your own and take it to work. Tea and coffee for example.
    5. Make a to do list, then do it. Getting into this routine will help you with your organizational skills and general will to get things done. This is vital in a survival situation.
    6. Check prices and keep note when you shop. Those small savings can and will amount to better prepping in the future.
    7. Clip coupons. Even the coupons you don’t use or cant use may be of use to others in your group.
    8. Cook a little extra and freeze it. Getting into this habit will leave you with a good store of food that you like when you are short on money or unable to buy food.
    9. Separate foods into smaller portions before freezing. This makes it easier to control what you are eating and using when you need it.
    10. Do the dishes, clean the sink, and clean the tub. You never know when you will need to run the taps to fill them asap.
    11. Make a ring pull fishhook. Even the avid fisherman may find himself without a hook when they need it and this little trick, when practiced, could be just what you need.
    12. Look up a new recipe for hard to use foods. Waste is a thief and as the saying goes: Waste not, want not.
    13. Read a page of a survival manual. Skills are in the long run always more useful than gear.
    14. Sharpen a pencil and keep the excess for tinder. Starting the habit of keeping good stores of combustibles will always serve you well.
    15. Collect tinder when on the go in a Ziploc bag. On a hike, trek or even on the way to work. You never know when it could come in handy.
    16. Skim through a survival or prepping blog for useful information. You never know what you could find that could save you time and money. Also, as information is always training it pays to stay on top.
    17. Scan important documents. If you lose them or they get damaged a good quality scan could get you out of a tight jam.
    18. Buy an extra can or bag of a food you often eat when shopping. No one ever complained of being to well prepared or stocked. If you feel you don’t need it you can always trade it or give it to someone who needs it. A favor can be just as valuable.
    19. Switch out the light bulbs for low light versions. You will save money and power, but also get used to lower light. This could be helpful in a blackout when all you have is a candle or two.
    20. Check your smoke alarms. Better safe than sorry.
    21. Take a moment to collect your thoughts. This technique can be very valuable in a bad situation.
    22. Break a big project down into steps and do it. Most people don’t tackle the big worthwhile projects because they feel it will be too much for them.
    23. Sharpen or oil your knives.
    24. Drink a glass of water. Hydration is key when you need to get up and go fast.
    25. Do what ever it is you are doing with your BOB on.
    26. Split some wood.
    27. Put a bottle of water in your toilet cistern. It will use less water and save you money.
    28. Check your tires, oil, and radiator ext.
    29. Scan the cards in your wallet. If you lose them or they get damaged a good quality scan could get you out of a tight jam.
    30. Test your preps. If you just assume they work you are headed for trouble.
    31. Research the item you intend to buy a little more first. Read a review for example.
    32. Mark your calendar for stock rotation.
    33. Find the water and gas shut off valves in your house or apartment.
    34. Photograph your rooms and expensive possessions for home insurance.
    35. Start a prepping or survival notebook.
    36. Do the laundry.
    37. Turn off the lights and try to get used to moving around in your house or apartment in low light.
    38. Wrap your water bottle or food buckets in tape.
    39. Clean out your work-bag and reorganize your EDC.
    40. Learn a new knot.
    41. Learn how to use simple / manual cooking tools.
    42. Learn a new, from scratch, recipe.
    43. Try to eat a food you don’t like / enjoy. A wider palette will only help when what you want isn’t there.
    44. Check the dates on / rotate a section of your food stores.
    45. Stop and think about something other than what you are doing, and then go back to what you were doing. Short breaks in concentration will help with stress and mental blocks.
    46. Switch out your shoelaces for paracord ones.
    47. Bookmark a few websites, articles or videos to watch later.
    48. Learn how to jump-start a car.
    49. Email, call or write a letter to a friend. Keeping up communications with people will only strengthen your chances of survival in a bad situation.
    50. Put a two-liter bottle of water in your fridge and freezer. If the power goes out it will help keep the temperature down.

About the Author: Mike Turner is an experienced prepper and survivalist. He lives in Saitama, Japan and frequently hikes, rock climbs, participates in air-soft games and works as a guest instructor at a survival school in Nagano.

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