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Being a Prepper Could Make You a Target

Being a Prepper Could Make You a Target - The Prepper Journal

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Cory Hinton. Cory has a new site that is coming out on August 25th called Feel free to check his launch site where you’ll be able to get a free book of “15 ways to start a fire without a lighter”.


How Being a Prepper Could Make You a Target

Pat was kind enough to allow me to address you and share some of what I know with you. Clearly Pat does a fantastic job of running his own site and from what I’ve seen he has some pretty dedicated followers! If you like this kind of information and want more then our main site will launch August 25!

This will be a post about how being a prepper could make you a target to those who would encounter you in a post government/civilization time, also how to avoid being the prepper who gets raided and has everything they’ve worked so hard for taken from them. We are in the select few when it comes to being ready for what the world is getting ready to throw at us, and we need to prepare even further to ensure that survival is almost guaranteed.

As a prepper you are someone who probably has over a few years worth of stored food in your house or at least somewhere nearby. This is a fantastic idea and will be an incredible resource to help you get through a catastrophic time when food is a sought after commodity. And I’m sure you’ve built up an arsenal of weapons and defensive skills to keep those out who might want what you’ve worked so hard for. However, let’s look at this situation from the eyes of someone who’s looking to get what you have.

All they see time and time again is that you keep beating people back and even killing those who get too close. They see you not loosing weight or searching for food like the rest of what’s left of humanity. Why and how is that is what they’ll wonder. And like any sensible person they will come to the conclusion that you obviously have more than just a home to protect, you have food and resources… Congratulations, you’ve now become the most popular house in the area, and bands of marauders will likely join forces to separate you from those resources by any means necessary.

Here’s my solution and my personal plan. Instead of holing up in a house that is protected by windows and wooden doors with only more wood and glass inside, materials that are easily torn apart. I will invest in creating a panic room that is not meant for people but for resources. This plan will not involve staying in one location but instead using this location as a checkpoint to be re-visited to stock up again and again. And to make it more efficient I will likely invest in multiple caches in my community that are in secure, easily accessible and discrete locations. This way there is no pattern that can be followed, also all the eggs aren’t in one basket.

Putting your prepared food in a safe place in your house that’s well hidden. Instead of living there make it a place you can restock and come back to over and over again without the worry of “being a watcher on the wall” for the rest of your life.

Now this does not mean that you need to be a lone wolf who refuses social interaction for fear of someone getting too close and stealing your stuff. No you will want to increase your circle of friends in the time that you have now to make even more certain of the fact that you’ll have a more guaranteed expectation of survival. Because if you have a tight-knit group of folks who know the plan now and know where the food stores are, and you have built TRUST, then you’ll be able to develop supply chains as another resource to get to your caches of food and weapons.

When the SHTF you’re going to want to have that group of people around you to serve as protection as well, not just for yourself but for each other. The preppers of today are more of the lone wolf status, and are solely focused on their own plans for survival that when everything does go down and the weak ones die off first, the stats say that most preppers will turn on each other out of compounding paranoia and fear of defending what’s theirs as they’ve done for so long. To prevent this unfortunate scene from playing out I would encourage you to get to know the preppers in your area and find a way to work together in a time of crisis. Social skills will be an asset more valuable than gold when everything goes down, with those skills you’ll be able to communicate effectively with those around you, preventing senseless violence. All while making yourself appear as a leader, which will be a blessing and a curse if you know how to handle the responsibility.

So please reach out soon to the preppers closest to you, as you read this on the internet I know that there are limitless resources to connect you all to each other. And in the process of connecting with others I’m sure you’ll learn preparedness skills from their communities that you might not have discovered yet in yours. Also you might have the benefit of sharing your knowledge with those who need it, and that’s what being truly prepared means to me.

I hope this article accurately underscores the importance of doing what you can now as a prepper to not make yourself a target when the SHTF. I know that you will take this information to heart and make the decisions that are best for yourselves and your families. I hope that this information was well received, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. Also please come visit our site at on August 25 when we have our big launch! There will be free giveaways in the form of informational products and we will be hooking select viewers up with deals on the hottest prepper gear. But above all else it will be a community of like-minded individuals helping each other to make it out alive!

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