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Big Savings on Prepping Supplies Today

Prime Day is a one-day shopping event on Amazon that takes place today -July 15, 2015, and they are advertising “more deals than Black Friday”. Prime members can shop exclusive deals from electronics, clothing, patio, lawn and garden, sports and outdoor items and more. If you are a member of Prime and have been looking for an opportunity to get some of the prepping supplies you have been looking at, today could be a great opportunity for you to save money. If you want to register for Prime  the cost is $99 per year which at first glance sounds like a lot, but if you shop on Amazon frequently, it can quickly pay for itself. Christmas alone we save that cost in shipping plus anything that is Prime gets free two-day shipping so for those impatient people, Prime is a nice feature.

For those who are members of Prime, I have included a very large list of the prepping supplies we have recommended here on the Prepper Journal in the past. Some of these items you probably already have, but there might be some new ideas below. The supplies are all broken down into categories to hopefully make browsing simpler. Some of the links aren’t on Amazon, but I wanted to leave these in there anyway for ideas. Remember the sale on Amazon is only for Prime items.

Even if you don’t want to purchase any of these prepping supplies, you can print this list off and save it for later.


Big Savings on Prepping Supplies Today - The Prepper Journal
Big Berkey Light – Simplify your water filtration needs.
Vacuum Storage preserves foods much longer.

 Food Storage


Survival Guns by Mel Tappan – A timeless resource.




Cast Iron can take the heat of a campfire.

You can read more about cooking when the grid goes down in this article.


Survival Manuals – Introduction to concepts

Homesteading / Self Sufficient Skills

Natural Remedies / First Aid

Tactical Methods / Strategies / Security

Fiction – Philosophy – Foreshadowing


For tools, these will be basic and not specialized. There are a lot of people who don’t live where there are any trees for example and most will not be building their own log cabin even if they do. Buy the best quality you can afford. You will feel the pain in your wallet one time, but the tool should last long enough to offset that.



Baofeng – Excellent and affordable Ham radio option for emergencies.

You can read more about Ham Radio in this article.


So there is the list of ideas for prepping supplies. I know that I missed a million things that people will think is important but I tried to only include items that might make sense to purchase on Amazon today.

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