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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Prepper Moms

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Prepper Moms - The Prepper Journal

Editor’s Note: The following guest article has been generously contributed by Elizabeth.


This is an article for the kids.

So I’m not all that big into Mother’s Day. I tell my kids that I’m perfectly o.k. with it if they’re nice to me on any given day of the year, they don’t have to wait for one single day in May. I don’t want big gifts, that’s not what I’m about. I would bet most moms would agree: it is especially nice when the kids give something or do something especially thoughtful.

It’s hard to think of what to do or give that shows your mom how much you love and appreciate her so I thought I’d come up with ideas that could be personalized for your own mom. First, think about who she is as a person – is she funny? Sentimental? Imaginative? Practical? Is she easy going or strict? You know your mom, you already know what she’s like, this is just a list of ideas – go ahead, take them and make them your own!

And for the kids in my old neighborhood from when you told me you didn’t have art supplies so you couldn’t make art: Exhibit A. You’ll remember the day I declared with all the bravado I could possibly muster as if I were Braveheart or something equally over the top and declared, “Pick a dumpster, any dumpster!” and I dove in to the nastiest one you chose because I JUST HAD TO PROVE IT to you. Yup, it was gross. I can still hear your giggles as I was digging around and tossing useable things back out and losing my balance on smelly, seriously yucky things.

The piece we made together is still holds a prominent place in my home and is the first thing every new guest comments on – and yes, they always ask about the artist -you can bet I tell them it was you :).

So the point is to kids – you don’t need to have anything of your own, use what you have or can find. You CAN make a real work of art that has meaning. I promise you that I know for sure that if it comes from your heart and you really mean it, she will love it, and will keep it forever.


More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Prepper Moms

Elizabeth inspired me to add my own items so at the risk of butting in on her post, I have some more mother’s day gift ideas that might be something that could work for that Prepper Mom in your life.

A good Backpacking  Water Filter

Water as you likely know is probably the most important necessity for survival and having the ability to filter water will give any Mom in your life a tool she can use to provide safe drinking water for her family or herself in a survival situation. For the compact size I like the Sawyer Mini water filter because it is relatively inexpensive, light and portable. Your Mom can use this filter to clean thousands of gallons of water easily and quickly.

A good book on gardening might suite the prepper mom who is looking to start her own journey to self-sufficiency.

A food dehydrator

Don’t hate me for suggesting a kitchen appliance ladies, this was actually my wife’s suggestion and it makes perfect sense. Having your own food dehydrator can be a really simple way to dehydrate and preserve  foods for your pantry. We have a Nesco dehydrator and I made a ton (not literally) of deer jerky this year with it. It sits there and dries away while I am doing other tasks around the house.

A really good flashlight, or two

When you need to have light, your Mom will really appreciate a good flashlight and not the cheap $1 flashlight that won’t last, isn’t very bright and breaks after the first real emergency. Flashlights are something I recommend both for your home survival supplies and your every day carry. You can get Mom, the incredibly bright (and inexpensive) Ultra Fire LED flashlight for her car or purse and something like the Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable Camping LED Lantern for hands free convenience.

A good Gardening book

Has your mom been talking about her survival garden? Well, if she has or even if she hasn’t but you think she might be interested in something like this a good gardening book might be right up her alley. The square foot garden concept is popular for the amount of space needed  and your mom might enjoy the All New Square foot gardening book for her own plot of land gardening plans.

A canning recipe book

It’s hard to go wrong with the Ball Complete book of Home Preserving and canning food is a great long-term food strategy to have if the grid goes down. The ball book has more than 400 recipes that have stood the test of time.

A starter Canning Set

Nothing like mixing up the classics with a good measure of zombie mayhem.

For a nice companion gift you could splurge and get Mom a starter canning kit to put all of those delicious recipes into practice. With the gardening season upon us, now is a great time for both learning how to can and putting up all of that bounty from her garden she will have toiled over for many months. This kit is not a pressure canning set and can only be used for water bath canning, but it is a great way to get your toes wet so to speak in the world of canning food.

Lighthearted Prepper Books worth Reading

Lastly but not least, my wife found two books for the mom who has a good sense of humor. The first is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that takes this beloved classic and gives it a zombie twist. All of the characters you know and love are still in there and 85 percent of the original text has been preserved but fused with  “ultraviolent zombie mayhem.” according to the review.

Another good option could be the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook for the adventurous mother who is always eager to learn new things. With sections like How to land a plane or How to jump from a motorcycle to a moving car or How to win a sword-fight, take a punch or deliver a baby in the back of a car –  this book has lots of interesting scenarios that might get your mom thinking. Either that or she might try to get you to punch her in the gut. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

So there you have lots of mother’s day gift ideas for the Prepper Mom. What ideas do you have?

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