Is the U.S. Government Building the Terrorists they Need?

For a long time; I along with countless others who are better informed than me have wondered at the strange nature of our governments actions upon the citizens they are supposed to represent and protect. If one didn’t know any better, it would seem that rather than being constituted to fight for the rights of their fellow countrymen, there has been an increasing shift at all levels of government that puts the needs, concerns and priorities of it citizens beneath government’s own –  almost to the point of outright animosity. Rather than providing for “the common defense”, it increasingly feels to me like our government at all levels views us citizens as their enemy.

If this is true in any measure, why would that be the case? What purpose would driving public opinion down and fostering anger serve a government that ostensibly is only in power or control at the will of the people? There are a million theories I have heard espoused in prepper blogs and on the comments of survival forums, but the only thing that makes sense to me is that this is not accidental. This is not just the offshoots of our decaying culture where respect is a victim thrown in the gutter long ago. This is not a generational shift that speaks to our increasing lack of values. I believe the rising conflict and confrontation is all being done with a specific goal in mind. The goal of government agency abuses and apparent lack of remorse or responsibility to their citizens is to drive an agenda that foresees a world much differently than what we have now. I believe that on some level, our government is willingly complicit. Could it be that it is the people we elected, who say they are protecting us are, who we actually have most to fear from? Is our government building the terrorists they need in order to enact the changes they want in our country.

You have to have a bad guy

Many of you will read that paragraph above and naturally go with the conspiracy theory angle. I understand how simple that conclusion would be, but I don’t have grand answers, blueprints or reasons. I only have observations that I will list below. I don’t know the specifics, but I do think I have a lot of anecdotal evidence that when viewed together paints a picture. Answering the question of who painted that picture or why they painted it in the first place isn’t the purpose of this article, but I do hope to outline a trend. For many of you this is nothing new, but for some I hope that I can phrase this argument in a way that will at a minimum make you consider the changes our country has undergone and to question if possibly there isn’t something more worth investigating.

We have to have a bad guy to hate, to relinquish our freedoms to and fear for our lives.
We have to have a bad guy to hate, to relinquish our freedoms to and fear for our lives.

Everyone who has ever seen a movie or read a book knows that you must have a bad guy. There has to be some conflict that your hero can rise above. This bad guy can come from anywhere, have any motivation and they simply just need to be the person your hero struggles against. In this struggle, if the author has done a good job of developing the story and making your hero loveable, you will cheer on the hero and start to hate the bad guy. Maybe hate is too strong in all cases, but you have a clear allegiance to the hero and willingly believe all manner of situations as long as those eventually put your hero in the winning spot.

I maintain that national politics behave in a similar fashion, at least in our country even if I am making this overly simplistic. Our government is the hero to our country, national pride is easy to come by and chants of “USA, USA” are almost comical now. But like any good story, our hero needs a bad guy to fight against in order for this to work. This bad guy has taken on many forms in the past. The Indians, British, The Southern States, Germany, Japan and Russia, Cuba, Drugs, Russia again, Poverty, Iran, Iraq, Sugar, Al Qaeda, ISIS and more recently returning veterans and gun owners. At various times we have always had someone we needed to fight but have you ever questioned why that is?

It seems logical in war-time situations that when an aggressor comes to your land they must be fought off. This has morphed via treaties into extending our military to protect the interests of our friends and some would say our own national interests in the form of natural resources. I can understand almost all of those situations even when I don’t agree with them.

A terrifying portrait of a nation at war with itself and which is on the verge of undermining the basic freedoms guaranteed to the citizenry in the Constitution.

What I can never understand, absent some ulterior motive, and this is the thought that prompted me to write this article, is when the enemy becomes the citizens of our country. Don’t you have to wonder what the goal is when our government with its national security apparatus and all of the other forces a nation of our size can mobilize, is identifying its own citizens as targets for scrutiny? The following are just a few examples of this trend.

Labeling returning veterans as domestic terrorists – In 2009 a report from DHS was leaked via the Washington times, which you can read here naming returning veterans, gun owners and people who are opposed to abortion or illegal immigration as right-wing extremists – essentially equating them with terrorists. Police and government agencies are now often war gaming scenarios where the disturbance is caused by “sovereign citizens” or people opposed to the government and to make things interesting, gun confiscations are practiced.

Military exercises in Civilian areas – Operation Jade Helm is a multi-state training exercise that has a lot of implications that can be viewed as being war-gamed for potential use in the U.S. 1200 military special operations forces will be working to operate undetected among civilian populations. There are some reports that these exercises are preparations for martial law, which isn’t completely ridiculous when you consider that Texas and Utah, both large populations of gun owners and veterans are listed as “Hostile” in the exercise materials.

Denying Veterans medical treatment – What better way to both ensure that your veterans are simultaneously angry and less able to resist you than by denying their prompt medical treatment after they return wounded from serving the same country who now labels them as a potential threat.

Stifling of protests and dissent – Our Constitution guarantees our freedom of speech and the right to lawfully assemble, but these rights are increasingly under attack and marginalized. From high-profile cases like the Bundy ranch standoff where a cordoned area was set aside for protests (free speech as long as you do it where we say) to the FCC controlling the internet. Our freedoms are being taken away and you must ask why.

Ignoring the wishes of voters – This is probably the most in your face example of how our government is directly working in ways contradictory to our wishes and it begs the question why anyone would do something so seemingly counter intuitive to a politician’s survival instincts. From Immigration Amnesty that is overwhelmingly opposed by Americans to NSA spying and legislation that increases debts to continuing risky practices that got us into massive debt in the first place. Our government has shown repeatedly that they do not care what you want. The only logical conclusion is they do not care if you are happy with what they are doing – they want you angry.

Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Staging or Facilitating acts of terror – Terrorism is the great big boogie man, but is it really terrorism if your own government is creating the terror? A 214 page report called Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions found that many of the most recent “terror” attacks would not have even been possible if it weren’t for direct FBI involvement. In many cases, FBI agents provided explosives and guided patsy’s to actions they could not and possibly would not have committed themselves without provocation. The thrown away part of all of these stories is that the FBI foiled the attempt… that they created in the first place. Why is our government creating terrorists or putting explosives (designed not to work naturally) in the hands of lunatics? Is it to scare us or to keep the fear of terrorism fresh in our minds with the hopes that we ignore the whole FBI sponsored angle of these events?

Arming and Supporting the forces who want our destruction – First we were told Al Qaeda was the bad guy, then we sent arms and money to “moderate” Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria to overthrow the government of Assad. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Why are we supposed to believe that the evil Al Qaeda is now our friend? Even if this is a necessary evil as some would say; it’s still evil.

Massive Purchases of Ammunition – Do you want to create a frenzy and start rumors that you are going to war against the public? Buy 1.6 Billion rounds of hollow point ammo. If that isn’t enough buy targets showing pregnant women, children and old men. That will surely get people riled up for no logical reason.

Promoting Police Abuses – There has been a ton of news recently about police officer abuses. I don’t condone any abuse by police officers and believe it must be stopped, but if you step back and ask yourself why this is all coming out now a different picture emerges. I don’t believe that the issue is completely related to something as simple as there being more abuse caught on camera. I think this is promoted and stirred up in combination with racial overtones in order to pave the way for a Federal (Military) police force. George Soros gave millions to support the protests in Ferguson so this exposure and outrage isn’t genuinely organic. If not that, then at least showing a scene of police violence every night in the news will get the public agitated, make them less trustful of police and in the long run ensure a confrontation at some point.

What’s the Point?

The point I have arrived at personally is that each of these various items are happening in tandem with a pronounced increase in the perceived hostility of our government towards the citizens. I for one think it is being done intentionally. Our hero needs a new bad guy and that bad guy apparently is you and me fellow citizens. We are being pushed and prodded with civil actions, economic actions and policy with the hopes that we get upset and that simmering anger will eventually need to be dealt with on the government’s terms. Our government is preparing for us by military civil disturbance training and creating laws that deal with suspending all rights in the course of public emergencies so is this so far out of the realm of possibility?

Outside of us all sitting down and having a Kumbaya moment, I don’t know what we can do. I think that if we do nothing the freedoms we used to have will be taken away eventually. If we resist they are going to be taken away violently. We are on a trajectory in this country that ends in violence I fear and that is one aspect that drives my prepping plans.

I want to view the world from the political as well as the natural disaster side so I am not blindsided by events with my local, state or national representatives. I don’t think I am going to stand up to a military force by myself but I also don’t believe I am powerless. I personally believe we all need to watch closely for the safety of our families and to be able to act as quickly as possible. Just like natural disasters, there have always been government disasters. Governments that started as a vision of Freedom, equality, justice and prosperity that grew tyrannical, genocidal and evil. There is nothing in our Constitution that seems to be preventing that from happening again.

  1. I don’t know how to respond to this because I’m not as informed as I’d like to be, but I do feel that certain agendas are promoted at certain times for specific reasons. Like, every news report was about shootings when a gun control law was being questioned. Now all the police brutality airings. When I was first in college and the US went over to Irag in 2002, I didn’t know what to think, but little by little it felt like they were trying to keep us scared by showing “Terror Level Alert ORANGE” on the bottom of all newcasts. It drove me so crazy I quit watching the news all together. I can’t stand it.

    1. I know exactly how you feel Lana. I stopped watching the news a long time ago. I get my information now from a lot of different sources and choose to draw my own conclusions. Funny how stepping back gives you perspective.

    2. When a nation looses its bearings and its moral character, it stops worshiping God and begins to worship women and government both of which become proud and abusive slave masters instead of the servants that God made them to be. It starts in the early stages by women gaining the right to vote in the corrupt politicians that will rule over their husbands and rule against God Himself. At that point, the men can no longer relate to the women and both the women and the government perpetuate their own power at the expense of the men who should be in charge of their own household and of their own government but are not.

      Before it’s all over with the women are using their newly found power in government against the men who would have otherwise been their husband and are now homosexuals instead. The few men that are still married are hanging on by the skin of their teeth just waiting for the military and police, USA and foreign troops to march through and kill or capture everything in sight. We are very close to that stage of development now.

        1. Well Lana, I’m not sure there is much anyone can do at this point. Maybe when we start over there will be a few lives spared and they will learn the lessons of the past from something that is said now.

          Might be worth a try anyway.

        2. couldn’t have said it better myself Lana. so wow… yeah. An interesting viewpoint to consider because it still persists. Like a gangrene.

      1. You realize that Wyoming was the first state to give Women the right to vote Jay!! My wife also makes more money then I do as well! Guess I don’t have to worry about you setting up shop out here in the APOC!

        1. Congratulations LWJ. I guess it doesn’t bother effeminate males when their wife makes the living. Makes em feel like someone is taking care and watching over them. Nice going buddy. But If you like that sort of thing, you’ll probably want to enjoy it while it lasts because that’s about to come to a screeching halt.

          1. Darn Jay to bad we can’t hug it out!! Somehow though I don’t think your version of manhood is one that makes the species any stronger. Did you ever manage to find a mate without resorting to kidnapping?

  2. It is not the Military you have to worry about these days, it is Law Enforcement. The rise of the “warrior cop” ,and the fact that the majority of LE tries to equip their departments with military grade equipment is what worries me. We now have MRAPs in Wyoming which in my mind is a big red flag. After watching happened to Boston, I would not want to live in a society where the Citizens are disarmed and at the mercy of those carrying a badge.

      1. ?? LE are the ones who patrol the streets and enforce the policies set forth by the folks who create them. They will be the ones who will have to decide if the Constitution or what is left of it is worth fighting for, or if their paycheck is more important. A decree from Washington means nothing unless you have people who are willing to enforce it. Look at the high cap magazine ban in Colorado. If LE is not willing to enforce the law it means nothing.

        1. The mil will do the bidding of the big house. Just like LEOs, they will be forced to decide between their families and the people.

      2. There is a bit more to all this, then this Pres.!! The next one, if repub, will also be controlled! There is an agenda and NWO at work, by the elite/globalists, or world bank, not Obama. The very wealthy control congress, they bought them. One politician does not have that much power! It is easy and popular to credit, everything to O, and lame. The oil/war/pharma/food, and other high profit co’s have the power, with lobbyists, to coerce congress, and control the wealth.

        The most wealthy in other nations and the US have a plan, above and beyond what we are led to believe! There is just too much going on, in our nation, and world wide, and we are not to know. The news tells us what we are allowed to hear, only sites online, give other views and info. Read together, researched, and considered, we have to come to some conclusion. We are sheeple, at the moment, trying to figure things out, but believing only certain news, or parties, is foolish, as is blaming just one person! they like the focus on a scapegoat…..

    1. Check into the 1033 program. There’s a link out there somewhere to show by state, of what was given to “law enforcement”. anything from MRAPS to M4 carbines to sleeping bags are up for grabs.

              1. Thank you! I used the link to contact my state employee about why were my local LEs signing for M4 carbines.

              2. My LE agencies seem to be in love with 7.62 mm rifles. Goshen county had a damn grenade launcher…….

      1. 200 organizations have been suspended from program 1033, because the e’rquipment has gone missing from those organizations. It has been stolen. the controllers are losing control, since they can’t even control their minions. After Katrina, the cops said they will protect their own homesteads when the fur starts flying. My guess is that is the reason the equipment is being stolen. The cops don’t plan on showing up for work when the trouble starts. With 93 million having dropped out of the workforce, there is going to be radical social change in the near future, and it appears that the controllers will have to try to instigate violence, as the revolution so far has been peaceful and silent.

  3. Pat,
    Your points are well stated. We have a federal government that is drunk on power (at all levels), led by people who mock the Constitution and seek only to increase government control over the masses. I greatly dread the next 19 months.

    1. The purpose of the constitution was to increase central control over the populace. Read Patrick Henry’s anti federalist argument. He called it, even before the constitution was ratified by the states. It was the states that included the bill of rights, as the founding fathers voted down the inclusion of the bill of rights unanimously during the constitutional convention.

  4. Regarding Jade Helm… The fact it’s been unclassified makes me think it’s a smokescreen. What’s really going on that this is distracting people from noticing?

    1. Not a smokescreen – an excuse – there’s going to be activities occurring that if seen by the general public need an excuse …. you’re going to be hearing Jade Helm – Jade Helm – Jade Helm ….

    2. I will be very curious to see how this plays out. Don’t be surprised if some tragic incident occurs (coincidentally) while these operations are proceeding. It isn’t without precedent.

  5. Possibly your “darkest” article ever, Pat. It shook me to my core to read it.

    Subtly powerful is the inverted image of the Capitol building, which silently speaks volumes.

    1. I will take that as a compliment.

      Thank you very much Sideliner. As much as I wish I didn’t feel compelled to write about things like this from time to time, I do believe what I wrote. These are some of the main reasons why I prep. At least these are the ones I tend to lose a little sleep over now and then.

  6. I agree that these events are related. I choose not to speculate on motives but the evidence points to something very disturbing in the works. The United States (if we can still be called that) is not the only country turning up the tyranny thermostat. Call it a disturbance in the force, but I have a bad feeling about our future and I don’t see a mass awakening rolling in hard to get people to stop buying whatever the magic box with the little people inside is selling them. Until enough people start looking at what is being done instead of what is said by our elected employees this country will continue this way until we can’t recognize it any more.

  7. With every bad guy in every crisis, you require victims to be put on display. Bring out the DHS crisis actors. DHS seems to have a long term contract with several, because the same victims seem to show up in every crisis. Americans go crazy when there’s pictures of victims and a human factor comes along with those crisis actors posing as victims.

    1. Yes, that is also a strange coincidence isn’t it Herman? For many of the last tragedies there have been far too many inconsistencies to make me comfortable with the published narrative.

  8. Pat, you forgot the banking system shifting from for customers to against them. Documenting the dispensing of cash. They are almost to the point of outlawing cash transactions. $5k withdrawal caps here, 1k Euro caps in France, caps on business deposits in cash etc. are coming. They will use the banking system + ubiquitous cameras to track movement and activity.

    I was reluctant to comment on this one, but realized they already know where I stand on the issue…

    I think you are underplaying the reach, impact, and totality of the situation. Think ‘the borg’, or Red Dawn squared. When they decide that freedom is too expensive to maintain, their carefully laid plans will sweep across cities, counties, and states faster than you can imagine. Sheriffs will either walk with them or disappear. The operational boundaries LEOs have operated within since the dawn of our country will disappear seemingly overnight, and they will seize complete control through the food distribution system. Turn in your guns or your kids will starve. “Hoarders” will be simply outed in society, turning the have nots against anyone who has something. Think Mao’s cultural revolution. Children turning in parents and teachers. Neighbors vs neighbors etc.

    They will manufacture some horrible atrocity to declare war against those not down with the program.

    This will not be some big city movement to oppress those who love freedom. The coordination of effort will be hard to fathom.

    As for the military, unfortunately they will go where their families are taken care of. We no longer have a military that would/could stand up to oppression of the people. Many will hate what is happening, but be essentially powerless to act without great harm coming to their families. The snake-eaters will be cooped up on bases, disarmed, and watched if not guarded by federales.

    I wish there was some silver lining to point out, but at this point its all dark clouds.

    Don’t believe me? Thats your choice. This is no conspiracy theory. I’m just connecting far too many dots for it to be ‘tinfoil’ material. Do some research. Pretty soon it will all be taken off the internet by people who decided its subversive.

    1. Thanks for the comments Bob and you and I agree on more than I might state but that is only because I try to keep some of what I share measured. Not because I worry who knows, but I want to persuade as many people as possible with my thoughts on the subject. In those instances I try to paint pictures and leave some details to the reader to discover hopefully on their own like I did.

    2. The banks have been reporting transactions of over $1000 for at least thirty years. I remember seeing the little tags on my cancelled checks. Now, they don’t even return cancelled checks to the customers.

    3. I completely agree Bob but as I told Mike I think, I have to try and cater to a wide audience so I hold back in some cases in an effort to make the information less sensational than it already is. I want to bring as many people over to our side as possible and too often people will get hung up on buzzwords and tune out the rest of the message.

  9. Pat Henry,
    Are you just figuring this out?
    The government is intentionally vilifying real honorable Americans. They listed men who volunteered to fight for this country as terrorists in 2009. Think about that fact ALONE.
    They are pushing racism and religious conflict.
    All in order for us to fight amongst ourselves.
    Divide and conquer. Kill each other off so the real criminals can REIGN.
    They FEAR the real true honest freedom loving Americans because we are their only threat. There are 535 of them and they control this country through lackeys and idiots, however working in amongst them are real Americans as well.
    Remember the media ownership is the FED Bankers. The media promotes the agenda and you can be assured that every negative event will be painted in a light that supports their agenda. They will push a race war agenda if that serves and trying to get us to kill each other will serve. They will shut off the handout programs and within 3 days those will begin to starve, they will prey on others and the ball will be rolling.
    Crime will become rampant and then curfews and martial law.
    The Police State will begin and anyone traveling will be stopped and searched. Anyone carrying money will have it taken by the police until the American dollar loses all value.
    535 men (and women) ordering 316 million how to live where to go and what to do.
    Seriously big balls and seriously stupid.
    Which is why most of them have homes overseas, a place to run when their plans fail.

    1. Mike, their plan will not fail. At least in the near and mid-terms. As long as they keep feeding and providing for the LEOs and military, the plan will chug along until they do something so heinous that it finally riles the people. Then, it might be too late anyway.

      1. They’re going broke now. They are trying to prop the whole house of cards up by pumping the fraudulent stock market to appear as if the economy is doing good. It won’t be long before it the house of cards collapses. Won’t be a good time to be near any major city. 93 million have dropped out of the work force. As they spend their savings, the dollar will collapse. The rest of the world economy is failing, too. Even China.

        1. The NASDAQ hit a record high today. Take a peek at the 5-year stock market charts. No growth in the economy at large, but the stock markets are soaring, as is the dollar, and bond values despite returning negative interest rates out to 8-years for the US, and worse elsewhere.

          Why do you think they are propping up the world-wide markets while suppressing commodities like gold, silver, etc? So they can turn their equities into commodities before the crash.

    2. Thanks for the comments Mike.

      No, I figured this out a while ago, but I never really know what I am going to write about each day. Even when I am writing, I try to think of people who haven’t come to the same conclusions you or I have come to. Trying to drag as many people over to our side as possible.

      I agree it’s stupid on a common sense level, but when did evil ever make sense? Stupid won’t prevent people from trying it and most will suffer for it.


      1. With that I wholeheartedly agree. Every day it is a chore to make people aware of what would seem obvious common sense. It is even harder to make them understand it can only happen through voluntary compliance. The idea that 535 people and their wealthy owners are running this great country into ruin on purpose. That is on the level of a grain of pepper seasoning a 50 pound bag of salt.

  10. The internal takeover of the USA has been going on for a LONG time. Very likely with the changing of things in 1947 with the National Security Act which created the CIA and USAF, things began to change. Next, it was the murder of JFK by the CIA and other Federal thug outfits. Then more and more murders and assassinations till we reached a new level of tyranny with Waco, OK City, TWA Flight 800, 9-11, and many many more Hegelian Dialectic false flag black ops.

  11. Every thing they do is of their own contrivance. Each terror organization we are s’posta be afraid of is the good old USA alphabet soup of covert ops nobody knows who is who of what anymore.
    How can you really ask such a question and not just say, “Yes.”?

  12. “Labeling returning veterans as domestic terrorists”

    Well they were terrorists when they were murdering people overseas, what’s changed?

    1. I assume you don’t like what our military does overseas and I have to agree on a lot of that. I draw a distinction here because our soldiers are being sent to these places. They have a job and they carry it out (right or wrong isn’t really contested)

      However, when they come home they should be treated with respect in my opinion by if no one else, the government that sent them over to prosecute these wars in the first place.

      1. We shall see when the fighting starts in this country where our military truly stands. Were they just sent overseas to train for house to house operations in this country, or were they truly defending America in overseas operations?

        I think the situation may have changed a bit in recent years. When the soldiers were tested and asked if they would fire on American citizens, likely the ones who said yes in recent years stayed home while the ones who said no were sent to numerous overseas locations. We can’t have anybody disobeying orders when told to shoot now can we?

  13. The elites probably have planned some terror event, and they will need military for clean-up. It appears that JH is global!

  14. The North American Union has been signed and is being implemented.
    The UN Gun confiscation has been signed and is pending implementation.
    All these steps are without the peoples consent and were sold as a good thing by lawyer speak/Double Speek. “Comprehensive Reforms”, Authorization Acts”, all in the name of what they CLAIM the American people want.
    This is a covert clever war against the “American People”, they waited till all the WW2 vets and spouses died off. A big disaster staged or not is coming to a region near you.
    NWO, CFR, IMF, UN, NAFTA, TPP, ISIS, Big Bubbles, Bail Outs, Missing Money, Staged Events.
    Your either “With us or your with the Terrorists” GWB.
    You “The People” are the new Terrorists.
    And there is a proclaimed “War on Terror” all in the name of safety and for the children.

  15. “Our form of gov’t only works with a moral and religious (Christian) people. It is wholly inadequate for the gov’t of any other.” Because Christians are submitted to God and therefore they act as Jesus would. They said that “whatever it is that makes a man a good Christian is what makes a man a good citizen”. This is what our founders knew and it’s proving itself to be true in these times.

    1. I disagree. Just because your a Christian does not mean your any more moral then a Muslim, Jew or an Aethist. If I recall the majority of Christians of the 3rd Reich did not bat an eye to the murder of about six million plus people.

      1. I think what you mean to say is just because you SAY you’re a Christian…. And I would agree with you on that. But true Christians are compelled by God to do the right/moral thing in all situations. The right/moral thing is whatever God says it is. Not what man says it is. And that can be found by reading the Bible.

        1. I have also seen a lot of true Christians who have a very hard time practicing what they preach. Part of the reason why I left my church. Actions speak louder than words. God also did some very dubious things to, esp in the Old Testament.

          1. “Dubious” you say?
            You will want to be very careful what you accuse God of, because someday God will be your final judge with full power to condemn you to the fires of hell for eternity.

            Just because someone sits quietly and doesn’t protest when they are falsely accused doesn’t mean they committed the crime.

            Adolph Hitler was about as Christian as you are.

            And if you don’t repent, I will be a witness at your trial.

            Do you have anything else to say for me to take into evidence?

            1. Judge not least ye be judged. Or how about let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I also believe in Deeds not words. Besides you don’t get to make any calls about who is going where.

              I don’t think you have a clue about how complicit a few major churches were during the Holocaust.

              Then again history seems to be something few people tend to remember much of these days.

              1. You would be surprised what I get to judge. Jesus told the Pharisees not to judge because He called them a brood of vipers. He was talking to the same Pharisees when He told them to cast the first stone if they were without sin because they were worse than the adulterous woman they accused and were out to kill Jesus whom you also speak against.

                Again, you are deliberately confusing religious denominations with Christians in order to find occaision against Christians just like the Pharisees were trying to find occaision against Jesus. And the Pharisees are like you who openly judge God for being dubious in your post above. Even the self-righteous Pharisees wouldn’t go so far as to openly refer to the Old Testament commands of God as being Dubious.

                I can tell you for a fact that you are going to hell when you die someday because you sit in judgement against God Himself. And I don’t think you have much time left to repent of that. So you are the judge with evil motives here.
                You should think twice before you throw out this modern twist on “Judge not lest ye be judged” as if you were Dolly Parton playing “Best Little whorehouse in Texas,” because God has already judged you for that. We are now waiting on the penalty stage for you.

                You’d better repent while God still grants you breath.

              2. Sticks and stones. Like I sisd before you don’t get to make that call. The Catholic and Protestent churches were pretty quiet in World War 2 Germany. Some could say they turned a blind eye to the goings on to remain in existence.

                Your very arrogant to speak on God’s behalf, Jay. I can only imagine what other aspects of life you use your thumping in.

              3. And you are arrogant to accuse God of being “Dubious.”
                I don’t have to imagine what other aspects of life you use your thumping in, hypocrite, because I already know what you are. You told me several times.

          2. I know what you mean. But, Jesus said our words are the fruit. It comes out of our heart, not our actions.Mt.12:31-37. So I don’t think our actions speak louder than words. At least not in God’s view.
            Our actions can sometimes represent the opposite of what we actually believe. It shouldn’t be that way I know, but it is sometimes.
            We are still growing and are at different maturity levels in Christ. So we usually can’t expect a very young Christian to do as well as a more mature Christian. The Bible refers to this in Heb.5:11-14.

            1. I understand Ed, but if you don’t pratice what your willing to preach it does make one question the words. Hate the Sin love the Sinner, until you find out your brother is all but disowned for not living a rightous lifestyle by the very same elders who give pretty speeches.

            2. I do understand what your saying ED. I still believe you have to practice what you preach though. The problem though is the extreme far right like Jay, who would have my wife and daughter turned into second class citizens based on his beliefs. It is the lack of comprise that is also driving this nation into the ground. I have friends who are Aethist, and we are more live let live. I don’t throw the Bible in their face and they don’t bitch about my office Christmas tree.

              1. Atheists are in need of the Savior not compromise. I have no real friends who are not Christians. Acquaintances yes. But not friends. Not because I reject them. But because they don’t like being around someone who is sold out to Jesus. They live by different values. Remember, “evil companionship corrupts good manners.” 1stCor.15:33,34
                Jesus never compromised. He said they will hate you because they hated me first.John15:18-21.
                He is coming soon so be ready. A friend of the world is an enemy of God.James4:4

              2. And why on earth would an atheist gripe about a Christmas tree? It’s a pagan symbol like the ule log and the presents under the tree which represent children being put on the altar of Molech to pass through the fire as a sacrifice. God specifically commanded not to allow ones children to pass through the fire to Molech and Christmas is just as pagan as it can be.

                Only a nation of homosexuals will allow women to have the right to vote.
                Heterosexual nations don’t allow their women to rule over them. Christian nations don’t either. That’s how the current Muslim in chief can say that America is no longer a Christian nation. And he is correct for the most part.

              3. Mind if I ask and get an age range of how old you are?? Just trying to imagine what it would be like to have been raised in a 17th Century household.

              4. Well let’s see now, 17th century would be the 1800’s, so 2015 minus 1800 would be about 215 wouldn’t it. It was something, all those witch burnings and gay roasting back then. It took some real adjustment to get used to roasting hot dogs over those fires. They didn’t smell very good and sometimes they’d try to get away and we had to scoop them back into the fire. Somebody said something about telegraphs and horseless carriages, but we didn’t believe em. When we saw our first train come through, it scared us cuz we thinked it might come through sideways next time. But them was the good old days.

    2. Not all of our founding fathers believed that. Ben Franklin in particular was not devout, yet he was maybe one of the most virtuous. He believed that everyone should live a virtuous life regardless of whether or not they were Christian, as there are undeniable benefits to doing so which have nothing to do with the afterlife. His autobiography is a fantastic read. I highly recommend it, as much of what we think we know about him and the founding fathers is more folklore than fact anymore.

      1. There is also an amazing book called “America’s God and Country.” If you can read some of the quotes Franklin is said to have said you might think a little differently of his devoutness to the Christian God.
        On June 28th,1787 Franklin spoke at the constitutional convention, when a bitter disagreement was almost to break up those in attendance, he said these words,…” I therefore beg leave to move, that henceforth prayers imploring the assistance of Heaven, and it’s blessing on our deliberations, be held in this Assembly every morning before we proceed to business, and that one or more of the clergy of this city be requested to officiate in that service.” Of note is the fact that prayers in both houses have opened their Assemblies ever since.
        His favorite preacher was George Whitefield. He built an auditorium for him to preach in whenever he was there and printed many of his sermons and journals.

        1. Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll be sure to look that one up.

          Sigh… It’s so difficult to convey what one actually means in a forum such as this. To clarify my previous statement, when I said devout, I was using it under the definition of “deeply devoted to religious service, or deeply religious”. Yes, he believed in God and thanked Him for the successes of his life. However, other than for Whitefield, he did not attend services with much regularity. And the auditorium which he assisted in raising funds for and building, while started because Whitefield had become unwelcome in the churches of Philadelphia, was not specificially for Whitefield but, “expressly for the use of any
          preacher of any religious persuasion who might desire to say
          something to the people at Philadelphia; the design in building not
          being to accommodate any particular sect, but the inhabitants in
          general; so that even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to send a
          missionary to preach Mohammedanism to us, he would find a pulpit at
          his service.”

          The following is in his own words… “I had been religiously educated as a Presbyterian; and though
          some of the dogmas of that persuasion, such as the eternal
          decrees of God, election, reprobation,
          etc., appeared to me unintelligible, others doubtful, and I
          early absented myself from the public assemblies of the sect,
          Sunday being my studying day, I never was without some religious
          principles. I never doubted, for instance, the existence of the
          Deity; that he made the world, and govern’d it by his Providence;
          that the most acceptable service of God was the doing good to man;
          that our souls are immortal; and that all crime will be punished,
          and virtue rewarded, either here or hereafter. These I esteem’d the
          essentials of every religion; and, being to be found in all the
          religions we had in our country, I respected them all, tho’ with
          different degrees of respect, as I found them more or less mix’d
          with other articles, which, without any tendency to inspire,
          promote, or confirm morality, serv’d principally to divide us, and
          make us unfriendly to one another. This respect to all, with an
          opinion that the worst had some good effects, induc’d me to avoid
          all discourse that might tend to lessen the good opinion another
          might have of his own religion; and as our province increas’d in
          people, and new places of worship were continually wanted, and
          generally erected by voluntary contribution, my mite for such
          purpose, whatever might be the sect, was never refused.”

          Yes, Ben Franklin believed in God, but he was also a heretic. I’m often amazed at how those who uphold him as a paragon of religion seem to overlook that fact. While he at times participated in religious service and understood its importance to those who practiced it, he genuinely believed that one should be moral, virtuous and benevolent because it was in a person’s best interest, not because of religion. I’m saddened that his wisdom has been lost over the years.

          Thank you for the blessings. I wish you many as well.

          1. You are very welcome.
            But, my understanding is that the sects he referred to were all Christian denominations.
            In his pamphlet entitled “Information To Those Who Would Remove To America” he wrote, “Atheism is unknown there, infidelity rare and secret…And the Divine being seems to have manifested his approbation of the mutual forbearance and kindness with which the different sects treat each other; by the remarkable prosperity with which he has been pleased to favor the whole country.”
            No Christian sect would have treated a non Christian religion with “forbearance and kindness.” At least it wouldn’t seem like it to the non Christian.
            I will admit, he is a puzzle for the mainstream Christian today. But I think his religious thinking would have made a good fit in his own day. Some were deists though. And he seemed to ride awfully close to that thinking.

  16. Create an enemy, like what the FBI recently declared we have DOMESTIC TERRORIST enemies! YES! LOL!

    Can we be funded now? I have wife, kids, and a mortgage. DHS already have a claim on Moslem terrorist so we took the “domestic” one to get “fun”ded.

  17. LETS make it clear to everyone,THE COWARDS will stand with the demons from hell,THE US GOVERNMENT,POLICE GANGS,AND MILITARY,and thats about 90% OF AMERICAS POPULATION,THE REST (10%) WILL HAVE TO FIGHT OFF THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT,THE COWARDS,THE INVADING MILITARIES,THE POLICE GANGS,AND your own military,AND WHEN ITS SAID AND DONE,the population of america WILL BE REDUCED BY 70-90%,AND YOU’LL HAVE YOUR COUNTRY BACK minus, THE QUEERS,COWARDS,WHORES,GOVERNMENT TERRORISTS,AND FOREIGN MILITARIES,AND IT WILL BE OVER,YOU’LL BE FARMERS AGAIN, the whole country will be in ruins,and the POLICE GANGS will all be dead,and their family who they never cared about anyway,will be dead to,THIS is how it will play out,BIGGEST BLOOD BATH in history,YOUR POLICE GANGS will never HONOR THEIR OATH,they haven’t in the past,and they won’t in the future,neighter will your military,or government agents,ITS up to you,kids,FIGHT THESE BASTARDS OR DIE trying…..OR hey,maybe you’d rather die in a fema death camp,most cowards will you know………….

  18. Pat,
    Your article put me to thinking about the likelihood of a role reversal in a post-SHTF scenario of national proportions. During the past seven years the federal government has created and expanded its list of ‘potential’ domestic terrorists, which now includes dozens of categories, such as Christians, military veterans, Constitutionalists (specifically defenders of the 2nd Amendment), etc. A government that will go to the trouble to produce THAT kind of list will not stop at merely publishing it. Somewhere in the bowels of DHS, DOJ and the federal intelligence agencies, you can bet that government personnel have already developed plans and methods to deal with citizens that fall into any of the domestic terrorist categories. Broadly speaking, we are already enemies of the state; including people who contribute to – or even visit – web sites like TPJ. I can deal with that, but I hope everyone else can come to grips with the prospect that their names may be sitting on a Homeland Security server that isn’t connected to the .gov network.

    But what happens when the table is flipped? In a post-SHTF scenario (again, on a national or global scale) people become dependent upon themselves and the cooperative arrangements they establish with other local individuals. Government is no longer a player; it is, at minimum a nuisance. It effectively looses control and, therefore, power. This is precisely what central, autocratic and tyrannical governments fear most.

    Imagine an EPA ‘official’ showing up at your survival camp to tell you that you can’t dig a well or that the use of cast iron pot belly stoves is prohibited. You will have “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” individuals trying to reestablish or exert control over matters that are purely survival related. Imagine further that an armed IRS agent intends to file a lien against you for non-payment of taxes (forget that the IRS can’t print or distribute tax forms or instruction manuals, and you wouldn’t be able mail a return if you wanted to).

    Excluding military personnel, (but including estimates of agencies that do not formally publish information about their size), there are probably five to six million civilian federal employees. In a post-SHTF scenario, 99% of them (or those who may have survived to that point) will still be attempting to write or enforce useless regulations. And some of them will be enforcing at the point of a gun.

    At that point, if not already, the government is the enemy.

    1. I completely agree with everything you are saying and I assume thinking Bolo. The way I see it the government also knows everything you bring up and are making plans for that contingency. I can’t imagine what the plans are, but I am trying to keep my eyes and mind open to all possibilities. I can’t see people living for too long if they try to assert the same authority in a grid down world so I anticipate more firepower in one form or another.

  19. I think people will only wake up to government overreach when it’s time for them, personally, to sacrifice for the “public good.”

    When I ask a question in other forums how government force advocates would react when its their turn to sacrifice I get called all kinds of names, usually ending in -ist and told I’m guilty of all manner of -isms. At this point I know I’ve won the debate. The problem is I don’t want the win I want the answer.

      1. Unfortunately I think they completely understand but its easier to attack me than confront their idiology isn’t fluffy kittens.

  20. I know I’m late coming back to this wide ranging discussion, but I finally figured out what I believe the J a d e H e l m is all about.

    Most patriotic Americans believe that the military will stand between them and an oppressive government. Its a reasonable concept. Military members swore to defend the constitution against all enemies…

    The government fears vets, 2nd Amenders, Constitutionalists, and the like. They publically shame well respected generals and admirals, forcing them into retirement in shame. All designed to prevent some of the best regarded flag officers from organizing people when shiz has hit the fan.

    But what about those problematic ninja types in our military? The ones trained to infiltrate and take down governments that have been pretty successful over the past 20 years? How do you get the people to turn on them?

    You send them out into the community on some bullshit training exercise with weapons on US soil.

    If successful, they recon problem children, study how to subvert local and regional LEOs, and get detailed reconnaissance of operational and strategic objectives. If really successful, they do the above, as well as create hate, confusion, and angst in large tracks of the U.S.

    Its just bonus points if they can get into a fire fight with crazy cousin Larry, killing him and his dog in the process.

    It has to really suck being a patriotic spec ops guy about now.

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