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Prepper Conventions: List Your Event For Free

Prepper Conventions: List Your Event For Free - The Prepper Journal

Do you have a prepper convention you want to advertise? Are you looking to share knowledge and tips with interested preppers in your area? What better place than the Prepper Journal? The Prepper Convention page on our site is a new way for preppers to find prepper shows and conferences in their local area. As the yearly convention cycle heats up, you want to share that information with as many people as possible and we are now offering free listings for your prepper convention, or preparedness expo on our site.

For Preppers: Looking for a prepper conference? Just click on this link or go to our menu under Prepper Resources/ Prepper Conventions for the latest information on shows you can attend to learn thousands of useful skills, network with other preppers and become more engaged with the prepping community. The list is small right now, but I am confident it will soon be filled with a wide variety of shows, expos and conventions in your area, so check  back often!

For Convention Promoters: List your prepper convention for free by filling out the simple convention information form. We’ll get that on our site and help you reach hundreds of thousands of potential preppers each month. Help us share the word of your convention with the readers of the Prepper Journal.

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