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Sometimes It’s Not the Answers but the Questions

Sometimes It's Not the Answers but the Questions - The Prepper Journal

Editor’s Note: The following guest article has been generously contributed by Elizabeth.


I thought it would be interesting to write a piece that had no answers at all. Because, for me, very often it’s not just the answers that are the most helpful but the questions. So here goes:


What do I need? How do I get it?

What do I consider to be a small event? A big one?

What is manageable?

What is not?


At what point do I think I have enough? Enough of what?

Am I flexible? Have I considered many solutions?

Can I keep an open mind about the ideas of others?

Even if they make me uncomfortable?


When am I right? Or wrong?

And do I have the good sense to know the difference.

Even if I’m alone in my assessment.


Do I trust my gut? Has it been objectively reliable in the past?

When has it failed me?

What are my preconceptions? My assumptions?

Are they objectively valid or are they just a knee jerk reaction?


Do I have a track record of working through the unexpected?

How do I respond to stress? To fear?

Have those responses worked for me?

In what ways am I intelligent?

And in what ways am I not?


What do I need to learn? How will I learn it?

What is easy? What is hard?

How is my health? My family’s?


Other than my family, what’s really important to me?

Who are my friends? Who is not?

What is my level of tolerance for isolation? Socialization?

What physical things are worth preserving/protecting even if they’re not strictly required?

What human achievements would I preserve if I could?




Is life simply a matter of being alive to breathe another day or is there something more important to me that I’d stand up for?


How strongly?

And when would I decide to let those things go?
When is it the right choice to just let others win? Or lose?

What’s bigger than me? Smaller?

What makes me important?

How am I insignificant? Am I ok with that?
What is home?

What scares me? What does not?

What is my tolerance for risk and reward?


And ultimately, for me and me alone, what is that reward?

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