What Plants are Safe to Eat in the Wilderness

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When your supply of freeze-dried food runs out and the survival garden isn’t producing as well as you hoped, there are plenty of food options to be found – provided it is the right season and you know what you are looking for. This infographic came from UK Oak Doors, but it is a beautifully informative resource for preppers looking to maximize their chances of survival. I know that many of you, myself included have these plants growing in your yard or not far away and if you are looking for an edible plant source when the grid goes down, this list might save you. That is assuming you don’t suffer from Botanophobia.

This list of what plants are safe to eat in the wilderness gives you a nice photograph of the plant, a description of where it is commonly found, which part of the plant that is edible and some additional notes to help you out. Along with great printed resources like Peterson’s A field guide to edible plants, this infographic shows quickly sources of nutrition that may be all around you, even if your garden isn’t cooperating fully.

While I do always consider a fully stocked pantry and a large producing garden, complimented with other sources of protein the absolute best way to prepare, that might not always be possible. It is always great to have options and rely on other sources of sustenance if plan A decides to take a hike.

Hope you enjoy!


Which plants to eat in the wilderness.

Which plants to eat in the wilderness.

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My favorites are plantain and violets, good for medicine or just plain eating. I dehydrated several bags full from my yard during the summer, and now I can “enjoy” them all winter.

Michael Kallam

Thomas J. Elpel’s book, Botany In A Day is probably the best book that I have read for plant identification. It is based on recognizing characteristics of the plant family. It is suprising how quick that I was able to key in on the various families after very little practice.

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