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Last Updated on January 15, 2015

I want to thank everyone who entered the EDC Gear contest and apologize for being tardy on announcing the winner. The winner of this contest is Vagabond received their Amazon gift card already. Look below to see what Vagabond carries every day.

Gear List by Vagabond

Vagabond EDC

Vagabond EDC


  1.  Wallet by Dickies, It can include a wallet chain in less desirable areas.
  2.  Maui Jim sunglasses
  3.  Button compass
  4.  Gerber Paraframe knife
  5.  Glock 19, used with a Hot Shots holster (not pictured)
  6.  Keys to the Bug out Jeep
  7.  ResQMe car escape tool and seat-belt cutter
  8.  Klarus Mi10 flashlight (AAA batt).  This thing is bright and has taken a beating without issue
  9.  Peanut Lighter
  10.  Nebo Tactical flashlight
  11.  Trusty Zippo lighter
  12.  Leatherman Rebar, I keep a Swedish Fire-steel in the holster
  13.  ESEE-3 fixed blade knife
  14.  Skystorm Leatherworks custom sheath designed for scout carry on my search and rescue deployments.  Contains another attached fire-steel.
  15.  Shemagh or standard bandanna
  16.  Silver Eagles, just in case…
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