Facebook Spies on You For The Government

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Editors Note: This video is courtesy of InfoWars.com and discusses concerns with Facebook’s planned privacy policy update that is going into effect on Jan 1st. 2015. Yes, I am on Facebook and their are links to Facebook on this site for liking and sharing. For a very long time I resisted any connection with Facebook. Most of my friends and family are on Facebook but I do not have a ‘personal’ account. The only reason I opened a Facebook account was to share the Prepper Journal posts and hopefully reach a larger audience. The announcement from Facebook highlights additional ways that FB will be sharing  and collecting your personal data. This is not only the text or images that you post, but other information they are able to determine when you access FB via your smart phone or through the web page using your browser. I know some of you will say this is nothing new – and that is a problem. There are others that will say, if you have nothing to hide, what are you worried about?

I know this isn’t new and maybe I am just finally coming to the realization that it won’t ever change unless I take steps myself. Why would anyone ever allow a company to take all of our personal information and use it against us? It’s one thing to need internet access. Its another thing to access a system that is chock full of a whole bunch of uselessness. The sad fact is we all have allowed this even though we knew about the spying and even if I have some anonymity with my account, I know that I am still being tracked. You and I both have willingly fed this beast and I know that it isn’t just Facebook; our internet browsers, credit cards, cell phone companies and our Internet service providers all do their part at mining our data as well.

I think it is time to do something. My Facebook account is set up as Pat Henry and not personal (read more about Pat Henry here if you are interested). It may be time to consider whether I should stop using Facebook altogether. If you follow the Prepper Journal on Facebook, after Jan 1st there won’t be much in the way of contact with me as I won’t be logging in. I will still try to post articles automatically through the site, but I don’t know if that will be possible if I don’t accept their new privacy terms. You will always be able to read prepping articles on our blog, sign up for our newsletter but my social media days with Facebook may be numbered. Yes, I know there are other Social Media plugs that need to be pulled, but this is a start.

I have deleted my Facebook app on my phone and am considering deleting my Facebook account prior to January 1st. I am investigating a new service called Seen.is which is a company hosted in Iceland where freedom and privacy still has meaning apparently. I know that in the grand scheme of things, this might seem like a useless symbolic gesture, and you may be right. But if we aren’t willing to ever take a stand, even symbolically, what won’t we put up with?

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs uncovers the new Facebook policy that will be introduced on January 1, 2015 that will allow third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. to collect information from your computer, phones and other devices where you can use Facebook.


For instructions on how to delete your Facebook account, you can go to the Facebook help page here.



Additional Research


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For the way things have gone, we’d have to stop using the internet entirely, in order to regain our privacy … oh, and our cellular phones. How far should we be willing to go to regain our privacy? What options do we have to stay connected with people who don’t live nearby?


Letters? Travelling? Telephone? The real answer is the way we used to prior to 1995. It’s a terrible inconvenience, either accidentally created as a byproduct of our technologically-filled culture, or intentionally created to keep us plugged in and reliant on modern conveniences and thereby those who provide them. I often think about what life would be like without a cell phone, internet, electricity, refrigerator, car, etc. Even though I rarely answer my flip phone and pretty much only use it for texting (which my wife hates), my life would be a lot harder without it. Imagine not having a car…you’d… Read more »


I agree that technology isn’t the problem; rather how it is used is. But since how it is used will not be getting any better without great upheaval, isn’t the answer then not using technology?

I love the concept of seen.is, a refuge in the world of spying and data mining, but is it really a refuge, or does the NSA et al have their tendrils there too?


I don’t know definitely yet but it is supposed to be based in Iceland which is outside the control of the NSA proper. They may be sucking in content anyway, but I am still looking into it.

Joshua Lewis

I don’t think it has anything to do with Facebook, it’s about what you put into it. Every site/service you use has any data you give it, so you before you decide to post updates/pictures, etc, you have to have the understanding that it could be accessed by hackers, government, and anyone else who wants it. Just use it responsibly.

Herman Nelson

This came to light recently when face book locked my account and
requested that I send them a scanned image of one of the following- my
drivers license, a military ID, or a passport. This was to “verify my
identity” along with the promise of deleting the scanned image upon

Would you trust face book with a copy of your ID….?

Pat Henry

Nope, I wouldn’t Herman. That is one reason why I had to start over with FB. I only use it for reaching a broader audience but when I couldn’t ID 3 of the over 5000 “friends” we had because of the blog, I was blocked. Oh well.


Herman Nelson

We are kindred spirits to why we have the names that we do for online purposes. When the internet was ramping up in the early 90’s, I could see further down the road to what the ramifications would be of putting personal information online for public consumption. Later that information would be mined, analyzed and categorized to used at a later date. I can see in 20-25 years that court proceedings will include using any and every single comment, survey, rant or email that one has posted, filled out or sent between private parties. All of this information will be… Read more »

Pat Henry

I know what you mean. I guess this blog will be State Exhibit A in my case.

Herman Nelson

Don’t worry. You’ll have lots of company. When the nay sayers start to get black bagged, it’ll come out and it’s game on.

The biggest thing right now is not giving up and not letting the zombies push your buttons. Check out Tea Party Community, they’re more friendlier than face book. Look for me there, same name different pic.

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