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The Preparedness Review – Winter 2014 – Released!

The Preparedness Review - Winter 2014 – Released! - The Prepper Journal

The 5th Edition of The Preparedness Review (Winter 2014) has been released!  TPR5 contains 18 articles, 67 pages of great preparedness content!!!  The file size is a little over 2.4mb. The Preparedness Review is a quarterly magazine filled with great articles from prepper bloggers from all spheres of influence and schools of thought. TPR is run by Todd Sepulveda who also runs the excellent which features dozens of the best prepper articles every week.

Here are the articles you can download in PDF format for free:

  • How to Make a Live Capture Box Trap and Trigger System Box – Creek Stewart
  • How to Cook on a Wood Stove – Melissa K. Norris
  • Emergency Sanitation Basics: Sewage – Dr. Joe Alton, MD
  • Situational Awareness: Your Surroundings & Yourself – Chris Ray
  • Budget Food Storage (Printable) – Linda Loosli
  • Primitive Prognostication: Weather – Jason
  • Natural Yeast Starter Flakes – Melissa Richardson
  • How to Use Pool Shock to Purify Water – Gaye Levy
  • DIY – Wall-Hanging Canned Food Storage – Alex
  • The One Simple Secret to Surviving Any Crisis – Daisy Luther
  • Off Grid Cooking Options – Tessa Zundel
  • Thinking About Your Neighborhood from a Tactical Perspective – Patrick Henry (yours truly)
  • How to Get the Most from Your Tomato Harvest – Angi Schneider
  • You Can’t Survive TEOTWAWKI without First Surviving… – Kristina Frost
  • Colds, Sore Throats & Common Infections – Dr. Ryan Chamberlin
  • 30 Pandemic Essentials – Linda Loosli
  • A Critical Firearm Accessory – Joe Nobody
  • Creating Myth when the SHTF – Todd Sepulveda

The PDF is interactive in that all the links are clickable. So get your free copy today!

To Download TPR5:

For Computers/Laptops – Click Here

For Tablets/Phones – Click Here


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