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Pandemic Preparedness: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family

Pandemic Preparedness: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family - The Prepper Journal

I was recently hired by to write an article for their new site The goal of is to be a source of user-generated how-to guides on all manner of subjects. The category that seemed to fit me best was Emergency Preparedness due in no small part I assume to the work here on the Prepper Journal. I guess I could also write about Pets or Outdoors in some capacity, but you would never want my advice on something like Fashion. I will leave that up to others.

The first topic I wrote about was Pandemic Preparedness: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family and this is a fairly lengthy guide that tries to imagine the steps you would need to think through in advance of some potential pandemic scenario that required you and your family to retreat into your home for thirty days. The self-quarantine method that so many health officials and even our military are practicing could become necessary if we were to see something on the scale of the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918-1920. That pandemic killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide in just two years. This was before cities with populations of millions and international air traffic every single day whisking people around the world, exploding any geographic boundaries.

One of the benefits of the site is that it is created as a wiki so anyone can contribute, add content and even edit what is written. I would ask anyone interested to check out the article and add your own ideas or perspective as you see fit. The information of thousands is better than a single voice and we all have some information to offer.

There are other topics covered but the wealth of information that could populate a category as large as Emergency Preparedness is still just in its formative stages on the site. Take a look around and please contribute if you feel like this is something that is interesting to you.

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