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Where’s Paul Revere When You Need Him?

Where’s Paul Revere When You Need Him? - The Prepper Journal

Over the course of the past 100 years there have been many fundamental changes affecting our society that have crept-in over time, so that they largely go unnoticed to those people who are not paying very close attention to history. And it’s our past that is critical in guiding our future… after all, who wants to keep making the same mistakes over and over? What has changed is that an elite-class of ultra-wealthy people are now actually running the show here in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, where they are directly and indirectly responsible for the changes that have occurred.

The ‘people’ that I am referring to are not your ‘garden variety’ millionaires; no, these people could buy and sell Internet millionaires like bags of groceries. As a ‘class’ of individuals, these people directly and indirectly own and control hundreds of corporations, including having interests in the Federal Reserve Bank, which is no more ‘Federal’ than the Federal Express.

In the U.S. we consider ourselves technologically advanced; but at what cost? Isn’t it true that for the first time in the history of our Country, Americans are fed a daily stream of ‘information’ that most people accept at face value, without question? How many people actually have the time to check and verify the details of what the various media outlets (TV, Cable, Radio, Internet) are sending into our conscious and unconscious minds? The truth is; very few people actually have the time to dig into details, which in many cases are difficult to find and analyze. How many people have the training and understanding of psychology required to assess the impact of the ubiquitous 24/7 stream of influences that are targeting all of our available senses.

Ever wonder why the greatest wise men and philosophers throughout history would take time away from the masses and go into isolation? …. Sort of a multimedia blackout. The problem with propaganda is that if it gets heard and repeated enough, it becomes the ‘known truth’, even if it may be false. There was a time when the vast majority of people on the planet believed the earth was flat. And even though a few men knew that was not true, and they hesitated disclosing the truth in fear of being ostracized. Nothing has changed today… there are people who know the truth, but having seen how the masses over history respond to the ‘truth’, which may disrupt the status-quo (socially and politically), truths are for the most part, kept under wraps, or stifled by the social-pressure that is prevalent as a result of well ‘designed’ media messaging to the masses.

Today, we are all faced by the fact that we have a government that actually controls us; we no longer have any control or affect over the government, which curiously we ‘elect’, creating the illusion of control for us. Try reaching one your own elected officials and you’ll quickly find out how unimportant you really are to them. Of course during elections, many politicians will assume the ‘act’ of being your best friend.

Back when the United States was a nation of the People, the class of ‘ultra-wealthy elite’ had very little control over the men who founded these United States on ‘moral values’ based upon the fact that they believed they were accountable only to God, having recently escaped the control of the Lords of Europe. Back then, people meant what they said, and slogans like; ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘No Taxation Without Representation’ actually had significant meaning to all of the People of this land.

Today we live in world that is turned on its head; the people who don’t believe in God want to remove all references to God in ‘their’ world even if it deprives others of their religious freedoms. Freedom of speech is tolerated as long as you don’t disagree and as long as it doesn’t offend anyone. We are taxed to the extent that the majority of working American’s are now living from pay-check to pay-check, feeling like indentured slaves to a Government where for all intents and purposes, ‘We The People’ no longer have any effective representation in the government. As soon as the majority of elected officials take office, they begin doing the bidding for the people with all the money; the ‘ultra-wealthy elite’.

Today, the average person doesn’t stand a chance against the ‘system’ that is now firmly in place, and which has been designed and carefully implemented by the class of ultra-wealthy elitists. Again, I am not referring to the people who you may know that are millionaires… I am speaking of men and women who are thousands of times more wealthy and who own the controlling interests in dozens upon dozens of corporations across the globe. These ‘people’ are all about the money and their unseen lifestyles. The people you may have seen showcased on the TV shows like ‘The Rich & The Famous’ are miniscule ‘small time’ players by comparison.

Edward Bernays – the father of public relations. Author of ‘Propaganda’

Some people refer to this ultra-class of elites as the ‘Illuminati’… Quite frankly, while that term serves to conjure some great conspiracy theories, it’s not that complicated. This class of people are only looking to make even more money so they can engage in their games of one-ups-man ship with their peers. The saying in these circles is; ‘too much is not nearly enough’. These people are actually easy to understand if you think like a corporate CEO. Everything they do is about increasing their money and assets; it is the life-blood of their existence and in most case their sole joy in life.

So what does all this have to do with us, you might ask? Simple, as it was in the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs, we are the slaves who make the bricks and tend to their herds of cattle and do a host of other things that they require to enjoy their obscenely decadent lifestyles.

Just 100 years ago in America, most Americans actually worked for themselves. Corporations had not come into their own, yet. If you were the local blacksmith, and I was a rancher (because I truly enjoyed it), I could trade you two dozen eggs to have my plow or wagon fixed. And a farmer could trade a bushel of corn for two dozen chickens, and so forth. Life was based upon pursuing your own life’s dreams and endeavors and there were only a few if any middlemen in most daily transactions. Today, life has changed dramatically, and what’s sad is that few people even realize that it has changed for the worse. The teams of psychologists and social media experts who design the ‘messaging manna’ for the masses (AKA: TV, radio and Internet ads and other propaganda) know how to manipulate most people beyond belief, after all, that is their job. Frankly, it’s so effective that most people don’t even realize they are being manipulated! If they want you to buy a certain car, they design an advertising message complete with visuals that appeals to the standards that have been implanted into your consciousness over time. You see it all the time all around you. For example, some vehicles create a facade of wealth (even when it’s leased or being bought with payments)… we have all seen the Mercedes or Cadillac parked outside a dilapidated home or apartment. Are we now so self-deluded as individuals that we are ‘fulfilled’ by making other people ‘think’ we are rich? Have we become so confused and misled as people that mere ‘illusions’ are now the sustenance of our lives?

You are given the illusion of freedom and of self-choice, but in reality, you are programed from the time you are a child to be a slave (you can’t even leave the U.S. legally without a Passport!). Just look around at all the media inputs into your life. Even the school systems are now part of the ‘designed’ programming, where the schools no longer teach kids and people ‘how to think’ as they did in the past, instead they now teach you ‘what to think’! The introduction of the program known as ‘Common Core’ into our school systems is the last step in a complete program designed to turn-out a new class of modern slaves for the ultra-elite; the new-age Pharaohs. The goal is to develop a new class of working people will actually believe what they are told, regardless of what the truth is, and will do what they are told.

So far, robots who can function in as many capacities as humans are far too cost prohibitive as the laborers needed for the thousands of corporations that are part of assets of the elitists. So, as any good CEO would do, you find a way to gain what you need in a cost-effective manner. Why not make humans into a type of robot? Some people might argue that it cannot be done. However, when you look at the freeways every morning and afternoon, and see the angst that people are feeling, it clear they aren’t doing what ‘they’ want to do… they are ‘under the control of others’. People are fooled into thinking they are working for themselves and their family, but when you do some real soul searching (for those who still have one to search), you quickly realize that you are not following your own path as true human being.

Today Americans are being financially squeezed into taking jobs that are far from ‘fulfilling’, and no matter how you try to rationalize the situation, it stinks. Our government is doing nothing to help the American citizens that have elected it, and that’s not how it is supposed to work according to the U.S. Constitution. Instead, we see a lawless corrupt government that has made life worse for working Americans by opening our borders to anyone who essentially wants to walk across and take a job working for less than an American who is a legal citizen, and at time when jobs are scarce. Of course who benefits from this? The answer is simple… just follow the money… the recent influx of millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S. clearly benefits the ultra-elite who want cheaper labor right here in the U.S.

If you can build a product here in the U.S. for the same price as in China, the shipping costs and import duties suddenly drop to the bottom-line as a ‘profit’.

So what can we do? Are we all just screwed? In the current ‘politically correct’ environment’ where we now find ourselves, it’s hard to find a leader who is tough enough to take the situation in hand and make the changes that would actually benefit Americans. Many politicians are so busy trying to kiss everyone’s backsides and appeal to all potential voters that they are in the end merely diluted-down and meaningless, full of weak compromises and no real solutions. Americans need people who will take a stand and stick to their principles.

As voters during this election, we are now taxed with the job of finding and recruiting some tough men and women who will stay the course for Americans once elected. We need patriotic heroes as our elected politicians now more than ever; let’s replace all of the crooked kiss-ass lawyers who are currently in power who represent the elitists instead of Americans.

Cheers! Capt. Bill

Frequent contributor, Capt. William E. Simpson II is a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer with decades of boating and expedition sailing experience, who has successfully survived long-term off the grid at remote uninhabited desert islands with his family using sailboats that he equipped for that purpose. Capt. Bill holds a U.S.C.G. 500-ton captain’s license for commercial inspected passenger vessels, including, power, sail and assistance towing vessels. He is also the author of many articles on sailing and the book ‘The Nautical Prepper’ (Ulysses Press) You can read more from the Nautical Prepper on Capt. Bill’s personal site at

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