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The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds – Infographic

How to build raised garden beds.

Raised garden beds are one option for providing a source of fresh food to your family that are preferred by some people for a lot of very valid reasons. Some of the reasons raised beds are preferred are:

  • Less weeds
  • Better water retention in areas that have super-sandy soil
  • Better drainage in areas with clay soils
  • More growing space
  • No soil compaction from human feet
  • Warmer soil earlier in the season
  • Warmer soil for a longer season
  • Soil that has basically a neutral pH unless you add something to change it (because you’re filling it)
  • Less soil erosion (especially, if the bed is framed)

I was contacted by Aldo Baker with Custom Made whose team created the raised bed info-graphic below. Its a great visual to give you some ideas on how to create your own raised beds for your garden.

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Build The Benefits of Raised Beds
Raised Garden Beds Infographic

Build The Benefits of Raised Beds
Infographic by CustomMade

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