How to Tie a Hangman’s Noose Knot

This is all a theoretical exercise I know but for anyone who was curious like me of how to tie a hangman's noose, I found the following video.  If nothing else, you can learn how to tie this famous knot. You never know if you will need to use it one day.

Last Updated on August 5, 2014

For years I have been fascinated with hanging. Yes I realize how morbid that sounds and no I never tortured animals or smaller children in my youth or any other time for that matter. I am talking about the hanging you see in old western movies where bad guys are dealt with at the end of a trial. The act of hanging is both brutal and efficient. The quickness of someone simply taking a short fall into oblivion almost makes the act itself a little less horrific – that is if you can discount the cause of their actual demise and overlook the sound that must accompany their bodies reaching the end of the rope as it were.

I may get some push back on this post, but there are times when I feel our justice system is too complicated, corrupt and doesn’t do one thing that it was designed to do and that is act as a deterrent. Trials go on for years, appeals spawn other appeals and the whole time we are paying for criminals to get an education, to have access to internet, to workout and learn other crimes. In some cases, a simple length of rope would be faster, more efficient, infinitely cheaper and would bring back the public execution that surely would act as a deterrent again. Nothing like watching some bad men hung in the public square to make you think twice about killing someone.

Before I get the angry emails about how many people have been found innocent and are exonerated by DNA evidence let me clarify what I am referring to. I realize that the death sentence isn’t applicable for every crime and I am not suggesting otherwise. I am not advocating we round up some people we think are guilty and find a tall oak tree. I am also not advocating any violence against any person for any reasons other than the proper (community agreed) dispensation of justice after a fair, open and legitimate trial by elected representatives. I am not advocating lynching or terrorizing anyone with this post.

On the other hand in a TEOTWAWKI world which is one we frequently hypothesize about on the Prepper Journal and other survival blogs –  if we are to have some semblance of order we will have to have justice. If society and our framework of government is destroyed, who will dispense with justice? Will we have jails for someone to serve life in prison? Who would pay for that to happen in the first place if we are all scratching to survive? If the grid ever collapses, one way to prevent violence or brutality is to punish those who visit violence upon our community. Hanging might make a comeback.

This is all a theoretical exercise I know but for anyone who was curious like me of how to tie a hangman’s noose, I found the following video.  If nothing else, you can learn how to tie this famous knot. You never know if you will need to use it one day.


  1. A coworker of mine studying law informed me about the “classical law enforcement model” and how our system no longer follows it.

    In the classical model deterrent is key and efficient/timely use of resources is the major player when it comes to deterrent. To be efficient and therefore an effective deterrent, citizens are supposed to know what constitutes a crime and what the penalties are. The justice process is also supposed to be quick with a clearly defined and appropriate/proportional punishment being enacted shortly after judgement. These things are believed to be a deterrent because the average person could not plead ignorance and would get their comeuppance right away.

    In a way it is parallel to effective parenting – kids have to know what is expected of them and what the consequences are, and when they break the rules the same punishment as they were told about is enacted right away. In this manner, they don’t lose sight of why they’re being punished and the effects of punishment are not lost. Anyone who’s ever tried to punish a toddler later in the day for a day’s worth of bad behavior knows the futility of it – no lesson is learned when one could have been for each infraction.

    I think any reader will recognize how our modern justice system has deviated from this course: we have so many laws that no reasonable person can possibly know what constitutes a crime in all circumstances (ever heard the “3 felonies a day” argument?) Additionally, with all the varying levels of “enhancement” for crimes (did you use a weapon, was it within 100 feet of a church or school, were children present, was it intentional, was serious bodily harm incurred, etc) the exact form of punishment one will receive for a crime is also up in the air. Lastly, our dockets are so full that even preliminary hearings can take weeks or months and our appeals process can delay enactment of punishment for decades whereby the mental link between the crime and consequences is long lost.

    In the county where I live there is a “court ordered commitment” option for first time, non-violent offenders whereby they come in on weekends (or days off work) to serve a day or two a week of their sentencing before being released to go back to take care of kids and work. The intent is to minimally disrupt lives and jobs so that these people can remain contributing members of society and not fall into the jail-debt-recidivism cycle. It is a noble effort, but should someone who breaks a picture during an argument with a spouse (domestic violence because property was destroyed, possibly in front of children [enhancement!]) have to spend the next several years doing one or two day stints in the county lock-up? Where’s the deterrent, its by and large more of an inconvenience to lose all that time for such an extended period. I liken it to paying credit card debt with only minimum payments – it takes so much longer to pay it all off when it could have been done much more quickly if we just took our medicine all at once.

    Many ancient societies went with regular public executions or “eye-for-an-eye” measures, but (with the exception of the old public hanging) those are pretty foreign to our western ideals. The key here will be to deal with things in a manner befitting rule of law and not mob justice. This may be through appointed judges or a selected group of peers like a jury. I believe ostraciztion/banishment, the stocks, public service, or even detention if possible would also be effective measures for dealing with criminals.and if needed, even the hangman’s noose would be in keeping with the traditions of the classical law enforcement model.

    1. My thoughts exactly. In a grid-down world mob rule will be the first reaction I believe and it might even be impossible to stop vigilante types of behavior until things have calmed to a point. Or it could go the other way and our society will still cling to some sense of normalcy way past the point of reason and people reject acting in a way that could preserve some form of law and order out of apathy.

      I have been trying to read the tealeaves for years and so much of what has been predicted is happening, but its never as quick as I thought. I imagine when something does happen I will be amazed at how quickly it really did more. The end game, if there is one is still far over the horizon. I don’t know what will happen, but I am fairly certain our way of life is over and whatever is in store will not be better. We will not have the quality of life of our parents and our country will never be the same. Will that happen this year or 15 years from now?

      Will it be anarchy in a flash or just a slow, creep into a drudgery that we grow used to because there is no one single event to crystallize action? I don’t know but it sure seems to me that every month and year we get closer to something. It feels like rot that you can’t do anything about. No amount of paint will cover it and if you chip off the surface you see that nothing is really holding up the paint at all. Its all a facade and it just takes one more push to break through.

      Or maybe I am crazy and we just need to elect the right people and everything will be sunshine and roses again. Yeah, maybe that’s it…

      1. Not crazy at all.

        I think the slow creep is most likely because it is designed to be that way. Whoever’s pulling the strings doesn’t want a flash point to unite all the citizenry. If Martial Law were declared tomorrow ‘just because’ or without any form of massive problem as justification then every gun-toting patriot from Bangor to LA would rise up and brutally fight back.

        As it stands, too many of us have weapons, too many know the spirit of the law, and not enough redundant safeties are in place for the powers-that-be to assure themselves victory. Once we have years or decades of apathy, whittling down of rights, ignorance being taught in schools, patriots made to look crazy by the media, indoctrination to obey all authority, and power grabs by the government then will be the time they make their move.

        I would honestly prefer a flash point because most responses would be seen as justifiable to even the most apathetic statists. Without some major event though, we are forced to walk the fine line between duty to country and not being made to look like alarmists and kooks in the eyes of the media which has the power to slander and destroy any person’s personal life. It’s very difficult to see what’s going on and yet be somewhat powerless to stop it. But are we really powerless?

        I think the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. ‘Yes’ in that patriots don’t really have a clear (to everyone) mandate to excise the cancer that is the people and policies (not the institution) making up a large portion of the government. But ‘no’ because we can each continue to live our lives knowing and preaching the truth about better ways to conduct ourselves and for our government to perform. Not many of us have the national stage from which to shout at the mountaintops, but we all have those in our daily lives we can influence.

        Like water off a duck, I think by-and-large most assaults on our freedom won’t directly hurt the majority of us, and so we will be able to carry on.

    1. I know there have to be other uses. I have heard these used for fishing hooks also, but that seems a little complicated. I just used the 3 square knot rule on my fishing lures…

    2. Also an interesting aside, I was told by an old Corporal of mine who came across us screwing around with rope making lassos during some down time on the tank ramp that if you make a noose with 13 knots it signifies you’re out for racist lynching.

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