We’ve Been Looking At Prepping All Wrong, Literally

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Last Updated on July 11, 2014

Disaster trends have seen an increase in numbers in recent years. An earthquake with a magnitude of 8 occurs somewhere in the world, and approximately 10,000 people die because of it each year, as cited by a report in the National Geographic Channel. On the other hand, in another article in The Huffington Post, information was released stating that within June to November 2012, 9 visible storms somewhere on earth, turned into hurricanes.

You may think you’ve got it all right when it comes to knowing the basics in preparing for disasters. You may think that the survival myths you believe in are actually prepping realities you must believe in. Before you become absolutely confident of the accuracy of your beliefs in preparing for the worst case scenarios, make a careful analysis and observation on these beliefs to be able to find out if you’re actually on the right track in preaching what you believe in.

The Belief that Saving Money Is Not Important

One of the major mistakes people make in relation to prepping is overlooking unthinkable scenarios as events that will never happen. You may find yourself neglecting saving money habitually, just because you have never thought that sometime in the future, you may need the money for medical and miscellaneous expenses in case you unexpectedly lose your job.

Prepare for the forthcoming disasters by setting up automatic transfers within your checking and savings accounts, to be able to efficiently save money on a regular basis. Make sure to never use up all the funds in your checking account, so you’ll have financial resources to fall back on in case the unthinkable happens.

Believing the Non-Prepper Experts

Making use of an inaccurate preparedness guide for disasters just makes things worse. Believing in the suggestions of non-prepper experts such as your friend or relative does not allow you to incur helpful tips in properly preparing for the worst possible events that may happen.

Enhance your skills in surviving by making use of the advice you’ll receive from popular prepping experts such as fire fighters, security and police forces, and calamity drill experts. These experts should know things better when it comes to prepping because of the proven wide experiences and knowledge they possess in anticipating the occurrence of catastrophes.

Failure to Prepare for Diverse Catastrophes

You may only tend to associate prepping only with the necessity for preparing for calamities. Often times, you may overlook caring for your home security by failing to burglar or intruder proof it. As a result, preparing for the possible dawning of catastrophes may prove to be useless, if your home is not secure from external elements that may disturb its positive welfare.

Look at prepping widely by avoiding viewing matters narrow-mindedly. Value home safety as an important part of prepping, if you really want to be 100% prepared for any impending doom that may occur any time without warning.

Unawareness of Your Weaknesses

The truth that surrounds prepping accompanies the necessity to know your specific weaknesses in responding to emergencies. Oftentimes, lacking this awareness prevents you from taking a close look and working on your prepping flaws. As a result, you doubly struggle in responding to sudden disasters when they come around.

One of the popular urban survival myths you may falsely believe in, is that if you live in the city, you can 100% depend on government authorities, such as the police and firefighters, in entrusting your safety and welfare. The truth of the matter is, you still need to put in efforts in prepping for catastrophes, as these public authorities’ busy schedules may hinder them from providing you timely help that you need when emergencies strike.

Failure to Double Check Residence’s Risk to Catastrophes

Sometimes, you may get caught up in the hype of excitement, when it comes to enjoying your new home for the first time. You do this to the point that you neglect to double check if the city or town that you live in is at risk for the occurrence of frequent disasters.

If you’re able to find out that your city or town is at high risk for occurrence of catastrophes in advance, you’ll have time to stock up on survival food kits disasters in advance, without cramming and panicking. Having these supplies ensures that you have back up resources to fall back on when the impending doom does occur.

Inability to Value Calm Reactions

Your failure to guarantee safety security systems by panicking instead of remaining calm when disasters strike, whether at home or elsewhere, does not help you in surviving the impending doom. Naturally, you are likely going to fail in maintaining a clear mindset to enable you to take safe proactive steps, if you don’t calm yourself down in spite of the urgency of the situation you may be in.

Not Seeing the Importance of Fitness Abilities

Your negligence to acquire certain fitness abilities, such as running and jumping, may hinder you from surviving a catastrophe. This theory applies if an urgent situation that calls for you to run as fast as you can to gather emergency food supplies occurs. You just never know when a massive food shortage will occur, so training your body to be fit in order to combat the ramification of this situation will definitely do you more good than harm.

You need to admit it if you are not perfectly getting the prepping ways right, instead of living in denial that something is wrong. Being aware of the errors in your ways of prepping for disasters enables you to rectify things as needed, before they get even worse. Getting things in control on time maximizes your chances of surviving any catastrophe.


Anna Rodriguez is a manager and a passionate writer. She writes about investment, home improvement, green sustainability, business and tech innovations. She owns Homey Guide Blog. You can follow her at @annrodriguez021

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