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Win This Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight

Win This Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight - The Prepper Journal

A must have for any prepper or survivalist is a dependable source of light. The great thing about this flashlight from Goal Zero is that it is rechargeable, so no need (at least for this one) to store batteries by the thousands. We have been fortunate enough to partner with Powerful Products to bring you the latest giveaway on the Prepper Journal for this Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight!

Power outages happen all the time and even if the power is working and everything is hunky dory, a dependable flashlight is simply one of those items that everyone should have. Here is a description from the website regarding this flashlight

Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight Description

Can you say bright, almost like a spotlight.  This is the best rechargeable flashlight we have seen for the money.  The beam is crisp and cuts through the dark with an adjustable beam size and brightness.  No more dead batteries.  Recharge the Bolt with its lithium-ion battery from a wall plug or a USB port.  This means that you can charge it in your car, from a goal zero solar panel, or from one of their portable power packs.
Another great thing about the Goal Zero Bolt is the way that it is built.  it is rugged, heavy-duty metal, not plastic.  It is small enough to pack away in your car, backpack or kitchen drawer, but large enough to fit comfortably in your hand.  This rechargeable flashlight is built to last.
The big difference is the beam.  Most flashlights throw out a blob of light that dissipates very quickly around the edges.  The Bolt is very different.  It’s more like a spotlight with a very defined beam that allows you to see farther than a conventional flashlight.  Our tests and feedback from users have been extremely positive.


  • Bright, 160 Lumens
  • Rechargeable in 5 hours, runs for 3 hours
  • Easy to hang for hands free lighting
  • Ranges from wide angle to spot
  • 3 watt cree LED
  • Rugged metal construction

What is included with this giveaway?

  1. Bolt Focus Flashlight
  2. AC to USB Plug
  3. USB to mini USB
  4. Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and enter today and Good Luck!!

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