How To Make Waterproof Matches

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Last Updated on April 30, 2014

Today’s featured video is from YouTuber’s JoeandZachSurvival and they share a simple but effective way to waterproof your matches. As preppers we spend a fair amount of time talking about cooking when the grid goes down and there are numerous ways to start a fire out of natural materials, but I think having a lighter or matches is just easier. I personally have a firesteel for times when I don’t have a lighter but unless I want to practice making a fire, I will go the easy route and just light that Bic or strike a match.

When it comes to packing fire making materials in my Bug Out Bag or even just stocking up my supplies, lighters and matches are something I don’t leave out. You can purchase a few packs of Bic lighters and throw those in a plastic tub and they will last for a very long time. Matches, may last even longer and if you take steps to protect them from the elements, you can use these in a lot of situations.

In this video, Joe and Zach show you how to make waterproof matches easily that can save you a little money. Hope you enjoy!

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Leighton Taylor

Thanks for posting this! I’ve seen a few other methods like this, but candle wax is definitely one of the least expensive. One tip that I’ve found that can help when waterproofing a match with candle wax is to actually pinch the wax (after it’s mostly dry) towards the stick part of the match to provide a good seal.

Pat Henry

Thanks Leighton, that is a great tip!


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