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The Will to Survive

The Will to Survive - The Prepper Journal

This featured video is about the will to survive. I don’t know the original source, but the title of this movie says it is FAA Aircrew Survival and it looks like a pretty cheesy film that could be used in training. The sound is grainy and the production isn’t stellar but I like the message they are trying to deliver. Is this a true story? I don’t know, but a scenario is a man (a pilot?) who walked through the desert after a crash 150 miles to civilization and lived.

The Prepper Journal is almost exclusively focused on preparing to do what this movie demonstrates. We as preppers make plans to be able to survive regular and unplanned disasters like this, but storing away food and toilet paper isn’t all you need to do. As this movie illustrates, you have to have the will to survive when faced with an actual life or death situation. You can’t give up if you plan to make it. Hopefully, this movie, however hokey it might look will motivate you or shore up your resolve to keep at it.

In addition to the actual psychological will to live, the movie mentions other aspects of prepping such as bringing along appropriate supplies when you travel, knowing how to make a fire and build a shelter.

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