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Top 5: Emergency Evacuation Tools

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Welcome to ZE Top 5, where we layout the details on our favorite things from survival gear, zombie films, people to survive with, foods to eat, and much more.

Our focus this month? The top 5 emergency evacuation tools for escaping a collapsed building (listed in no particular order). We did a lot of digging (no pun intended), and went with our absolute favorites for self-excavation and evacuation from a fallen building or survival shelter.

Number One: The Trucker’s Friend

Hatchet, hammer, crowbar, Zombie killer weapon. Trucker's Friend.This brute-force hatchet/hammer/pry-bar/chain-puller multi-tool is one hell of an emergency evac tool as well. The Trucker’s Friend can help survivors turn pallets into piles of scrap, take down doors, crash through cinder-block walls, pry up just about anything they might come across, and gain a bit of leverage over the undead or fallen structure they might be trying to escape from. Retailing for roughly $60.00, it’s well worth the small dent it will put in your wallet. Find my full review of the Trucker’s Friend HERE.

Number Two: Dust Mask / Face cover

Dust, fine debris, gas leaks, smoke, and more can quickly find its way into a survivors lungs when a building crumbles down or the floor falls out beneath them. While it may not be as effective as a commercial gas mask, something as simple an N95 dust mask, dampened handkerchief or other face cover like a t-shirt, scarf, and so on, can mean the difference between life and death.

Number Three: A Good Flashlight

What good is surviving the collapse of a building or structure if you can’t see through the dark to find your way out? A good flashlight doesn’t have to be extremely bright, or bulky to get the job done. All a survivor needs is enough light to see and maneuver by, not blind other survivors around them. My favorite compact light at the moment is the Streamlight Nano Light, it puts off 10 lumens for up to 8 hours at a time. You can find my full review HERE.

Number Four: Emergency Whistle

Often times, survival means signaling for help. Whether you’re pinned below a fallen beam, trapped under a pile of rubble, cascaded down a flight of stairs, or simply can’t find your way, signaling for help might be your only saving grace… and what better way to do that than with a whistle?

Whistles come in many shapes and sizes, some having “peas” (the little rattling bit inside the body), these should be avoided when possible. While they are loud, the pea can and will freeze in place when subjected to moisture and cold temperatures.

Number Five: Sturdy GlovesNo matter how tough a person thinks they are, having a pair of sturdy work or tactical gloves can make a world of difference when digging around and attempting escape through piles of rubble and wreckage. There’s bound to be broken glass, torn up timbers, mutilated metal, and a lot of other potentially lacerating dangers, when dealing with a collapsed or heavily damaged building, along with potentially crazed survivors you might have to contend with.

The Nitro gloves from Damascus are my personal favorites when it comes to dealing with rubble and the rising dead. To read my review of the Nitro Gloves CLICK HERE.


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