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The 10 Piece Emergency Kit

The 10 Piece Emergency Kit - The Prepper Journal

This is a video from Dave Canterbury who started the Pathfinder School and was co-host of Dual Survival with Cody Ludin for two years before a controversy ended that stint. Regardless, Dave does have skills that a majority of preppers would like to have and we can still learn a lot from him. In this video Dave lays out what he calls his 10 piece emergency kit.

This Emergency Kit is built off of Dave’s 10 C’s of Survivability. I’ll let him explain these for you in better detail,  but this kit he has assembled covers the basics of survival. With these 10 things you will have the elements you need that along with training could save your life in the wilderness. An emergency kit like this would make a great addition to your bug out bag. If you start at this level and build some redundancy, and obtain the important training required you would have the makings of a light but effective option should you need to grab something and go.


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