Incoming Fire Always Has the Right of Way

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One of the most underused skills that so many of us who call ourselves Preppers or Survivalists miss out on is real life weapons training. I am not talking about going to the shooting range once every other month and shooting a box of 9MM at a zombie target. I am talking about real life training where you are outdoors and movement is involved, preferably with expert instruction.

Sage Dynamics offers total-package training solutions for Citizens, Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security. One of their trainers, Aaron Cowan discusses the importance of moving during a live fire scenario. As he puts it so eloquently, Incoming fire always has the right of way, so moving can give you a tactical advantage that some of you haven’t considered. Even if you have, practice on these and other shooting drills is important.

You can learn more about Aaron and the courses that Sage offers on their website.

By Aaron Cowan:
Aaron began his career in the United States Army (11M) in 1999, serving 3 years active duty and an additional 4 in the National Guard (11M). During his time in the military he served as a rifleman, squad automatic rifleman and designated marksman; receiving training in small unit tactics, close quarters combat and ballistic and mechanical breaching.
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