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How to Sharpen a Knife the RUSSIAN Way

How to Sharpen a Knife the RUSSIAN Way - The Prepper Journal

This video is from those crazy Russians again who brought you the nearly famous “How to Open A Can Without A Can Opener“. In this video they demonstrate how to sharpen a knife on some not too obvious surfaces. Everyone who has a knife should have a good sharpening device to keep your blades in top shape, but if the grid goes down and you are forced to bug out you may have to try some less orthodox methods to keep your knives sharp. I use a couple of methods myself to keep my knives sharp. I have a Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal which does a really nice job of sharpening without a lot of fuss or method really. I also have an America Stone that I got because I was looking for something a little more robust. The America Stone is superior, I think but it isn’t as easy as the other sharpener. I just need more practice.

Assuming you didn’t have either option and had to get by with only your wits and maybe a coffee mug, this video has some great ideas for how to sharpen a knife. Check it out!


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