Who Builds The Best Axe? You’ll Be Surprised

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This is a really interesting video from YouTuber Wranglerstar. If you are looking for a great axe for chopping down trees and splitting wood, this video showcases axes from three manufacturers and gives his opinion based upon real tests of the best axe. I have an axe, but this hasn’t really seen the type of use you would expect an axe to see if you had to use this tool for warmth and shelter. Like everything else, you get what you pay for and if you are expecting an axe to last a long time and make your life easier, you can’t run down to Lowes and get the best axe on the market most likely.

Take a look.

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I bought a Fiskar splitting axe, imported from Norway. They make a great line of products, including hatchets for smaller trimming work. The axe engineered for chopping is distinctly different, with a narrower angle to provide a bigger bite. The splitting axe is engineered specifically to lessen events of the axe head getting bound up in the wood. They’re not cheap, but they’re not outrageously expensive, either. You DO get what you pay for. The Fiskar I bought has a composite handle, as opposed to wood (usually Ash) and is expected to last upwards of 20 years.

Pat Henry


I had a Fiskar axe in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time because I heard they were good. I am thinking I should save my milk money for one of these Autine’s though. It looked very impressive.



If you do, make sure they’ve solved the problem of the loose head. At the end of the video demonstration it wobbled quite a bit and a close examination showed that the handle was a poor fit to that head and was secured with small shims. Even the best ax in the world isn’t any good if the head flies off the handle. 🙂
Btw, my Fiskar was less than $100. That was more than 5 years ago and it’s never failed to split anything I needed for the stove.


Harbor Freight hand axe $12. Been beating up on mine for years, no problems yet. Save you money for ammo and food.

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