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Survival Food – 10 You Should Be Growing Yourself

Survival Food – 10 You Should Be Growing Yourself - The Prepper Journal

Editors Note: This post was generously contributed by The Prepper Project

While I completely understand the value behind buying freeze dried survival food, like when it may be too dangerous to garden out on your front lawn due to a social collapse, or because of the always real danger of crop failures…

You can save a LOT of money, and get nutritionally superior food for getting your family, or community through tough times, by growing it yourself. You just need to make sure you pick the right crops that can actually get you through tough times. Here’s an infographic we thought would help you in picking the best survival food for growing during long term disaster scenarios.

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If you’d like a deeper look into the “why” we’ve chosen these survival foods, you might find this post interesting.

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