The Basics of Wound Care and Practical Plastic Surgery for Non-surgeons are two resources I came across on the web today. There was a link from another site, but I closed my browser and don’t remember who initially directed me to this resource.

The Basics of Wound Care

The Basics of Wound Care is a booklet that you can download that goes into pretty graphic detail about identifying and treating a wide variety of wounds. If pictures of really nasty wounds cause you to get sick, you better just download this one and let somebody else read it.

Another really great book is Practical Plastic Surgery for Non-surgeons and at first I thought to myself, who is going to be augmenting breasts (yes, that is covered in the book) after the SHTF? Which in retrospect could be a barter-able skill… I am kidding.

The book does go into a lot of great information for treating wounds and injuries and is broken into chapters. If you don’t get the entire book, you can just download the individual chapters that seem most appropriate to you. I would recommend, Suturing, Basic Surgery, Gunshot Wounds and Burns.



Plastic Surgery for Non Surgeons

To download the entire Plastic Surgery for Non-Surgeons book, click here.

To download an individual chapter, click the corresponding link below.