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The Survivalist’s Guide to Bulletproof Vests

The Survivalist’s Guide to Bulletproof Vests - The Prepper Journal

What if tomorrow you wake up to a world torn apart by a nuclear war? What if the governments fall and the society you knew goes crazy with neighbors attacking neighbors, looting local stores, etc.? What if a deadly virus was leaked as a bio-weapon and turns the people that were surrounding you for many years into mindless, flesh-eating zombies? What if you will need to survive in at least one of these worst-case scenarios?

Probably, the very first thing you should take care of during survival is the protection of your body. Living in a progressive world, where almost everyone is allowed to own and use firearms, defines the nature of body armor you should have (or be looking for). Whatever the case is, you will make the most benefit from using a bulletproof vest, because you never know, who will be walking behind your back, and that person (or persons) can carry a gun and have no good intentions towards passersby.

A Bulletproof vest is a very useful thing to have in your arsenal when surviving in extreme conditions. This little vest that covers about 15-19 inches of your back and front can save your life on multiple occasions. You may think that it’s better to wear tactical body armor because you will have most of your body parts protected.

But, even here you will have a weakness – the enemy will see the protected parts of your body and will intentionally attack the unprotected ones. Moreover, if you are in conditions that require you to constantly move, tactical body armor may cause a severe disadvantage and slow you down. Regular bulletproof vests are much more effective in this case.

If you need to survive, you don’t want to spend your time looking for stuff you could have prepared ahead of time. Since it’s not the end of the world right now and you have the time to read this, you should think about getting a bulletproof vest, before anything actually happens. Online you can get them shipped in a day, companies like SafeGuard Clothing offer this type of quick protection service, so you can be protected by tomorrow! Even if you will never get a chance to wear and use it, you will at least not regret that you weren’t prepared for an extreme situation.

Bulletproof vests can offer two types of protection – ballistic protection and combined ballistic and stab protection. The latter is more effective, of course. Moreover, there are two types of protection rankings for ballistic and stab attacks provided by the NIJ and HOSDB, respectively. While there are 6 NIJ protection levels, there are only 2 HOSDB protection levels. Obviously, the higher the protection level, the heavier the vest. A heavier vest means it’s bulkier and less comfortable. These facts have to be considered when choosing the vest.

You can purchase a bullet proof vest in an online store. Make sure it’s of the right size and will suit you well. In order to make sure about this, you can talk to the online support and find out everything you need. However, it is best to visit an actual body armor store and get all the required assistance, because an online support worker can’t see you and can skip something important. It’s always better to be prepared, rather than being caught napping.

Editors Note: This post was contributed by SafeGuard Armor. We reviewed SafeGuard Armor’s vest in an older post that you can view here. I highly recommend this vest if you are in the market for bulletproof vest protection.

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