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Democrats, Republicans and NRA work together on gun confiscation

Kurt Nimmo
March 12, 2013

Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapon ban now appears to be a little more than decoy sent out to be shot down while the real work on gun control legislation is hammered out by Democrats, Republicans and the NRA behind closed doors.

According to sources cited by, the “NRA is cutting back room deals to centralize gun owner data collection into the Obama/Holder massive government data base.” Republicans are working with Democrats to pass legislation that will require records be kept on all gun sales and also move to streamline and improve the database.

“Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is leading the charge to give Obama and Holder what they want in exchange for appearing to be ‘fixing’ the problem of innocent children being butchered in our public and private schools,” the website reports.

The collusion reaches all the way to the top of the Republican party. “Newly appointed Republican Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte R-VA 6th District, is providing political cover for the sneaky back room gun control deals and gun grabbing sell outs that his political masters – – John Boehner and Eric Cantor – are cutting [deals]with Obama and his corrupt Attorney General, Eric Holder.”

Goodlette is also colluding with Virginia Republican Congressman Scott Rigell on his House version of Vermont Senator Pat Leahy’s S. 443, titled “The Forced Gun Owner Registration Act” by

If Leahey’s bill is enacted, Republicans and the NRA will claim they saved the Second Amendment by preventing Feinstein’s gun-grabbing bill from clearing the Senate.

At the same time, the establishment media has rolled out a number of public survey polls claiming Americans overwhelmingly approve of registering nearly all firearms under a universal background check scheme.

Bipartisan negotiations hit a snag in the Senate due to demands by Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn, who opposes record keeping aspects of the Democrat assault on the Second Amendment.

“Coburn got hung up on record keeping. Under the bill, all guns sold at gun shows would require a background check, and the seller would keep a record of the sale — just as federally-licensed retailers do now,” the Chicago Tribune reported on Sunday.

The newspaper said if Coburn’s version of the legislation is enacted, private sales between individuals “would not be turned over to the government. It would not become part of a national database. It would not lead to mass gun confiscation.”

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Sen. Chuck Schumer’s “ideal approach” proposal to broaden background check requirements for all gun sales in the United States, including measures Coburn opposed. The vote went straight down partisan lines, as expected.

Passing the measure out of the committee indicates a potential compromise between Democrats and Republicans and signals that the bill stands a good chance of getting the 60 votes required to pass in the Senate.

Last week bipartisan negotiations fizzled as Coburn stuck to his guns on record keeping and the prospect of a massive expansion of a database that will ultimately be used by the Justice Department when the government decides to conduct a national confiscation of firearms similar to past confiscations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Britain.

Democrats will now try to marginalize Coburn and find a Republican “partner” to collude with them against the Second Amendment.

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