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Doomsday Preppers Diary – A Fortress at Sea

Doomsday Preppers Diary – A Fortress at Sea - The Prepper Journal

Hello everyone and let me start off by apologizing for the delay in getting to this post. We have been out of town on vacation and the place where I was staying did not have access to National Geographic. That should tell you the quality of our accommodations! Actually, the place was nice, but we couldn’t watch Doomsday Preppers and could not write our weekly post about this show.

We had the brilliant idea to download this episode on iTunes which sounded good, but iTunes didn’t post this episode until several days after it aired and the timing simply did not work out until now.

Now, all of the excuses out of the way, during our vacation we decided that our reviews of these preppers wasn’t serving our audience the best way possible. We will still be talking about concepts and ideas that are mentioned on the show in one way or another but the Doomsday Preppers Diary is closing today. Call it an experiment that gave us other ideas.

Kevin Coy

We did think that the preppers on this show both had amazing ideas for prepping. Kevin Coy seemed to have all of his bases covered. It’s a shame a drop trailer hitch was the only thing standing between him and a bus free of animals. Seriously, Kevin and his family seemed very nice and I bet that since the show they are scaling back their plans and refining how they will actually bugout.

Captain Bill Simpson

Captain Bill’s segment was very informative as I have a friend who plans the very same thing, just without a bullet-proof floating Faraday cage! It was amazing to see all of the preps Captain Bill had and heartening to see his family giving him so many encouraging words. In the interests of full disclosure, Captain Bill has submitted a couple of articles to the Prepper Journal and you can read them here.

We want to thank everyone who read and commented on our Doomsday Preppers Diary articles. We both look forward to continuing the conversation about prepping in other ways on our site and learning with you.

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