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Bird shot – Better Home Defense Load?

Bird shot - Better Home Defense Load? - The Prepper Journal

Yesterday, we had a post describing the best home defensive weapon to purchase especially if you don’t have any options or have limited funds. For those who didn’t read that you should. If you don’t want to read it I’ll just tell you it is a shotgun. There, I ruined it for everyone.

I came across this video today of Jeff Quinn who has a website and a YouTube Channel called He has a lot of videos about weapons and shooting, but the one that caught my attention was this video about shotgun stopping power.

Jeff demonstrates in his video that Bird shot is every bit as effective as a home defense round without the downside of penetration into other rooms. One fear of using buck shot is that the pellets will keep going into other rooms and injure others. Bird shot seems to do roughly the same amount of damage without the collateral damage.

Jeff describes himself as a “full-grown child who lives in the woods next to a national wildlife refuge in Tennessee” and I love listening to him gently knock the people who have come to him in the past with complaints about bird shot.

The video is interesting and I will be going back to his channel for more. Check out Jeff Quinn yourself below and let me know in the comments if he made you a believer like he has me.

Is Bird Shot better for Home Defense?


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